Meet Ayton Yoz

2009 Seems to be a cutthroat type year for Uganda’s music recording industry because judging from the quality of records being released one can easily judge that it will surely be quite a competitive year at this years’ Pam Awards. One of those artists already showing gigantic skills is the laid back recording artist Ayton Yoz. The neatly dreadlocked artist is steadily riding high the music charts with his video powered new single titled Kikokolo. The song was produced at Pro-Line production productions where the production boards are steadily manned by the vigorous recording artist/producer clever J. Kikokolo (produced by Richard at MT records) is already receiving consideration television rotation reason enough to get the artist some street attention.

The artist who jumped into the music recoding industry in the year 2006, already has seven records to his name namely; Namufunye, Senga, Kikokolo, Cute gal, Namirembe, Gwe Kabiite and Sibituufu. Ayton is also an audience appeasing performer who’s already performed at various country shows whenever he’s called upon. He’s also a force to reckon with in Kibaale at the Uganda/Congo boarder. He’ll be outing his debut album round about March this year and when not recording music you’ll find him at his day Job at the New Vision printing and publishing company. To catch his album call him through;+256-712-586277/+256-773-764833