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PG & Jerome Black

1 on 1 with Batabazi

The word “Batabazi” means Wonderers, people always on the move. The Batabazi used to be a big group of six people but with time it has become a duo. Some have ended up in prison, involved in street clicks and others continued with school. Right now Batabazi consists of 2 wonderers / warriors PG and Jerome Black.

Jerome Black a.k.a Jerome Kiwanuka Jjoga

Jerome got into the art of music and writing in 1996. At this point he was listening to 2Pac and went to different competitions with Lumix and Lyrical G; they all lived in Ntinda and used to hang out together. He also did various Karaoke competitions organized by silk where Krayzie Native now Saba Saba won a phone. The second Karoake competition which was organized by Zain (then Celtel) they tied with Lyrical G and they both won free membership to Club Silk.  Jerome went off the hip-hop scene but continued with the Poetry.

In 2001 Jerome moved to the US. He had a lot of access to stuff that would help him enhance his talent, so he decided to do his music again. While in the states he used to throw house parties where he rapped and this helped him come back in the hip-hop game. He met PG who was then known as DJ PG, he used to rap and deejay. They started doing gigs and curtain-raised for different Boston artists together and met other people along the way thus forming the Batabazi

Along their walk to stardom they met De-Bri, but could not speak a Luganda word, so Jerome decided to do the Luganda for the Ugandan crowd while De-Bri did the English. He later on decided to flip between Luganda, English and Swahili.

Batabazi Squad was officially founded in 2005. They were at a house party at PG’s house, they decided to form a group called “Warriors” and named it Batabazi. “Many people say that their name are contradicting or is similar to the Bataka, But these are two different words meaning completely different things” says Jerome. Jerome continues to say that there is no “beef” between them and the Bataka Squad. They used to do beefing hip-hop music but discovered that it would not help them. Batabazi want to do positive hip-hop so that their kids would be to listen to their music too.


PG a.k.a Mpagi Kironde

He called himself PG after dropping 13. He was named PG-13 by an auntie when he was 13. He dropped the 13 when he discovered that PG are the main letters of his name.

PG began singing since his early childhood; he grew up in a musical family. His grandfather used to teach music, play the piano, saxophone, base guitar. He basically had all the most of the musical instruments around him.  As a kid he used to dance with his father in the kitchen with his mum clapping her hands. In school he would anything for music. He started rapping in school with his cousin and they called themselves “Piggy Rhymes”. They rapped over B.I.G (R.I.P) instrumentals. He also loved performing. His first performance was at Kabojja in 2001. He had just come back from USA and was a Bow Wow fan. He performed his songs and danced his dance. He was later named Bow Wow by the audience.  He was later kicked out of Kabojja because of gangs, went to Green Hill where he was later also kicked out and went back to the US for vacation.

On return, he went to Makerere College. This was the school that transformed him. He had to repeat a class. His older brother kept him in check under the guidance of Mr. Katongole (to many known as Kutos) and was there for 2 years. While in Makerere College he hooked up with Naggy Doy, Kivumbi and performed “Welcome to Atlanta” and the crowd went crazy.  He later was moved to London because he had become too rebellious.  He lived in the UK for 6 months and his mother decided to move to US.

On his 16th Birthday, he hosted a basement party where he met people like Craig Mac, Bismarck and the Celtic Players. At this point, PG didn’t know the Jerome could rap until he played for him and instrumental and asked him to free style, and he was pretty shocked. By the time he met Jerome, Jerome was already going to studio and he had never thought of writing music. They later joined forces and went to studio and recorded “Kino Kika” which was a hit. They performed the song for the first time at Rendevous and the crowd liked the song. His mum later asked him to release a song in Luganda so that Ugandans would understand their music more thus appeal to a larger crowd. They later released “Batutya”. At this point there was no looking back. They releases “Akaawa”, and many more with their latest being Binsobedde where they featured Chagga.

At this point, there is not stopping for these two gentlemen, they will keep performing and they want to make a transition.

Batabazi’s ‘Uganda Nka’ sells Uganda in US by Nigel Nassar

THESE four American-based Ugandan rappers were kids when they left the country for ‘Obamaland’ 10 years ago. Little wonder that when they returned last year for Christmas, their home country wowed them into prolonging their stay till the end of January and releasing a hit about it immediately they flew back. Titled Uganda Nka, (Uganda is sleek)’, the hip-hop single, according to The Batabazi, “is making tourists want to visit the landlocked country just to see if the Batabazi are not pulling pranks.”  “We have performed it at concerts and in underground nightclubs in the US. Fans, including whites, are dancing to it and improvising their own Luganda rap versions for sections where we do it iin Luganda,” says 20-year-old PG aka Mpagi Kironde.

1 on 1 with Batabazi

Batabazi is comprised of remarkably young talented individuals, rappers Jerome K Jjooga (aka Jerome Black) and Mpagi Kironde (aka PG)Anthony Bbosa Balagadde (aka The Mayor) a talented pianist, an up-coming producer and a cousin to renowned Ugandan producer Steve Jean, singers Roseanne Kawesa (aka Tasha), who sings the hooks to their songs Uganda Nka and Turn it Up and Namagera Kiwanuka (aka Gera K) who has a new single Omukwano Mungi which features Jerome Black and PG.  Jerome Black is a lugaflow rapper and talented writer who has been in the rap game for about 10 years and PG raps in English, Luganda and occasionally will throw in patois in some of the reggae-fusion tunes. Batabazi's style of music is a fuse of hip-hop, R&B, and reggae. The group is currently under the management of BaSe Entertainment of Boston, MA which comprises of Batenga Nakisozi aka "Batenga TheMyth" and Senteza Kironde aka Sentie, both of whom are established DJs in the Boston area. Under their management are Batabazi, Gera K and a young up and coming Ugandan artist known as Garvin.

Batabazi to launch in Kampala, Uganda

Batabazi, a music group based in the USA will be in Uganda this month. Gera K, a member of Batabazi will be launching her solo album on Saturday December 19th at Kasalina's Restaurant (off Kampala Rd, Next to the Post Office) starting at 7pm. The show will feature artists such as Bebe Cool, Sweet Kid, Batabazi David Lutaalo, Bella and many more. Entry fee is 15,000/- only. Her song Nze Saagala is currently on rotation on several local radio stations.

Batabazi, as a group, will have other performances at the Hip Hop Summit at Sabrina's Pub on Bombo Road, and at Bebe Cool's Family Show in Kiwatule, these performances will be on Boxing Day, December 26th. They will also be performing at the Club Silk Street Bash on New Year's Eve. They will have several appearances on TV and Radio and will shoot some videos as well as record in some studios. Look out for them.

Our Vision

The Kironde Education and Health Fund is committed to providing education and health related services to orphans and vulnerable children in an atmosphere of family based nurture in Uganda.  We believe that local charitable organizations are more likely to understand the complexities and specific problems confronting their population.  By supporting these organizations we help maintain the stability in the community.  They are most able to provide the continuity of care that is necessary for children to grow up in a healthy and educationally supportive environment.    By focusing our efforts and resources on one community at a time we can establish deep roots and best practices that will create and sustain long term stability and self-sufficiency.

“Rise up” by Batabazi and mo by 1544c Ssejjombwe. (+256-078-2-233273)
It was a tragedy last week when Uganda lost over 84 civilians to bomb attacks while watching the final game of the world cup.
Several artists have outed hits about the incident but the best by far is “Rise Up” a duet between Batabazi and Mo.

Rise up” is a fusion of R$B with some bit of Hip Hop and was intentionally recorded to grieve and show support to all the people affected by last Week’s attacks.

Recorded in Luganda and English, the song will surely take the artists places because of its meaning, sense of belonging and grieve that they lay out towards those victims.

Batabazi are famed for songs like “Dirty Shame” featuring Blu 3’s Jackie and their current song “Uganda” alongside Rabadaba, Navio and Ragga Dee even though they are based in the states.

Well let’s just wait for the video for it might scoop several accolades this year in the awards fast approaching.

AJABU African Award – Outstanding Artist.

The Batabazi have received an award “Outstanding Artist” in the just ended AJABU Awards in USA. The Awards honor African Success in the diaspora,. The AJABU Awards is an event  created to honor the amazing achievements by the African Immigrants living in the USA. Keep it up guys

Wednesday, October 06th, 2010

Batabazi release “Sweep” ft Ragga Dee

Legendary musician Ragga Dee has linked up with the hot and talented US-based hip-hop group Batabazi and come up with a new track called "Sweep". Elephant Man popularized Sweep but this new combination has come up with something different but with the same message. The song was produced by The Mayor of Batabazi in the USA and was mixed and mastered by Aydee of Goodenuff Studios. Dance floors will definitely be sweeping to this track. This is Batabazi's third major collaboration this year which started when Jackie kicked off her solo project with Dirty Shame. Previously, Ragga Dee was featured on Batabazi's remix Uganda Nka alongside Navio and Rabadaba. Batabazi is set to return to Uganda in December to release their 6-track EP "Set it Off".Hope you enjoy

Batabazi land Movie Soundtrack Recording Deal

The Batabazi have been quite busy since they last toured Uganda in June. From their “Rise Up” tribute song that they recorded for the victims of July 11th terrorist attacks, to winning an AJABU award in Boston for the same song, then putting on a massive performance at the closing dinner for The 22nd Annual UNAA Convention in Washington DC where President Barack Obama’s aunt Zeituni Onyango was the special guest of honor. Now word coming to us is that Batabazi has landed a hefty contract to produce and record the soundtrack to a new movie called “Suburban Kings” directed by Andrew Ciolfi Pilkington of Ruby Andromeda Production Company. The movie is currently being edited and should be on the market as soon as 2011. Batabazi even got a few pointers from legendary movie director Spike Lee on how to connect the soundtrack to the movie. They might even feature on a future project with him, “it all depends on how this project turns out” Spike said in a phone conversation with BaSe Entertainment, the label and management behind Batabazi’s growing career. Now for those who do not know who Spike Lee is, he is a renowned writer, director, actor, producer, author, and entrepreneur, who has revolutionized the role of the black actor/actress in Hollywood.  Spike Lee has been in the film industry for over a decade making movies that both educate and entertain all races.  Movies like “Do the right thing” (1989), Jungle Fever (1991), She Hate Me (2004), Inside Man (2006), and of late Miracle at St. Ana (2008) the list is endless. By the looks of things it’s safe to say the road to Hollywood is not far away for this young Ugandan hip hop group.

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Wednesday, 09th November, 2011

Batabazi release second mixtape “Afro Movement”

Boston-based Ugandan Hip Hop group, Batabazi has had a somewhat quiet year compared to 2010 where they had songs which got really good reception in the media and on the dance floor. They also released an EP, titled Set It Off. When asked if an EP is an Album they strongly say "NO". An EP, they say is a collection of singles, giving you a small sneak peek into their upcoming album. The EP included songs like Dirty Shame (featuring Jackie Chandiru), Get Yo Money & This is Hip Hop. They are now working on their maiden Album that will be released sometime in 2012. This will be their first album, and they look forward to it because it is going to be breaking new ground in some aspects. But before then, they have decided to take it back to their hip hop roots and release their second Mixtape. The mixtape is titled "AfroMovement Mixtape Vol. 2". The tape is called "AfroMovement" because it a collaborative effort between Batabazi, other artists & producers who either have African Roots or Support the African Hip Hop Movement. The artists who feature on this Mixtape are Atlas, Enygma, Pl@y, Ewize, Wordstorm, Debri, J Pusha, Garvin, Jimmy D & Meelz. These artists are from the USA, Uganda & Haiti. They have also included an unreleased track that they recorded in 2009 with the ladies of Blu3. Batabazi's goal of the mixtape besides the entertainment value is to spotlight in a small but rather significant way, the talent and versatility that Afro Hip Hop has to offer. The mixtape will be released online for free on 11.11.11. To get a copy of the mixtape it will be available on Soundcloud, Datpiff, LiveMixtapes & Reverbnation.
The first release off the tape is called "Grown Simba (Didn't Warn Ya)" that only has the ladies of Batabazi (Gera & Tasha), a must listen! It's a new sound from Batabazi we have never heard before till now. For more information about AfroMovement project visit the Batabazi blog at

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Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

Batabazi release new single

The US based Ugandan hip-hop sensations Batabazi have released a new single titled “Sembera” The song recorded in both Luganda and English.  It has a reggae touch to it. It was produced by Goodenuff. The song was mainly done by the boys PG and Jerome Black ft P Ssozi. The girls Tasha and Gera K featured doing the back –up vocals.

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Tuesday, 21st August, 2012

Batabazi release “Get Mine”

"Get Mine" is the third single from Batabazi's upcoming album titled "The Beginning" that will be released later this year. This song follows "Binsobedde" & "Mukwano Sembera". Get Mine features Solome on the hook. Solome is a Gospel/Inspirational musician and lead singer of Pragmo Band. It was produced by  Samurae (Sam Lamara) of Talent Africa Studios.

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Monday, December 07th, 2012

Batabazi release “Higher” and “Nekyanga”

From 3000 miles and more the Batabazi, a Ugandan US based group is slowly but surely taking over the Uganda market back home. The current releases are off their second album “The Beginning”. The songs “Higher” features Jackie Chandiru and “Nekyanga” features Vampino. “Higher” was produced by Mayor from the BaSe Studios in Boston while “Nekyanga was produces at Goodenuff Studios.

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Wednesday, March 27th, 2013

Batabazi release new single

The song titled "Showdown" is off their debut album "The Beginning" Having appeared on BET, BBC and Channel O Africa, the award winning World Music/Afro-hip-hop group from Uganda based in Boston is headedfor bigger and better things!  Database is comprised of performers ;( Jerome Black, Tasha, Gera & PG), a producer; (Tha Mayor) and a DJ; (DJ Sentie). Their sound has been compared to The Fugees, De la Soul, The Roots and many more.

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Tuesday, November 19th, 2013

The Amazing C.E.O Drops An Exciting Array Of Singles

C.E.O – Chapter Entitled Outstanding are officially releasing their SELFMADE EP. The trio has compiled an 8 track extended play (EP) over the last couple of months. Featured artistes include Gera and PG of Batabazi, Sir Rawny, Raspy, and Marvin B. The songs are composed in different genres, from Hip Hop, Zouk, Dancehall and a touch of RnB/Rap.C.E.O has pulled different producers from different labels to accomplish the all rounded feel the EP has. Chinchilla an American producer helped put together ‘Body Language’ a dancehall track that delivers that party feel. The song explains the physical communication that takes place between two people attracted to each other. Marvin B is the guest on the track. A Zouk track called ‘Celebration’, C.E.O completes it with an African feel featuring Raspy from Nigeria. This was one of the first songs composed in the SELFMADE EP. C.E.O felt the need to show love to Africa as a whole by celebrating their motherland with this joint. Giggz (Extreme Records) produced this masterpiece. Kevin Provoke put his magic on ‘Nataka’ a love song that carries a good feel mood to it.

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