1 on 1 with Angel Kiganda

Angel Kiganda is a composed lady creating quite a buzz on Uganda’s entertainment scene with some hot new rhythms both on Television and Radio. Music Uganda caught up with her on the 411.

MU: So Angel, tell us about your music?
Angel: Well I have six tracks now namely; Muzaade, Ombowa, Gwesanyulyange, Mukama, Master planner and Airtime.

MU:  Have you recorded some videos?
Angel: Yes because of the video demand today! I have videos for Gwesanyulyange, Mukama, Master planner and Airtime. I’ve worked with video producers like; Video plus, Griffin and Image base. I plan to release two more videos in the month of December.

MU:   Tell us about the song’s production.
Angel:  First of all “Gwesanyulyange” was written by Sylva Kyagulanyi, master planner was produced by Henry Kiwuuwa at No-end studios as well as Airtime. He also produced Gwesanyulyange and Producer Allan did Ombowa,Muzadde and Mukama.Master planner was written by a guy called Cosy.

MU: So what’s your music style like?
Angel: I do it in the R’n ‘B style.

MU: So it looks like your album is already compiled. What plans do you have for it?
Angel: I plan to launch it in January next year (2008)

MU: Tell us a bit about the message in your songs.
Angel: Well “Mukama” is a thanks giving song about the good that the Lord has done for all including the daily health we enjoy, “Muzadde” thanks the parents for bringing up children, On “airtime’ I compare love to airtime, Love need to be constant like airtime on a cell phone, “Ombowa” is about a boring guy that never surprises their loved ones or even cares, “Master planner” is actually my best song on the album it talks about a guy that’s a master planner in a relationship plus its also the crowd’s favorite so far.

MU: Besides music what else keeps you busy?
Angel: During my free time I go swimming, I am also a model with Santa Anzo’s Arapapa models.

MU: Which artists both locally and internationally have you been listening to?
Angel: I’ve been listening to Peter Miles and Beyonce Knowles lately.

 MU: Which Ugandan artist would you love to collaborate with musically?
Angel: In Uganda, I’d go for the Ghetto president Bobi wine.

MU: What’s your favorite cologne?
Angel: It’s called Paris.

MU: What’s your shoe size?
Angel: It’s six.

MU: What future plans do you have for your music career?
Angel: I plan to stand out on my own. Basically create my own identity.

MU: Hey by the way many artists today seldom opt for pseudo names. Why did you opt to keep your real name as a stage name?
Angel: I am proud of my family name Kiganda and always try to promote it whenever I can and that’s why I maintained it. It’s the best name in the world!

MU; Do you mind sharing your personal dreams with us?
Angel: Well just for your information I am currently taking care of five helpless orphans and in the future I plan to take on more after opening up a tourism consultancy business that I’ll use to adopt more suffering and less privileged orphans in society.

MU: I am sure you have some youth looking up to you as a role model.  What advise would you like them to take from you?
Angel: They ought to be patient and abstain from sex.

MU; Where do you get your inspiration to do your  daily duties?
Angel: That’s from my fans. For example if I am walking and somebody shouts out that master planner (that’s what fans call her) I feel inspired to do more music.

MU: Thanks angel.
Angel: It’s a pleasure.

You can reach her through angelkiganda@yahoo.com



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