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Bebe Cool by Steven Tendo

Bebe Cool has, after a run as the notorious bad boy of Ugandan music, finally turned around. Knowing his attention grabbing antics from the past five years, it had to be something really ground shaking that would finally reign him in and turn him into the polite soft voiced gentleman that he is today. It is scary walking up to him and cowering, expecting his trademark attitude, only to be offered a respectable reception from the former unapologetic award winning reggae star.

Bebe Cool (Moses Ssali) was born 27 years ago on the September 1, 1977. He has been on the East African music scene for a long time. Back in the days when Buju Banton was everyone’s favourite star, Bebe Cool was right there shaking his crazy dreadlocks and crooning in the laboured voice of his idol. When everyone else tired of trying to emulate something that they were miserably failing at, he stuck to his dream. Now we know him as the reggae star who can be cheeky and do a suprise dance hall number that will resonate within the very hearts of revellers, forcing them onto the dance floor.

When I meet him for this interview, his demeanour is that of just another guy lounging on a lazy afternoon with his friends. The only thing that makes him stand out are his famous dreadlocks. There are a number of artistes around Kampala who have grown the manacing taproots but there is only one Bebe Cool. He is in a white sports jersey with dark jeans. He has on brown sandals and he slouches lazily in the chair in his friend’s flat in Kitante watching a silent screen as the soothing sounds of Radio One serenade him.

My questions are burning; they are just too many. Why the change and why now? There are many big issues in the country right now as we move towards an uncertain time, what with the political climate changing? Bebe Cool just released a song, Ekisanja (Slang referring to a third term for President Museveni) that sings praises for the incumbent and I can’t help wonder if all this talk of him changing could be related to his going political.

“I am not into politics. I am just a social animal and I sing about what’s big in society at the moment. I only express what is in our collective mind in song,” he explains laughingly. He says a number of people have been asking him where he lies. One of his friends present for the interview chips in that Bebe should stop playing his Ekisanja song because it is a potential money-maker. Everytime it is played at the campaigns, Bebe should be paid.

“I think other singers are just scared about singing about what they should be singing about,” he goes on. “They therefore go on and on about love and money and all these shallow topics yet deep down they should be talking about the pertinent issues.” He says he does not fear anything.

But all this political talk is not getting us anywhere. This artiste has courted controversy since early days. Even when he and Jose Chameleon together with Red San were suffering in down town Nairobi, trying to make their mark, Bebe Cool was the dark sheep of this family of three. Eventually, they had to part ways, with Chameleon and Red San sticking together and Bebe becoming the maverick who was always jutting out his jaw and challenging the system.

“I am controversial for a reason. I don’t do things impulsively,” he defends himself. “I studied music for two years, unlike many people in the industry. I know what makes one and what breaks one. To be a good musician, you have to sell. And there is nothing that sells like controversy. Controversy travels faster than anything else.”

“Look at Uganda’s most vicious enemy, Kony. He is famous the world over because of the negativity of his actions. I am not condoning his acts but imagine what he could have done…the good he could have achieved if he suddenly turned around and said he has left that bad image!” Bebe Cool has an expression of wonderment on his face.

But he says he planned it before hand. For him, the whole image thing was only for a season. “The season has ended,” he tells me earnestly. “I had my run and I had some ups and downs. Penultimately, I achieved what I wanted. The bad boy image is dead and buried,” he says with conviction..

So why now, I ask. Bebe Cool was the face of WBS TV since the last months of 2003 to around June 2004. After that deal, he had made a number of contacts because the station did everything in its power to sell him to the world. Speaking to Elvis Wavamunno, the head honcho at WBS, I discovered that Bebe Cool’s deal entailed the station managing his image and getting him acts at world class venues. And they did because he was in the UK and the US at shows such as Miss Uganda UK. This year, he went away to the USA for six months and the stories did the rounds that he had run away. But last month, he returned and with a new image.

“When I went away, I wanted to be in the US for five months. That was the plan. But then before I left, Thierry arrived.” This is in reference to Alpha Thierry, his son with model, Zuena Kirema. Alpha is making one year on December 29. “His arrival changed everything. I spent four months instead of the five I had planned. I was a family man and I wanted to be here for my family.”

His stay in the States was not fruitless, however. He came back with deals to do music in top studios with help from established artistes. He is working with Afromerica and with Sushi Studios owned by Dee, a drummer with Janet Jackson. He has also decided to go into movies. “If I did small parts as an extra now and then, my career will be helped a lot,” he tells me. “I was told that these days, one needs to be in both industries to make it big.” We are yet to see him in any, though.

And when he says he has changed, it’s all there for us to see. Before all this, he was doing dancehall music. It was characterised by rough tones and a menacing exterior. Now he seems to be following his heart; he has just recorded a 10 track album with Necessary Noize and he says it is pure roots reggae. The partnership between him and the duo has been christened The Bashment Crew.

There have always been people who think he was made for reggae and they must be beside themselves now. At the recent Return of the King concert at Steak Out in Kampala, Bebe Cool dazzled with Necessary Noize. This seems to have been the confirmation that he is the undisputed king of Ugandan contemporary reggae.

“I am now doing my music with Wyre and Naziz because I believe they are the hottest reggae act in Kenya right now and our partnership can go along way,” he enthuses.

The road ahead is paved with challenges. Bebe Cool is just one of the many artistes who have to shape up in the face of the upped competition. East Africa is fast becoming a hotbed of musical talent and there is no stopping the growth. Maybe in view of this, Bebe Cool had to change his style and image. He has shown before that he is far seeing and maybe his intuition is leading him where we all shall eventually head.

His Background and History

Bebe Cool a.k.a Moses Ssali born 1977 1st September, a famous and well-known Ugandan Reggae musician.

To write his music, Bebe Cool is inspired by the present situation at each time, communal events and personal experiences. He also produces music but on a personal basis. He does his own instrumentation thereby shooting two birds with one stone.

He has been in the industry for over ten years now. It all begins way back in his O Level in Kitante Hill School. During this time, he performed in various Secondary Schools, shows and did a lot of promotions like the Guinness Bar Promotions, which he did on a daily basis weekly. This helped him practice for his voice. After this, he joined Makerere College School for A level. During this time, he become Entertainment Prefect and he continued to perform in various schools and functions. He later on went to Kololo Senior Secondary School. Here he had to make a choice to finalize his studies. During this time he was preparing to start on heavy line music, he began growing his hair because he wanted to have dreadlocks. He started making contacts in Nairobi. After his senior six he left for Nairobi.

Bebe Cool’s first song was the 'Hehe song' and it was recorded in Nairobi. This was typically a rap song because at the time, the Nairobi audience was into rap music and he wanted to attract the crowd. He has recorded with various producers like the Ogopa deejays and D’N’D. He has released many songs like King of the Jungle, Hehe song which was his first song, Funtula, Never Trust, Twezinire, Burn dem down and Mambo Mingi and many more.

His best songs are King of the Jungle and Never trust no people. He recently launched Gaetano’s song in Club Silk. This song is basically to hype up Gaetano and make his name bigger so that he is received well when he comes back and put him in the line of stars. In this song he talks about Arsenal. This is because he supports Arsenal and the seasons are about to begin, this could act as an anthem for Arsenal supporters.

Apart from writing music and singing, he is involved in various community activities. He is under the umbrella M. Community. This was set up musicians in Uganda who want to do good turn. They do community work like cleaning markets like the Jinja market, wells like one in Makerere Kikoni.

He hates people with many words (Mambo Mingi), he also hates jealous people. He therefore stresses ways of life and living in his songs. Bebe Cool also writes love songs but he doesn’t produce them because that is what everyone is singing so he prefers doing his own thing or something different. His best Ugandan musician is Peter Myles because of his style of singing and way of life, which are simple and straight. He also continues to say that he loves him because he is probably the only Ugandan musician who doesn't have any enemies in the industry referring to him as neutral.

His mentors are Bunju Bunton, Wyclef Jean and Beres Herman. In the next three years he sees some of the outstanding Ugandan musicians becoming International and in the next twenty years he sees himself in International fame even in the movie industry.

Bebe outs hit to Zuena by Isaac Ssejjombwe

Bebe Cool has proven yet again that he is the master in composing situational hits because nearly six months after Zuena left her marital duties, He has however come up with a new hit called Bamugambe and by the look of things, it is likely to scoop at least an award in
the coming Pearl of Africa Music Awards.

Bebe insults fellow artists by Isaac Ssejjombwe

Soon after loosing out on the Artist of the year accolade in the just concluded PAM Awards, Bebe Cool pointed all his guns at throwing insults at his fellow musicians.

The Baffude singer alleged that all the other artists are way below his standards when it comes to success and he attributes this to the various concerts he has so far performed on this year including the Nelson Mandela birthday concert held in London some time back that had over 70,000 people in attendance "I was the only Artist who made an impact on that concert and it's not an easy task making over 70,000
people sing with you but I was able to do it and that was quite a motivation because I was able to exhibit class". Bebe said

Bobi Knocks out  Bebe by Isaac Ssejjombwe

Dominance in the music business is by far what anyone would strive for in the music business because self proclaimed Uganja and Ghetto president Bobi Wine last Sunday knocked out mentor and former ally Bebe Cool during ekitoobero concert at nakivubo stadium because of a statement he made on stage. The outburst was sparked off when Bebe made said during his performance to hundreds of thousands that there are two big guns in the music industry him and Chameleon which made Bobi Wine so infuriated.

On descending the stairs from the stage, Bebe found a rather angry Bobi waiting for him and both started exchanging hot words before Bobi punched him hard on the face saying that no one can intimidate him like that in front of his fans. The bafuude singer then pushed Bobi but other firebase crew members especially Kabaya pounced on him causing various injuries all over his body before Meddie Nsereko and other bouncers could separate the two parties. After the incident, Bebe proceeded to old Kampala police station to open up a case and after headed to mayo clinic to receive further treatment. Bebe has now canselled all his upcoming trips to bushenyi, Mbarara, among other places to nurse his wounds.

Many thought the beef between these musicians especially the top guys was a narration but it seems otherwise and what hurts is that many upcoming artists look up to these guys as mentors, guiders and role models but hearing them fight frequently devastates the trust from not only their fellow artists but also their diehard fans

Bebe shuns PAM Awards by Isaac Ssejjombwe.

Are the wheels finally coming off Uganda’s biggest music awards bandwagon? Looks like it, as Bebe cool becomes the second big artist after Chameleon to shun the annual pearl of Africa music awards. The current male artist of the year made the statement during an interview saying it’s time for upcoming artists to benefit from the annual awards. “I’m not against the awards but I believe I’m bigger than not only Pam awards but also mTV and Kora. It’s time for us big artists to pull out and leave the awards to upcoming musicians.” Bebe said. He also added that he’s not in music for any awards but people’s gratitude to his music is what matters the most.

However, during the Pam awards press launch at club silk a month back, Bebe apologized for not attending the launch but promised to be part of the event due to take place at Lugogo cricket oval. In 2007, Chameleon who is a two time artist of the year winner publicly announced his denunciation from the awards despite being nominated in various categories and has never attended any of them since then.

It should be eminent that in the Ugandan entertainment world, Bebe Cool is the only artist among the top three to have never scooped the artist of the year award despite appearing on the same category since their initiation.

Two Launches on the same date!!! By Isaac Ssejjombwe

For the first time in history, Uganda will witness the battle of the greatest as two of its finest will be tussling for supremacy in the music world. Bebe Cool and Bobi Wine are slated to launch their albums on the same day, same time but in different places.

Bebe Cool, famously known as ‘big is big, will be launching his Bamugambe album at Kyadondo Rugby Club while his counterpart Bobi Wine and self proclaimed mazzi mawanvu” (deep waters) will be launching his Carolina album at Hotel Africana peoples space.

Apparently, this is to find out who the better gun is; concerning the local music fraternity and who ever will attract a bigger crowd will be deemed the best Entertainer. Both artists have singles on their respective albums which have turned out to be the public’s favorites and have enormously received good radio air play. Wesotinge, Carolina, Promise are some of the songs that have made Bobi Wine a respected artist in Uganda, while hits like Agenze, Bamugambe, Sweet Loving, Lwaki Seyagala, Why Africa are responsible for making Bebe Cool a force to reckon in the Music Industry.

Fascinatingly, both artists who were one time allies against Chameleon, another big name in Ugandan music industry, have a long list of similar artists to curtain raise at their launches but a better offer will certainly lure some to decide which to perform on. Expectantly, this will help solve the fracas that has been going on between these two artists, but it is entirely up to the fans to support their favorite artist come October this year.

Bebe hits back at critics by Isaac ssejjombwe.

Self proclaimed king of the jungle, Moses Ssali a.k.a Bebe Cool has finally responded to all his critics after months of insults through his song boom bark (bogolako). Bebe Cool during his performance at Acacia Avenue’s based Steak Out publicly announced that he solely feeds all artists who sing about him and his family.“I’m the only reason those artists are surviving in the music industry and this is because they have nothing to sing about except me and my family so if it wasn’t me, they would have taken up other professions.” Bebe said.

Bebe faced insults after the departure of his longtime girlfriend and mother of his two kids Zuena Kirema shortly before last year ended and using this as an opportunity, established musicians composed hits that provoked him one way or another. “Shortly after my wife left her marital status, some artists decided to use me as a stepping stone by releasing hits concerning my family but can’t wait to look at their faces when my wife returns on the 2nd of October during my Agenze album launch to be held at Kyadondo rugby club.” added Bebe.

The Goodlyf duo of Moze Radio and Weasel are the artists the Bamugambe singer was talking about as they released hits such as Zuena, lwaki onumya, number emu among others towards Bebe Cool. Besides the goodlyf crew members, Bobi Wine is the other artist with a hit known as Wesotinge which has turned out to be essential on his Carolynah album.

Indeed, “Big is big” by Isaac Ssejjombwe.

With a combination of Silk Events as the events organizers, Balaam enterprises as the event managers and Bebe Cool behind the microphone, The Agenze concert at Kyadondo rugby club last Friday can best be hailed as the most successful concert ever by a local act. Being the third concert after the thriving Jinja and Mukono shows the previous week, Bebe clad in an orange 46664 overall and barked by the gagamel band took to the stage at exactly 9:00pm after a brief act by Sylvia Namugenyi and performed Mukomela, nsonyiwa mukwano,oga, Ekitibwa and I was born in Africa for his first live performance session.

Bebe, Bobi set records by Isaac Ssejjombwe.

In one corner was Bebe Cool at kyadondo rugby club with his Agenze album launch organized by Balaam and Silk events and in the opposite corner was Bobi Wine at Africana people’s space with Carolina launch organized by Kibo and Events ware house. The judges were the fans and the fight was all about supremacy in the music industry. What started as a musical battle ended up with both artists making tremendous records that will take a music genius to break.

Zuena and Bebe back together by Isaac Ssejjombwe.

It seems the trick Bebe used to release hit after hit to Zuena has worked as reliable info reaching us has it that the two have finally reconciledafter spending almost a year of breaking up.

Zuena’s departure was somewhat a blessing in disguise as it helped rejuvenate the Bamugambe star's career as it helped him pull the biggest crowd ever witnessed in the entertainment industry by a local musician during his Agenze album launch at kyadondo rugby club a few weeks back. Zuena who was supposed to return home on the same day as the launch didn’t do as earlier promised by Bebe as she refused to go stage to publicly declare her return though she was sighted in the V.I.P section with a couple of friends.

Bebe’s Hummer arrives by Isaac Ssejjombwe.

Finally after years of serious promises without delivering, Bebe’s state of the art hummer is in the country ready to move around the dirty streets of Kampala.

Being held at Mombassa for the last couple of months, the Hummer which is currently at URA offices reached Kampala on Tuesday last week.

It is estimated that the Kasepeki singer had to pay 200million for the monster ride minus taxes and still has to pay extra 50m for the pimping.

This now means Zuena will cruise the ride at least until Bebe gets back on his feet.

Bobi - Bebe at it again by Isaac ssejjombwe.

Hardly two years after their battle for supremacy while launching Carolina and Agenze respectively, Bobi Wine and Bebe Cool are it again but this time round in concerts.

Soon after clearing his debt of 50million shillings and acquiring the land housing Busabala beach, Bobi is set to hold a concert dubbed Ekyapa Nkilina at Busabala beach on Easter Monday. Self proclaimed King of the Jungle Bebe Cool will also be holding his East African carnival at Kiwatule Recreation centre on the same date and time.

The East African carnival is held annually and is one of Bebe’s most successful shows ever.
Being the first concert he’s organizing after the shooting incidence alongside his aides a few months back, the carnival will as well act as Bebe’s welcome back party to the music industry.

Entrance fee for both concerts is 5000shs and both artists have the same musicians to curtain raise at their concerts respectively.

The return of the King of the Jungle by Isaac Ssejjombwe.

After spending approximately three months off the music scene, Moses Ssali alias Bebe Cool is making his return on the 7th of April in a concert dubbed “The Return of the King of the Jungle” at KCC grounds.

Still on crutches, Bebe is slated to perform alongside his now best friend Dr. Jose Chameleone, Mesach Ssemakula, Rabadaba, Eddie Kenzo, Amarula family among others.

With tracks like Kasepeki, Bogolako, Embaga and make it Rain off his upcoming album, the concert will be a warm up for his album launch due September this year.

This will become Bebe’s third concert after Tondeka Ekiwatule and the just concluded East African carnival on Easter Monday.

Bebe, Zuena in freak accident by Isaac Ssejjombwe.

Bebe Cool is perhaps the most unfortunate artist apparently going by what he has gone through in a period of five months. After he was shot alongside three of his aides and still nursing wounds at the beginning of this year, the self proclaimed “Omega” was yet again involved in a freak accident with his wife and two of his personal Dj’s and Body guard.

The accident took place at Wabigalo near Nakasongola district while coming from Lira for a musical show and the cause of the accident is attributed to a flat tire and over speeding which caused the car to spin three times before settling in a swamp area.

Zuena was rushed to hospital to hospital with a big cut on her forehead while Tony and Brian with severe pains in their chests while Bebe was admitted with pains in both shot legs.
The bodyguard left without any injuries whilst Bebe’s Dj’s Tony and Brian were complaining of chest pains at the scene of the accident.

The shuttered CRV Honda belonging to Zuena is apparently at Nakasongola police station while investigations are ongoing. Bebe and Zuena are admitted at Cadic hospital receiving treatment while the whereabouts of the rest of the causalities is still unknown.
The Kasepeki artist was slated to travel to Netherlands, Germany, Sweden among other European countries for a musical Gig next week before heading to the US for further treatment of his bullet wounds..

We wish the King of the Jungle together with his Wife and other guys a quick recovery.

Bebe attacks Bobi by 1544c Ssejjombwe. (+256-078-2-233273)

For a long time now, Moses Ssali alias Bebe Cool and Robert Kyagulanyi known as Bobi Wine have always been at each others throats for reasons best known to them but a few weeks back, Bebe was able to explain his differences with the Ghetto president in an exclusive interview on one of the media houses and we bring to you all that highlights of what he said.

In the interview, Bebe first compared his wealth to Bobi’s saying that by the time Bobi Wine purchased his land in Magele, it cost him around 10million shillings compared to my site in Ntinda which goes for 90million or more.
“Bobi has a landing site but claims he owns a beach and because he stays in a jungle, he publicly smokes weed which clearly indicates his luck of manners.” Bebe said. 

Zuena’s hubby further said that the beef chapter Bobi is using is a closed one because it was the same strategy that he and Chameleon created to end the Lingala dominance in Uganda.

“Bobi has this statement he always uses. “Edutainment”, but I would like to replace that word with “Fedutainment” (Fading Entertainment) because by the look of things the boy is fast going down the trench.” Were Bebe’s other words for Bobi Wine.

“Last month, I was in Germany, Holland and Denmark for a musical tour and my brother Chameleon is among the artists featuring on a world cup song with big names like Kelly Rowland, 2Face among others but what was Bobi Wine up to for the last three months? Performing in Gayaza!” the Baffude singer asked while climaxing the interview.

Gov’t compensates Bebe Cool by 1544c Ssejjombwe. (+256-078-2-233273)

When we said he’s perhaps the only artists in Uganda to be so tight with the President, many didn’t believe us. Moses Saali alias Bebe Cool is the first artist to get a warm visit from the big man a few months back after getting shot by a  trigger-happy security officer at Effendy’s bar and club. The president even went ahead and promised to meet the damages the singer went through during his absence from the music scene.

A few debates were carried out whether the Bogolako singer would be paid or it was just media hype but to everyone’s astonishment, state house released info that Bebe is to be given 180million shs as compensation for the damages he endured at the beginning of this year.

The money will also be part of Bebe’s further treatment in the USA until he gets back on his two feet. He’s slated to travel a few weeks from now with his wife Zuena and two kids Alpha and Beata.

However, the question on everyone’s mind is? Did the Government make the right decision of meeting Bebe’s costs? Because he sued the government a few months back for “damages” yet he has been performing in several places like his “Denmark tour” last month, “Return of the king concert” and not forgetting more places he has been advertised on!

Friday, 17th September, 2010

Bidandi teams up with Bebe by 1544c Ssejjombwe. (+256-78-2-233273)

Our jaws dropped last week when former minister and Peoples Progressive Party (PPP) flag bearer Bidandi Ssali mentioned that he composed his presidential campaign track with his son Moses Ssali alias Bebe Cool to sing it.

“I wrote the lyrics, have my own beats so basically after a long search, I decided that it’s Bebe Cool to sing the song starting next year during the presidential elections.” said Bidandi.

Bebe is in a tight spot after info emerged that he’s also in poll position to head president Museveni’s campaigns next year because he has always been among his campaigning agents.
More info even has it that this is the main reason his Excellence footed Bebe’s hospital bills abroad and visiting him at Nsambya hospital after getting shot by a trigger-happy security guard early this year.

No wonder the “Kasepeki” artist said whoever comes up with a better offer will win his support. “Bidandi is my father while Museveni is a great friend of mine but whoever has a better offer is the one I’ll work with after all I’m a business man.” Bebe said.

Saturday, October 16th, 2010

Bebe is “Mr. Katala” according to Bobi by 1544c Ssejjombwe. (+256-782-233273)

“Mr. Katala is the artist I did Funtula with back then.” Bobi said while at Ggaba beach during his album launch.

Bebe Cool together with Bobi Wine attacked Chameleon through their Funtula track way back when the two artists were still partners in fire base.

Everything is connected to Bebe going by his Mr. Katala video but Bobi neither confirmed nor accepted that he was attacking the Bamugambe star in the song until a few weeks back.
“I defeat him Lyrically, Financially, Academically and physically” was all Bobi said about the mystery of Mr. Katala then and that he’s just someone in the music fraternity.

It should be noted that the two artists were ounce best friends but their separation is linked to many things. Some say the disagreement is related to love issues and financial status while others believe the two are fighting for supremacy yet others have it that this is just a strategy by the two artists to confuse the fans.

Friday, November 05th, 2010

Bebe shoots videos in Hollywood by 1544c Ssejjombwe. (+256-782233273)

Bebe,  if truth be told put the money given to him by the President to good use going by the info we received from the US a couple of days ago..

The “Bamugambe” star who traveled to the US for further treatment courtesy of the President used the remaining money to shoot not only one but two music videos for his latest tracks titled “Big size and Till you luv me in Hollywood.

The “Big is big” video was shot a week ago on Stevenson Ranch in Hollywood as well as Beverly Hills on Rodeo drive, the Rich man’s celebrity shopping street in California.
The video will be released two weeks to the launch of his album on the 3rd of December.

“Like never before, we used gorgeous women, state of the art rides like Escalades, Stretch Limo hummers and Mercedes Benzes to spice up the video and going by the expenses we encountered, the two videos are perhaps the most expensive by a Ugandan artist lately.” said Bebe Cool.

No longer on crutches, He also added that the videos were shot by Hollywood based Motion Route Pictures owned by Salva Kavule and Martin Kalule who are Ugandans based in the US.

Wednesday, November 12th, 2010

Bebe Cool in DC

Bebe Cool a.k.a Munene Munene featuring the beautiful "Zuena" will perform live in a concert on Saturday, November 13th, 2010 at the Millennium night club. 1511 University Blvd. Hyattsville. 20783. Doors will open @ 9 pm, cover charge $25. Music by Uganda’s own DJ D and East Africa’s No.1; DJ. Babu. 
And, do not miss the “Meet and Greet" on Friday, November, 12th at Swahili village. Music by DJ Sam a.k.a DJ Mpoza.
Cover charge: free drinks specials all Nite.
For more information and V.I.P reservations, please call +1301-755-8528.
Next Level Events.

Wednesday, November 12th, 2010

Bebe tops PAM Awards. 1544c Ssejjombwe. (+256-782233273)

Last Saturday evening saw Bebe Cool scooping the artist of the year accolade after stiff competition from Jose Chameleon, Bobi Wine and the Goodlyf duo of Moze Radio and Weasel.

He as well took home the album of the year alongside the Reggae accolade which he has scooped for the eighth year running since the inauguration of Pam Awards.

Radio and Weasel won the male category as the Female artist of the year went to Irene Namubiru. Samalie Matovu”s “Omukwano Gunyuma” is the song of the year according to the public and the panel of judges.

With just two years in his solo career, Dancehall sensation Rabadaba beat off Bebe Cool, Ragga Dee and Coco Finger to win the Ragga category amidst wild cheers from the audience.

Monday, 06th December, 2010

It’s a tough decision for Bebe Cool by 1544c Ssejjombwe. (+256-782-233273)

Self proclaimed “munene munene” Moses Ssali alias Bebe Cool is in a tight spot after two of the aspiring Presidential candidates are seeking for his assistance in their campaigns. Music Uganda can exclusively report.

PPP Presidential aspirant Jabeli Bidandi Ssali and NRM’s Yoweri Kaguta are all vying to use the artist who possess the highest number of fans going by the survey carried out some time back.

Questions had been raised whether Bebe will either be bailing out his Dad or his friend President Museveni. But the “Bogolako” artist clarified the whole fuss when he said he’s already done a song for People’s Progressive Party (PPP) Mr Bidandi Ssali’s political party and that he’s to join the NRM Campaign trail soon after his concerts. 

According to Mr.Bidandi, the president paid for his son’s trip to the US to prevent him from carrying out his campaigns. “Museveni’s offer to treat my son in the US was meant to deter him from being part of the PPP campaigns.” Bidandi said while holding a rally in Buikwe District.

Meanwhile the artist said he’s going to sue one of the tabloid newspapers in the country for running nude pictures of his wife and mother of his two daughters. The Tabloid ran the pictures on the front page with a story following on the inside pages. 

He has just ended his long awaited “Big is Big” concert this Friday at Kati kati restaurant, Satelite beach Mukono and Resort Beach Entebbe with Chameleon, Alpha, AY, Necessary Noise and Cindy as some of the curtain raisers.

Wednesday, December 08th, 2010

Bebe’s big is big concert by 1544c Ssejjombwe. (+256-782233273)

“Big Size, Kasepeki, Topowa, Till you luv me and Remember” are some of the songs Bebe Cool couldn’t perform during his Big Size concert at kati kati restaurant last Friday.

Chameleon, Kenzo, Vampos, Rwandan Alpha, Tuff B, WY-B, Hammem Hassan, Rabadaba, Eighton and Rain, Zuena and Bella were some of the curtain raisers during the concert.

People were left stranded at the gates because of a brief mistake by the media about the entrance fee when they stated it that ordinary fee was 10k and  30k VIP yet the actual price was 20 and 50k.

Because Young Achievers Awards had offered Silk Events much more money for the machines, Bebe’s sound was not up to standards no wonder Chameleon walked off stage after three minutes of his performance.

Even Bebe’s performance was cut short after the break down of the machines several times.

Proudly sponsored by Bell Lager, Uganda police and silk events, Bebe’s concert was a success despite the setbacks during the evening.

Monday, January 03rd, 2011

Bebe switches to apartments by 1544c Ssejjombwe. (+256-782-233273)

We received info that Bebe Cool has abandoned his house project to embark on building apartments.

Bebe, back from the states were he had gone for further treatment due to the shooting incident at the beginning of this year, made the amendments projecting of future incidents.
“The shooting incident early this year was kind of an eye opener in my life. With the enemies I have, it’s my family to suffer so I decided to pause the house project and concentrate on building various apartments all over the city for my wife and kids just incase anything happens.” Bebe said.

He also added that as soon as that project is completed, he’s to construct a mega unisex shop for Zuena that will have the latest designs ranging from jewelry, designer shoes, perfumes, clothes, belts and bags.

The apartments in Ntinda are underway with some being booked already which is a good sign that the project will be a success. All the proceedings from the residents will go straight to his children’s accounts according to the “Kasepeki” artist.
“Let’s just say they are not my houses and I won’t use any cent off that money. It’s time my children start gaining from my sweat.” He added.

Saturday, January 08th, 2011

Bebe saves a life by 1544c Ssejjombwe. (+256-782233273)

1 million Ug shs might seem little but it proves otherwise especially when it’s put to good use.
Well after his misfortune last year, Local artist Bebe Cool decided to save Namubiru Proscovia’s life by offering her a sum of 1 million shillings to cater for her treatment bills.

Namubiru’s face was disfigured after tooth decay and her nerves were no longer functioning due to gum infections.
She was required to undergo an operation at one of the big hospitals here in Kampala but her parents lacked the finances to do so.

Bebe on scrutinizing her situation, decided to act a redeemer by organizing two concerts of which some of the proceedings go directly to Namubiru’s treatment.
As we write this, Namubiru is recovering from the successful operation all thanks to the self proclaimed “Big size”.

Saturday, March 05th. 2011

Chameleone, Bebe reconcile by 1544c Ssejjombwe. (+256-782233273)

Following his outrage over Chameleon’s teaming up with Bobi Wine in the “battle of champions” at kati kati restaurant at the beginning of the year, Bebe Cool decided to settle his differences with Chameleon for the betterment of the music industry.

This was at Museveni’s victory party held at kololo airstrip when both artists were invited to perform for the thousands who had turned up.

The two artists were seen hugging and shaking hands after almost two months of not Seeing Eye to eye because Bebe had branded Chameleon a hypocrite for teaming up with his worst enemy Bobi Wine.

“The guys seemed like they were missing each others because of the way they were cuddling. it was as though they were catching up on lost time.” An onlooker narrated to us.

But unfortunately, Bebe was involved in a fist fight with his former aides and group members Eighton and Rainman of the Kiwoko fame during the evening.
The cause for the fracas isn’t yet established but we will keep you posted as we get more details.

Friday, March 18th, 2011

Bebe a wanted man by 1544c Ssejjombwe. (+256 782233273)

After PGB (Presidential Guard Brigade) officers disciplined him during the President’s victory party a couple of weeks back for allegedly disrespecting them, Bebe is now a “wanted man” after assaulting MUBS (Makerere University Business School) students at steak out last Tuesday during the campus night.

Info has it that the fracas came about when Bebe refused a group of students to lean against his Hummer who in turn  started throwing insults at the self proclaimed “Big size”. Bebe’s aides then decided to attack the students before the bouncers could intervene.

Not to be outdone, they (students) slammed their land rover into Bebe’s Hummer but seeing that there was no damage caused, they sped off towards Wandegeya with Bebe following closely.

Suddenly turning at one of the junctions, the students accidentally rammed into a transformer.
The driver’s legs were broken in the process while his friend was complaining of chest injuries by press time.

A case was opened at Wandegeya police station and a search warrant was issued for Bebe’s arrest for “assault”.

Friday, April 01st, 2011

Bebe to fly in Legendary Chaka Demus and Pliers by 1544c Ssejjombwe. (+256 782233273)

The last time they had a show in Kampala, Chaka Demus and Pliers left a mark and up till, now, their performance is still considered the best by a Jamaican artist.

Now bless yourselves for the brothers are slated to be the main acts at Bebe’s “Tondeka Ekiwatule” concert we exclusively report.

The Duo are considered the best group ever to come out of Jamaica going by the success of their tracks like “Pita Pata”, She don’t like no body” and “Woman is Smatter” among others.

They will be jetting in on Good Friday before their act on Easter Sunday at Kiwatule recreation centre.

“It’s true the vibrant duo is coming to Uganda and preparations are underway for their first visit in a long time. I believe this is one show that people will never forget because the two are legends in the music industry.” said Bebe in a brief interview.

Thursday, June 02nd, 2011

“Minzani” by Bebe Cool by 1544c ssejjombwe. (+256 782233273).

“I beg everyone to kindly listen to my message. For those who hate me, just listen to the lyrics in this song”. These are some of the lines Bebe sings about in the first verse of his “Minzani” track.
Just like “Trouble, remember and family affair, Bebe portrays sense in this respective tune that was written by 2010 PAM awards nominee Nince Henry and produced at Dream studios by 2K.
In “Minzani” (weighing machine). He basically looks at the extent people go through to overcome their troubles and gives an example of politicians who steal votes for their survival. In the chorus, Bebe talks of how people should be resolute to overcome their problems and how God is the final answer to every obstruct. “With God first and persistence, all troubles can be overcome.” He said.
Bebe shows a list of people including himself, Museveni, Obama, Bin Laden, Chameleon and Bobi Wine who he refers to as Wanjaga as some of the key people who have overcome their troubles in the video of this respective song. Meanwhile, Bebe’s efforts to save Proscovia Namusisi who was diagnosed with Cancer hit a dead end as she passed on last Saturday after struggling with the disease for five months. Bebe took on the responsibilty of treating the late after finding out that she was suffering from cancer which was brought about by a tooth decay. By the time she passed on,the “Bafudde” artiste was still in the US for a musical tour.

Monday, August 15th, 2011

Bebe in corporate album launch by 1544c Ssejjombwe. (+256 782233273).

His “Minzani”, “Dogo lyo” and “Tumekujja ku party” tracks are doing so well and like every year, artist Bebe Cool holds an album launch but this time round, he has embarked on a “Corporate album launch”. The difference about this launch is that “Boda Boda” is the venue unlike his previous launches that took place at kati kati, Africana and Kyadondo rugby club respectively. Bebe’s launch is mainly aimed at the corporate class of people, but has other minor launches coming up after the main event. On this album, the “bamugambe” star has tracks like “Minzani”, My wish., Sanyu lya mutima gwange, Ku party alongside Fidempa and Dogo Lyo feat Tuff B.

Friday, September 02nd, 2011

Bebe - Chameleon beef  by 1544c Ssejjombwe. (+256 782233273).

It has come to a point when I have to say that these artists are just playing on our minds. One minute they are friends and throwing praises over each other, the next minute they are fighting in public. Info doing rounds is that Jose Chameleon attacked self proclaimed “Big Size” Bebe Cool at club Rouge last Wednesday.
It is said that the scuffle started when Bebe accused Chameleon of being a hypocrite due to the fact that he was going to attend Bobi’s wedding. The “Vumilia” artist in the process punched Bebe on the jaw and moved out of the club. An angry Bebe started saying all sorts of things about Chameleon before he moved out to go after him.
“I cannot believe Jose Chameleon entered rouge & started fighting me his maker after all I have done for this chap now I accept a lost chap is a lost chap, I will never protect Chameleon again. He’s looking for the front page more than advice to you Chameleon is sing music coz I’ve got a lot in stock watch your skin.” Bebe posted on his wall.
On the other hand, Chameleon said on face book that “You are not even ashamed to declare me an enemy because I am going for Bobi’s wedding? Bebe style up. We are not as young as yesterday. Shame  on your Mouth and jealousy deeds.” Replying  to Bebe’s comments.

Tuesday, 08th November, 2011

Bebe takes separate ways with Markville by 1544c Ssejjombwe. (+256 782233273)

Going by what we heard, “Cease and Seakle” could be the last video Markville of Blu prints made for Bebe Cool after it emerged that the two fell out last Thursday. It’s assumed that Bebe terminated his working relationship with Mark after he found out that   he’s making videos for his enemies.
Markville became a renown video editor after Bebe Cool signed him to be responsible of all Gagamel videos and straight from “I was born, Mukwano, Kiwoko, Matta, trouble, remember, Bamugambe, Big Size, till you love me, Tumekujja ku party and Dogolyo” among others have all been produced by the Blue prints among others. As a matter of fact, Bebe used new video editors Tronic Film Intl for his latest “Sanyu Lyamutima gwange” and Superstar films to make “Minzani” (weighing machine) videos.

Wedneday, 16th November, 2011

Club signs Bebe Cool by 1544c Ssejjombwe. (+256 782233273)

Male and Reggae artist of the year Bebe Cool has become club Beer’s latest recruit after it emerged that the Reggae star signed a juicy endorsement contract worth millions a few weeks back. The brewery company fully sponsored Bebe’s album launch last September and again held Bebe’s unplugged at club silk a couple of weeks ago. It’s said the “Minzani” artist will be appearing on Club billboards, posters and flyers as well as perform on all concerts organized by Club.

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

Zuena four months pregnant by 1544c Ssejjombwe. (+256 782233273)

2011 by far has been Bebe’s coolest year for he started and ended it on a high note. With two of his last concerts (Tondeka Ekiwatule on Christmas Eve and Pliers alongside Mr G concert on New Year’s Eve), the singer bagged more than 300m. And when you add up his East African carnival, Bend over concert and album launches, he’s well beyond 700m.

But that isn’t Bebe’s greatest news for the year. The artist is on course to receiving twins from the info we received a couple of days ago. Zuena, Bebe’s wife and mother of his two kids is four months pregnant and at the moment is in the US where she’ll give birth to the couple’s first bunch of twins.  
Besides wanting his twins to have duo-citizenship, Bebe’s other reason for sending his wife to the States on her own is because she’ll be residing with his mother who currently resides in the US.

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

Bebe cool shooter sentenced by 1544c Ssejjombwe. (+256 782233273)

Alfred Achikana, the police officer who shot local musician Bebe Cool and three of aides was last week sentenced to seven years behind bars.musicuganda understands. The police constable was charged with attempted murder and was sentenced at Nakawa chief Magistrates court.
Commenting about this, the “seaze and Seakle” artist said on his facebook wall that finally justice has been served. Although he would have preferred it if Alfred was given more year’s behind bars from the seven the judge decided.

The incident happened at Effendy’s bar a couple of years back while the singer together with his aides were promoting “Kasepeki” after a performance from R.Kelly’s “I Believe” concert at Lugogo cricket oval. Bebe was shot twice in the thighs while one bullet hit one of his aides in the spine leaving him disabled for the rest of his life.

Monday. 21st May, 2012

Bebe wins battle of champions by 1544c ssejjombwe. (+256 782233273)

They were once good friends and allies, attended the same school (Kitante high school), formed a crew (Firebase), released a collabo “Funtula” and ounce formed an alliance against Chameleon. But ever since he away from Firebase and formed his own Gagamel crew, Bebe Cool and Bobi Wine have been at loggerheads and Friday the 4th of May, battle lines were drawn in a concert dubbed “Battle of Champions”. 
With the same stage only separated by a metallic barricade, Silk events behind the stage, two different bands and two different emcees, the concert had two things in common. KT as the main organizer and both artists fighting for one goal. “Supremacy”. According to polls and analysts, Bebe Cool was victorious over Bobi Wine because for every five songs he performed; Bobi Wine sang two songs and used the rest of his minutes to abuse his nemesis. Being a battle for supremacy, both artists dressed to impress with Bebe Cool changing four times while Bobi changed three times during the evening.
Bebe was the first on stage and “Wingo mercy”, Okunsuna ssuna” alongside (Sylvia Kyansuti) , “Fire”, “Jjajange”  alongside (Nandujja), “chemical reaction”, “gaetano” , “praise God” with (Tickitah) and “Prison” are some of the songs he performed on CD playback in his first two sessions. Bobi on his turn opened up with the National anthem, followed by the Buganda anthem before proceeding with songs like “Buyonjo”, “abalungi balumya”, “adam ne kawa” before proceeding with other songs like “ayagala mulasi”, “badman from kamwokya”, “badda”, “aneganye” among others in his sessions.
“Police please get off my stage. I don’t want you to say I incited my fans to cause chaos. People are going to die here if you stop the concert. If the show is stopped, I won’t perform at Resort on Sunday. Silk Events, if you disrupt my performance, don’t blame anyone if your machines are vandalized and I won’t ever perform at your concerts. Bebe Cool has bribed the police to come and cancel the concert. He has to announce that I’m the winner.” Those are some of the words Bobi Wine said when police moved in to stop the concert at 3:30am.
Bebe in response, came on stage to a thunderous applause of his fans and performed Kasepeki briefly before he marched off stage without even performing the crowd’s favorites like “Minzani”, Cease and Seakle”, and the latest “Ndisa Buti”. Bebe Cool also used this platform to fundraise money for Katalemwa Cheshire home for the disabled and donated 1 million shs before inviting Butcherman, Bobi’s former vice president and drawing pity for him for the way he was treated while he was still in firebase. Pastor Bugembe sang on both sides while Eddie Yawe made an appearance on both stages.

Monday, 25th June, 2012

Bebe Cool's Video to Include Escalade Footage

We recently told of how Bobi Wine's Escalade tyre rolled off sending all those who were around to take off like they were rehearsing for the forth coming olympics when the Escalade tyre came rolling after them.

A mechanic was called in just in time as the driver of the Escalade widely believed to be Barbie took off prompting a traffic officer to help with controlling traffic as many motorists tried to get a glimpse of the monster ride.

Now the latest coming in is that Bebe Cool's Gagamel crew rushed to the scene in Kamwokya before the Escalade could be towed away and recorded everything on video. This clip will be used in their video, 'Big Mouth By Far' which is in retaliation to Bobi Wine's 'By Far' video with Bebe Cool's caricature using chop sticks.

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Monday, 25th June, 2012

Bebe Cool Set for Canada Tour

This July, Bebe Cool is set set to tour Canada. The tour is organized by both RigzKlan Entertainment and Zink Productions. On July 13, Bebe Cool will be in Ottawa and July 14 in Toronto. The tour will also feature Canada-based DJ Justo and DJ  Flowmaster. For more information please contact: 416-871-4913

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Tuesday, August 28th, 2012

Bebe Cool Cancels Tour Over Health Issues

Star Singer Bebe Cool has been forced to cancel his shows in the US over a heart attack and apologized to his fans in Boston and California among others. The star who was slated to perform this weekend in Boston and California says that he's been flying frequently and his doctors have advised him not to risk doing an 18-hour flight with his condition. Talking to some snoops, he also revealed how he got a heart attack in his hotel room while on his recent show in Canada. Bebe Cool adds that since his Dad is just recuperating, its important that he keeps around. The star decided to check in at International Hospital Kampala in Namuwongo to ensure that all is well. The 'Akamwako' star was slated to perform at the Uganda North America Atlantic (UNAA) Celebrations next week but this is unlikely due to that development. It's also not clear if the star will be well a month from now as he will be in Australia.

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Tuesday, April 16th, 2013

Bebe Cool stings Chameleone, Bobi Wine in new song

The rivalry between three top singers in the land Bebe Cool, Chameleone and Bobi Wine is not about to end. Bebe Cool has hit at his on and off rivals and fellow singer in one of his latest songs titled ‘Cocodiosis/Tomalira budde’. Although he did not directly mention their names, experts believe that the Gagamel boss was taking a dig at the two if his lyrics are anything to go by. In one of the verses, Bebe Cool claims not to have time to games. He goes ahead to say that he has no time to boast of his wealth like those claiming to have bought new houses in Muyenga (Chameleone) or a boat (Bobi Wine). In another verse, Bebe Cool laughs at those saying he has no house. He also stings arch rival Radio Mowzey of Goodlyfe for promising to marry the mother of his son and former Blu3 singer Lillian Mbabazi and then backing out at last minute.

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Saturday, April 20th, 2013

Bashment Crew to Do Music Together Again

According to reliable information from Gagamel, Bebe Cool is teaming up with his "partners in crime" to produce new music as East African Bashment Crew. In a chit chat with Nazizi Hirji, Wyre and Bebe Cool at Serena hotel before their East African Carnival shows during Easter, they promised to revive the group responsible for taking East African music to the continental pinnacle. "EABC has never gone, we only took a break and now we are back," Nazizi said. The group is already working on new music and, if anything is to go by, a couple of songs are only waiting for a release date. "We've been working closely together for the past months," Wyre said. Some of the new music has been produced in Kenya under Wyre's Love Child records. It is the same label working on Necessary Noize's new album. The Bashment Crew is the only East African group with members from at least two of the East African Community (EAC) member countries.

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Wednesday July, 31st, 2013

Bebe Cool set to launch Kokodiosis

Fasting is done… the party begins again. We are welcomed out of this period by none other than Bebe Cool  who will be launching his Kokodiosis album on the on the 6th, 7th and 8th of September respectively at the Kyadondo Rugby Grounds, Satellite Beach Mukono and Freedom City Shopping Mall. The show is sponsored by Nation media, Pepsi, Picfare, Silk Events and Blue Cube.

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Wednesday, September 11th, 2013

Battle of the Champions: Bebe Cool vs Moses Radio & Weasle

This is set to be the mother of all battles. Come December 06th, 2013 at Kyadondo Rugby Grounds and Entebbe Resort Beach Bebe Cool and Moses Radio & Weasel will have to prove to their many fans who the champion is.Both are talented artists in their own genres of music.  This is guaranteed to be the show that will close the year and a must not miss.

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Tuesday, October 29th, 2013

D’Banj disappoints as Bebe Cool shines

NIGERIAN musician D’Banj born, Dapo Daniel Oyebanjo, proved more of a studio than stage musician as he failed to perform to expectations for hundreds of Zimbabweans who thronged the Glamis Arena for the Lion Lager Summer Beer Festival on Saturday night.

Winstone Antonio,Own Correspondent

The Fall in Love hitmaker’s performance approximated local dancer Beverly Sibanda’s style as he spent much of his time speaking about how Zimbabwean ladies were good at waist-twisting. D’Banj went on to invite 10 ladies, one at a time, including Amara Brown to join him on stage.

Regardless of some of his tracks such as Fall in love, Pop Something, Why Me, Mr Endowed, and Oliver Twist being popular in the country as they received massive airplay on local radio stations and rocked night clubs, the night belonged to his visiting counterpart, Ugandan ragga musician Bebe Cool, real name Moses Ssali.

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