1 on 1 with Moses Radio & Weasle

Real Names:  Moses Ssekibogo Nakintije
                          Douglas Seguya Mayanja

How they met!
They met while they working in Leone Island in 2005. It was about the time for the first ever PAM Awards..

Moses Radio
He started singing while in high school. He released his first song in 2005 called “Jennifer” followed by Sweet Lady and many more. He came together in 2007 and recorded “Nakudata” thus leaving Leone Island.

He believes he started singing when he started joined Goodlyfe, while in Leone Island he believes he was just gambling. In Leone he released songs like Toyomba, Bomboclat, Nakujali and many more

The group
The group was officially started in 2008 after releasing “Nakudata”, a song that took Kampala by storm. Since then, there has been no looking back. They have released songs like “Nyambula, Bread and Butter, Abatesi, Heart Attack, Ngenda Maaso, and many more” done collaborations like “Rescue me ft Toniks, Potential ft Gen Ozzy, Mr Right ft GNL, Taxi Money ft Sizza, Condemn ft Little Tammy and many more”. According to Radio this is just the beginning for the group. They still have a lot more in stock

About Goodlyfe
Goodlyfe consists of many people including musicians like; Moses Radio & Weasle, Diamond Oscar, Red Banton, Maurice Hasa, Mr X, Gift of Kaddo producers including Washington and Bush others include Ken, Allan and Jeff and many more

According the boys, this came in as a challenge and a pay off for what they have been doing all these years. Being nominated was a great achievement and many more to come. They did not win but they leave to fight another day, maybe someday they will come out victors.

On-going Projects.
They are currently working on their latest album and shooting their final videos. Their current album includes songs like Talk & Talk, Lwaki Tokula, Tobuteleka ft Shanks Vividee, You make me cry ft Diamond Oscar and many more

Moses Radio and Weasle and Goodlyfe have no beef with anyone, the media is mistaken. “The Media keeps writing the same negative stuff which helps them sell their papers.  Other artists don’t make news, the find a member of Goodlyfe, push him and thus make news.” Says Moses Radio. Goodlyfe has no time for beef it’s the other artists who have issues with them, Radio goes on to comment. As for Bebe Cool, he was forgiven along time ago. They believe that they are competing with a whole different range of artists and have changed the monopoly of the whole family of artists and put pride in music. Artists they are competing with include Lil Wayne, T-Pain, 2-Face, Fally Pupa and the whole international scene.
Five years from now, Moses Radio and Weasle see music being taken as a serious profession, no more beating up each other. They want to put civilization in music, before musicians were arrogant people.  Judging from the events, the sky is the limit. Goodlyfe is up there next to the Akons and 50 Cents of this world and they are almost sure that that they are the next big thing in this world. Every day they learn soon they will be untouchable.

Balancing Music and family
Moses Radio
They share the same time. In family are the people we love, music is what I love too. When I miss a member of my family I simply sing.
Music is my full-time job. I get to be with family when am off. When there is a lot of work, I have to entertain my fans after which I can enjoy time with my family

Moses Radio
Don’t want to count them. If one can count their achievements then they have not achieved anything. Will tell them but not now.
Representing Uganda on MTV and met lots of international artists

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