The group is made up of three students doing their studies in Thika High School in Kenya. The members of the group are Bryan 14, Hasoz 15, and Treasure 16. Bryan and Hasoz started up the group and later Treasure joined us. We all had different backgrounds and focuses but which didn't matter because we had to represent our country in Kenya, that's how we came up with the idea of starting up the group which was formally known as the "High Life Crew"

Many groups in Kenya had names like "Black Skull" but we decided to come up with something peculiar which was B.O.P. In 2004 during our second term holidays, we went to a recording studio to give it a try; we made two gospel songs, which are hits on some Christian radio stations in E.A: Our first song was "Tears from the moon", which we made after the death of Bryan's father, then later "Beg", which started hitting the air waves.

B.O.P's first public appearance was during the WBS Teens Club bash at Kyadondo Rugby Club, but we were so disappointed with the organizers. This was because we were placed among guys who were miming yet we had an original composition. This annoyed Not only us but our funs too. But what we liked about the show is that the Teens who attended it appreciated Our performance and they started asking for our autographs, this was a sign of support to the group.

PROSPECTS: We want to start up a recording studio and launch a website for the group. The studio will also help the up coming musicians in Uganda who have talents in music to give them a chance of recording. We believe through helping each other, the world can advance.

APPRECIATIONS: First and foremost we would like to thank the management committee of music Uganda for the good work they are doing for the country.