AK47 denies collabo with Goodlyf by 1544c Ssejjombwe. (+256 782233273)

Following the incident that happened a couple of months back when the Goodlyf invited Leone Islands vice president AK47 for a performance in Mukono which later escalated into a serious attack on Moze Radio and Weasel by policemen deployed by Chameleon, rumor had started circulating that AK47 is on the verge of doing a song with Weasel. The Leone Island burgeoning artist whose “champion” song has taken him places has suddenly distanced himself from the rumors saying he’s not in any circumstance planning to do a song with his elder brother. “It has never crossed my mind to do a song with Weasel. I also read it in the press but all I can say is that those are wrong rumors going around. He’s my brother but I’m not in any plans of doing a song with him because right now, I’m concentrating on promoting my new projects.” He said.

Weasel on the other hand also denied the allegations writing on his facebook wall that “Mbu I want to do a song with these bu-local artists………Manchester utd can’t play with villa fc…sorry …” implying that he’s too good to have a collabo with Ak47. The beef between the two camps started in 2008 when Radio and Weasel formed Goodlyf crew after breaking away from Chameleon’s Leone Island and ever since then, songs have been released hitting at each other and on several occasions fist fights between the two groups.

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