Antonio Bukhar speaks out

We met Antonio while in G-Force, he would spin and you would feel sorry for the hand. He came to gain more public attention when he competed and won the just ended Hot Steppers thus being crowned as “Hot Stepper”. Antonio Bukhar has finally stopped dancing to other people’s songs and he is going to dance to his own music.

Antonio described himself as a simple guy, born again, loves dancing and singing. He started singing in 2008 after seeing that he had the potential and he also wanted to give his fans maximum entertainment. Antonio Bukhar started dancing at the age of 7 and he joined a Church group called Miracle Teens at Rubaga Miracle Centre.

In 2006, he joined MTN and he danced for them at their promotions, later in 2006 he joined G-Force. This was a group of youngsters who loved dancing and met while dancing at the MTN promotions. In 2006, he co-founded the Break-dance project. He has released his first single “Kyeko” where he features Vamposs. The song is about dancing, inviting people to dance and the impact of dance on people. He choose Vamposs in this song because he likes his style.



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