Meet Banjoman firebase Defense minister.

Bobi Wine is arguably the most popular recording artist out of the Firebase Government that consists of a full cabinet with ministers of different portfolios. So who takes cares of the government’s defense ministry you may ask? It’s Banjoman an acclaimed recording artist holding his own in Uganda’s recording industry. You might mistake his rough demeanor, however on close scrutiny Banjoman is an amiable fellow who seems to like to let anybody that might mind into his life’s escapades. He’s Just recorded his latest album “Tampeko” produced by Fire base resident producers Tony Houls, Brian,JJ and Paddy Kayiwa. Banjoman lets us in on where he’s coming from.

Music Uganda: So man how long have you been in this Ugandan music recording industry?
Banjoman: I’ve been under the firebase crew for eight years.

MU: So why the name Banjoman?
Banjoman: As a kid my mother bought me a musical instrument called a Banjo which I managed to learn quickly and play well. So the name stuck since then.

MU: Take us through your musical Journey;
Banjoman: Today I have three albums to my profile. I recorded my first song while in my senior four. One of my most famous songs was called “Kayondo” .I also released an album called “Nsokomela” and today I have “Tampeko” out.

MU: What inspired you into music?
Banjoman: My family. We used to sing at home during our free time as kids and so I decided to insist with the music.

MU: So what message does your latest album “Tampeko” bring out?
Banjoman: It’s basically about the different types of ladies in our society today. I like ladies and respect them too. I think they are a special people amidst us.

MU: Has the road to where you are today been smooth or have you experienced some challenges?
Banjoman: Man the major issues are securing radio airplay. You know some radio presenters have taken on singing and sometimes suppress our music to play their own during their radio shows.

MU:Do you have any collaborations on the album?
Banjoman: Yes, with Junior Teribo a member of the Firebase crew, Mike Wine my Kid brother as well as Bobi Wine the guy I biologically follow in our family.

MU: So where can one access your music?
Banjoman: Well I guess with most dj’s around town (Kampala) but most especially at the Fire base empire.

MU: Do you plan any launch?
Banjoman: I plan to launch my album in September. I am still recording videos too.

MU: Tell us about your role as Defense minister?
Banjoman: I am responsible for all the firebase Government’s security issues.

MU: What does Banjoman do in his free time?
Banjoman: I am partly a business man and electrician. I also take my lovely lady out together with my kids.

MU: What music do you mostly listen to?
Banjoman: Mostly Jamaican music. It really inspires me.

MU: Thanks for your time man;
Banjoman: Any time de puzzle.

You can reach Banjoman through; +256-752-699572