Bataka Underground

Bataka Underground, the initiators of a Ugandan flavor of Hip-hop over the years have produced many underground joints that they never released.The word 'Bataka' means natives. "

Krazy Native, one of the members from the legendary Bataka Underground crew late last year released a hardcore Luganda Hip-hop video shot by Dj 3rdi (pronounced 'third eye'). 3rdi was in Kampala to look at the underground Hip-hop scene and came down to Sabrina's Pub where he displayed his Deejaying skills and listened to what the Uganda Hip-hop Foundation had to offer.

3rdi is also into Hip-hop videos and he and Krazy made and arrangement to have this Tujababya video shot in Kisenyi, one of the main slams in Kampala. According to Krazy, 5 of the guys in the video were fresh from Luzira prison and the very next day, 5 of them were locked away in the same prison... Also in the video are Rah P and other MCs. Krazy also suggested to the MTV Base crew that he wanted to be interviewed in Kisenyi... don't know how that ended...

Krazy says that Tujababya can mean anything; it can mean, we'll blow you up, we'll show you how it's done, we'll revenge or whatever you like. He has a new video for his track 'Wansi Wagulu', from which he performed excerpts at the Club Silk Karaoke last night. Krazy too revealed that Babaluku, another 'Mutaka' will touch down in Kampala with his 9 underground albums, the Hip-hop nites are going to be fun!

The video hasn't yet made it's way to EATV but has been screened on Jam Agenda a couple of times.

The first Luganda Hip-hop tunes

Bataka Underground, the initiators of a Ugandan flavor of Hip-hop over the years have produced many underground joints that they never did release and now that the music sector is becoming more responsive, they are coming our one by one. Babaluku, one of their member in The States is making his second album and Shillingz is yet to drop his second track. The Uganda Hip-hop Foundation has created a competitive arena where Hip-hoppers can measure themselves against each other and get love from those that understand their stuff!

Here are the latest two to be dropped: the first is 'Eno Yensi' which was recorded in 1999/2000 and features all the members of the crew. These are Babaluku, who wrote it, Krayzie Native, Momo Mc, Shillingz.

The second one is the latest solo project which has become an instant hit and a daily request at the Hip-hop lounges every Wednesday at Sabrina's Pub and it is titled 'Tujababya'. This is an exclusive opportunity for you to hear contemporary Luganda Hip-hop produced by non other than MMc.

Y'all know that if you want to listen to other MP3's from Uganda's mainstream and underground artists, you can visit our listen page here

Saba Saba and Babaluku to feature in Movie

By Music Uganda Reporter.

The Hip Hop Bataka Squad members Silas Babaluku a.k.a Mr. Africa and Krazy Native aka Saba Saba  are currently the subject of a feature film in production entitled Diamonds in the Rough?. The movie is going to chronicle the day to day lives of these  revolutionary artists aimed to prove to the world that rhyming in Luganda a.k.a Lugaflow is the next big thing in hip hop. They are also showing the world that hip hop can bring about positive change through inspiration. These artists aren't just after respect for themselves, but for their  country. They are a voice for their people and by bringing Lugaflow to new levels they hope to nspire the youth to follow their dreams.