1 on 1 with Batabazi

Batabazi is comprised of remarkably young talented individuals, rappers Jerome K Jjooga (aka Jerome Black) and Mpagi Kironde (aka PG)Anthony Bbosa Balagadde (aka The Mayor) a talented pianist, an up-coming producer and a cousin to renowned Ugandan producer Steve Jean, singers Roseanne Kawesa (aka Tasha), who sings the hooks to their songs Uganda Nka and Turn it Up and Namagera Kiwanuka (aka Gera K) who has a new single Omukwano Mungi which features Jerome Black and PG.  Jerome Black is a lugaflow rapper and talented writer who has been in the rap game for about 10 years and PG raps in English, Luganda and occasionally will throw in patois in some of the reggae-fusion tunes. Batabazi's style of music is a fuse of hip-hop, R&B, and reggae. The group is currently under the management of BaSe Entertainment of Boston, MA which comprises of Batenga Nakisozi aka "Batenga TheMyth" and Senteza Kironde aka Sentie, both of whom are established DJs in the Boston area. Under their management are Batabazi, Gera K and a young up and coming Ugandan artist known as Garvin.

Higher ft Jackie Chandiru
Nekyanga ft Vampino
Get Mine
Bantu Baffe
Dirty Shame ft Jackie Chandiru
Get Yo Money
Kino Kika
Rise Up
Mikono Juu ft Mo Mayanja & P Ssozi
Set It Off
Sweep ft Ragga Dee
This is Hip-Hop ft Wordstorm
This Way ft Ewise & Navio
Turn it up ft Jist & Natasha
Binsobedde ft Chagga
Mukwano Sembera ft Gera
Uganda Nka ft Navio, RabaDaba, Ragga Dee
Omukwano Mungi ft Gera
Cheater ft Peter Miles
Nze Sagaala ft Gera
Grown Simba (Didn't Warn Ya)