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Friday, June 22nd, 2012

Afrigo: Uganda’s greatest band

To mark 50 years of Uganda’s independence, New Vision will until October 9, 2012 be publishing highlights of events and pro­ ling personalities that have shaped the history of this country. Today, JOSEPH SSEMUTOOKE brings you the story of one of Uganda’s greatest performance bands, Afrigo Band, the challenges they have braved to get to the top and the personality behind the creation of the out­fit. In November 1975, a group of talented young musicians broke away from one of the leading bands of the time, the Crane Band, to form a band of their own. It was a leap of faith into the unknown by inexperienced and adventurous youth, who had a lot to learn about the real world. Despite having a big dream and the courage to pursue it, not even the boys who formed the band knew how far it would go on the path of greatness.
Yet today, 37 years later, the band is unrivalled for the honours of Uganda’s most enduring, most critically-acclaimed, most infl uential and most productive band in the history of the country’s music industry. Generally, Uganda’s greatest band ever.

Afrigo’s Don Canta passes on

One of the longest serving members of Afrigo Band Don Canta Ibanda has passed on. Afrigo Band is Uganda's greatest band that has been in existence since 1975. He sure lived to his word as much as i knew him, enjoy it Even when he was a vocalist with Afrigo Band by the time of his death he was promoting his solo project the album 'Omwana wo mutooro'. Don Canta, who often juggled lead and back-up roles in the band, lightened the hearts with his sweet tenor in Swahili. The production remains as funky and sensual as Afrigo. Moses Matovu and crew weave love to entertain and their fans would never be disappointed

This will surely be a blow to Afrigo fans. The burial will be held on Monday in Ibanda. The Vigils will held in Kireka at his mother's house


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Monday, September 02nd, 2013

Celebrating Afrigo Band

The Afrigo band celebrates 38 years of existence this weekend. They have gone through many ups and downs over the years they have existed, but somehow the band always finds itself 'up'. Here fellow musician and lifelong admirer Lungfishman Lwanga gives tribute to their indomitable spirit. It was 1982.

It was dark and scary! I was not sure I had made the right decision, or if at all I had made a decision. But we were on the move, three or four young boys from Namilyango College, averaging 14 years of age, following one another through village plantations on a course towards Mukono.

Out without permission, I had absolutely no idea where we were going or what for, except that it would be fun! But I was petrified because these were the days when National Resistance Army (NRA) rebel activity had spread and the Uganda National Liberation Front government forces were uncompromising and exquisitely deadly! But I still tagged along, dodging road junctions, stopping at mud huts, tadooba bufunda's for quick refi lls of 'Kasese', and once or twice squatting in the bush to share 'weed' or hide from passing car lights!