Beatrix has come through with new music and new stunning images

Click here to listen to her 'In ma blood' latest release

below is an interview by April

I said hello and she said hi - impressive start to the interview I could tell this would be fun.

This represents a simple look into the album of this artist I believe is worth a few words.
The album in full is finally complete after many months of hard labour.
It is a beautiful mix of current sound and the ballads that we all seem to never get enough of.
My personal favourite is I miss you- she will probably hate this but it sounds like she was wearing her emotion on her sleeve for that piece is quite touching. I use emotion so the next time I get to write about her she don't slap my face. She kinna has a knack for violence....
Then we have Can’t get enough of you and I can’t wait that explores the sensual secrets of the female mind quite lain back in low rancid tones- girl got groove.
On this album we also have the oldies that we always love to hear Got to have it all and All over again that had a Janet Jackson tinge to it.
Other tracks on the album e.g. Touch; In my blood are edgy R&B tracks that are loads of fun to wing to.

I think the girl excelled this time though it is a rather short album this time it is worth the salt.
I spoke to her with regards to her future and she is moving on to a different field for the next album as evidenced by the final track in the album- Goodbye to you…. her words not mine.
“I hope to try and improve my song writing for the second album and try a mix of soul-funk and acoustic work because I feel it is close to my soul at the moment and why lie I cannot seem to write anything else for this album I think it is something I need to explore and get out of my system.”
She promises there will be loads of bumping and grinding for the next album and I cannot wait to bump that thing …

Speaking to her about her life and times is truly an insight into the person despite her love for vanity- shoes, contact lenses and make-up (she has thing about bright and big eye colour today she is in BRIGHT green)- she is an intricate piece of work.

Beatrix began writing after a friend suggested she put her hand to it a few years ago. The friend in question is a lady by the name of Atuuse Esta who I believe depending on what you think of this artist we should either be:
1.thankful to for planting the seeds of maybe in this artist’s mind or
2.kill for creating this person we have to listen to .
In her opinion she found it hard at the start to express her thoughts and it has taken 3 years of trying for her to say what she really wants to say in her music. In her own words:
“For the future I am searching for honest unpretentious work- It’s the tales from the heart. A lot has changed since I wrote the last album in 2003 and I hope to pass on the wisdom while keeping a firm hold on the integrity of the music.”
So till then hope you enjoy the music ...........

Word from Beatrix...
This is my first album and I have given it a lot of love and I hope it shows and the feeling felt.
Throughout my life I have been known as a radio that never stops. The love of music has been a constant force in my life.
It describes my state of mind and heart for the simple reason that it touches your soul and evokes a wide variety of emotions and I would like to inspire thought, joy, understanding of
pain and most important- love.
My influences are varied; a whole load of artists and writers have each made an impact on the musical tapestry that I am weaving. Par example: Sade, Tracy Chapman, Babyface, Sting, Aerosmith, Seal, Richard Marx, Diane Warren, Mariah, Toni Braxton, Janet & Michael Jackson e.t.c.

I begun writing songs in 1998 while I was still in school and when I moved to England began recording them.
It has taken a year to get it all done and put together. Apart from doing my own work, I write for other artists
for example Celine Von May, a new artist currently trying to promote the album in the United Kingdom and I
wrote the track "Mama Says" that has been recorded by a group called "Shammay Girls"
It's my desire to get my music out there and let the world know that anything is possible as long as you put your heart and soul into it. I hope it encourages others to pursue their dreams-they are attainable.
Listen to my album and hope you enjoy the musical journey.

Beatrix's song 'Gota have it all' is currently No.3 on the list of our most downloaded tracks on our 'Listen' page, in otherwords, she is No. 3 on the musicuganda countdown.

Please contact us if you want to listen to her entire album but for now.