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The African Christian Team (ACT) is a gospel weapon formed by gospel artists with the aim of fighting HIV/AIDS, immorality and Corruption. We are based in Kampala the capital city of Uganda in East Africa. ACT is a non profit making production, which aims at changing the world to make it a better and safe place to live in. ACT was formed following the alarming levels of Immorality, Divorce, Corruption and HIV/AIDS infections especially among youth in Uganda and other parts of Africa. Poverty has led people to do all sorts of evil, this includes nude dancing in public. These challenges tickled us as gospel artists to join hands and launch campaigns at every possible venue and constantly fight Satan in these areas. Our gospel messages are delivered through music, dance and drama, seminars, conferences and talk shows. We go to Schools, Churches, Media houses and Conference halls to address these issues. You can enjoy our products on the internet

Visions: To ensure that people are guided and caused to follows Godly ways in their day today life.


Apart from carrying out intense campaigns against HIV/AIDS, Immorality and Corruption, our other objectives include;

-Instill a God fearing element among Christians and foster better morals.
-Unite Christian leaders through this struggle; we deal with many preachers and also help foreign preachers to reach audiences in Africa.
-Promote Gospel artists.
-Provide free entertaining productions to Christians and break boredom in Christian life, this limits Christians to attend to worldly entertainment centers like discos, etc… where they fall victims to the devil's traps.
-Produce powerful praise and worship plus other gospel productions for the glory of our Heavenly father through Jesus Christ.


HIV/AIDS is a very serious problem to the entire world. HIV/ AIDS is not only a health problem but its serious social problem. In a recent research study carried out in Uganda , it was reported that the highest infection rate of HIV/AIDS, is among youth from the age of 14 years to 30 years. This was attributed to the escalating levels of immorality and poverty among other issues. HIV/AIDS can be fought using the Gospel , because fornication and adultery are the main channels of infection . If people are really God fearing HIV/AIDS can be eradicated.
African Christian Team, also does free counseling services for people infected with HIV/AIDS to give them hope. ACT also offers counseling services to married couples. Its absurd to note that highest level of divorce is registered among Christian families. This is another strategy the devil has laid, to frustrate people in families. Unhappy Christian marriages have compelled youth to live single lives, thus increasing their engagement in fornication and adultery. Research reveals that about 75% of girls in boarding schools are reported to be addicted to lesbianism. Homo sexuality has also engulfed the world at an alarming rate.


The Ugandan national budget is 52% dependant on foreign grants. Research from corruption fighting bodies including Uganda Debt Network indicate that about 60% of money allocated to development projects is swindled. Africa is one of the most blessed continent with natural resources like minerals, wildlife, fertile soils, name it. But it’s economically and politically the poorest continent on the earth. Conflicts and poverty have persisted on the continent due to corruption.
This is a big challenge to the church! It is from this point that the African Christian Team tackles the Corruption problem. A good number of youth have dropped out of school because their parents are too poor and simply can't afford to pay school fees. Unemployment is high, and only those with relatives in strategic posts are able to get jobs. The end result of this is idleness, spread of STDs, drug addiction, etc…. So if one is to successfully fight against HIV/AIDS and other evils in society, Corruption is one of the root causes that should be uprooted.


This team has about 10 active members who offer voluntary services. However, with the popularity we have won in the public many other people are struggling to join though we have restrained our selves from having a large number of members to avoid confusion and foster easy management. The ACT attracts thousands of fans were ever we perform. However our shows are free of charge.


The leadership structure is comprised of the Chairman, producer, publicity secretary and treasurer. However other members can take responsibility were weakness is sensed. The term of office is only two year. It can be renewed only once if the performance was good. We are work oriented not personality. Currently Chief Makabai is the Chairman. He is an anointed international worshiper.

Generally, members of the African Christian Team seek to handle sensitive areas which preachers can't constantly dwell on. We would like to closely cooperate with all preachers, artists from allover the world and stakeholders in the struggle in a move to change the world and foster a happy Christian life. We should not give the enemy (devil) chance to rule over us, for Jesus was given authority over heaven and earth, (Mathew 28:18) let the will of the Father in heaven be done on earth. "ACT now".

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