Battle of the Souls


In an African tale of the supernatural, Ryan, a young reporter, loses his girlfriend and his job in one day. One evening in a bar while drinking with his long-time buddies, he comes across a briefcase filled with cash belonging to a mysterious underworld lord. Greed and conflict over the possession of the money begins to erode their friendship. Depressed and in a vulnerable position, Ryan agrees to join the underlord’s organization. Unknown to him, the organization is actually a cult that sacrifices humans in exchange for wealth and beauty. Q&A

About the Director:

Directly from film school in Amsterdam in 2005, Matt Bish returned home to Kampala to direct his maiden film, <i>Battle of the Souls</i>, a film inspired by his young brother. Without a professional cast and crew, he assembled one that has today made the first Ugandan feature film.

Director: Matt Bish

Language: English

Producer: Matt Bish & Roger Mugisha

Genre: Feature

Screenwriter: Matt Bish

Costume: Latif

Dir. of Photography: Matt Bish

Editor: Matt Bish

Sound: Roger Mugisha

Casting: Matt Bish & Roger Mugisha

Set Design: Dawryn Nyiram

Duration: 107min.

Year: 2007

Screening Times: 02/12/2008 - 5:40pm , 02/15/2008 - 5:35pm

Prynce Joel Okuyo “Wycliffe” of “Battle of the Souls” wins award in Italy

The movie industry is another very fast growing part in our Entertainment industry and all the movies are getting international recognition next it will be Hollywood. For those who have watched the Battle of the Souls we all remember “Wycliffe” who acted as the devil in the movie, Prince Joel Okuyo won an award for best supporting actor in Bari, Italy during the 18th Balafon Film Festival that took place on the 27th November 2008.

Matt Bish the producer and director of the movie promises a new greater movie. Auditions for cast members have started and soon production should be starting some time this year. “It will be a good movie; Battle of the Souls was an experimental movie. I was trying to prove that Ugandans could really act and I was not disappointed. The new movie will contain all the good things.

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Battle of the Souls - Synopsis

Battle of Souls Trailer