Saturday, February 25, 2012

Exposing back 2 Life by 1544c Ssejjombwe. (+256 782233273)

Back 2 life is a sensational duo comprising Yiya Moze (Moses Kayanja) and Ziza Bafana( Kasendwa Richard) who’s “Tebakulimba” track toped charts in it’s first week of release and with Washington as their main producer, it’s believed their rise to fame came by mimicking Goodlyf’s Moze radio and Weasel. The duo has been together since last year but Ziza Bafana had been in the music industry since 2008 as a solo artist with “Abakazi Babatulugunya”, Ba mugumu”alongside Kenzo and Lutalo, “Fogo” with Rocky Giant and “I,u, we” with Navio, Exodus and Don Mc being some of the tracks he had before forming Back 2 Life. With Yiya Moze being a producer while Ziza Bafana juggling music with teaching instruments, writing lyrics and vocals, the two artists have a vision of setting up their own studio, naming it “New life” or “Back to life”.

Asked where Back 2 Life originated from, Bafana said that the idea was created by Yiya Moze. “Mr. Amon, the director of wallet pub told Moze to find a singing partner especially one who does a Ragga style. Moze contacted me and together we re-did his “Tebakulimba” track which worked out in the end. After that, Mr. Amon together with Yiya Moze decided to name the group “Back To Life”.
They denied having been inspired by the Goodlyf saying it was just a coincidence of having the same producer and doing the same style. Having tried out other ventures and eventually failing, Ziza Bafana said singing was the only option left for him to do. “I tried phone repairing but failed and then I joined instruments like jazz drums and Guitar and again failed so I ended up following my talent of music”.“Namagalo”, “Ngamba”, “Naye Gwe” and “Weakness 4 Sweetness are the rest of the songs the duo has so far in the music industry all being produced by Washington.