Baby S coming out!!

Because of her busy schedule as a responsible family woman as well as business lady running her own ladies saloon as a professional hair stylist, meeting the ever flamboyant recording artist Baby ace was quite hectic because she’s always attending to many of her clients that are seldom booking for hair styling time. However the reason she’s on these pages isn’t her hair styling profession she’s in the recent past been making her mark on the lo0cal music industry scene with her latest track titled Kyi ondekawo (Loosely translated as why do you leave me alone).Like the title suggests it’s a ‘lovey dovey’ song that talks of a lady that’s trying to persuade her partner back from his irresponsible mannerisms.

Like her name suggests Baby S indeed has characteristics of a baby face and comic charm around her. She currently has recorded twp tracks which are Kyi Ondekawo and Jangu Nkutwale with the help or rather blessing from former Pam Award producer of the year Henry Kiwuuwa at his Grace records. The two tracks feature her recording partner Weaverman whose hard core husky sound quite lends their combination a musical touch. Baby S is currently concentrating on only two musical styles and that’s reggae and raga and has been at it for the past two years.

She ventured into the music industry because she discovered that she had the musical talent to push out till the international scene where she hopes to be in the next few years thanks to her resilience and flawless vocal flow. She’s also recorded a video for one of her songs “Jangu Nkutwale” which you can currently catch on Ugandan television stations today. On stage she’s extremely energetic thanks to the time she spends practicing her next stage moves. “You have no option but to put out a meticulous performance these days because the fans will complain” says the chubby recording artist. When not writing and rehearsing her music lines you’ll catch her taking an afternoon swim her favorite sport.

Reach Baby S through; +256-752-932937 or through;