Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

Bagzy new hip-hop sensation out with Omusika(heir)

Bagzy started his music career in 2004 during his senior three at St. Marks Secondary school. Bagzy and a number of young friends did Karaoke and free style at school gigs.  Bagzy was born Baguma Edward and has just completed his studies this year at Kyambogo university he says he is a new face on the hip-hop industry but he is the true heir for Luga flow hip hop, he drives his inspiration from what he sees in daily life experiences and personalities of people that live around him. Bagzy is working on his first studio album that will feature other MCs like Mun G, Grimmz,Bigg Mo and so many other artists. In his new song Omusika he brags about going to take hip-hop and Ragga to another level, the production its self is good. Bagzy has released Hands Up (Mikono jju) before  and currently working to a number of songs and records most of his music at  FIRST LOVE studio in Ntinda a suburb of Kampala.  The future looks bright for the Omusika singer