Meet Aziz Azion

Real Names: Aziz Mukasa
Created the name Azion himself from what fans used to call him “Azinonya”

Musical Journey

Aziz started learning guitar in 1998 in a band called Makuye Kandongo Kamu group. He later joined The late Paul Kafeero’s group called Kulabako Guitar Singer, where he spent one year and a half. He later joined Kato Lubwama’s Diamond Production where he spent 2 years and he later became known as the young boy who plays guitar. After this he joined Eagles’ production where he spent a couple of months before him and his band mates agreed to form a band that would play for all artists thus the formation of Jeckaki Band.

Nakupenda ft GNL
Beera Nange
Chocolate Gal ft Barbi Jay
Gwe Gwendowooza ft OS
Nkumila Omukwano
Kankutujise & Leila
Nkumila Omukwano rmx
True Man ft GNL
Warrior ft Maurica Hassa
Whine Up ft Ragga Pimpy
Pain Killer