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Bella comes of age

“Bella” whose real name is Barbara Ndagire, happens to be one of the latest and hottest upcoming female entertainers. She went to Kitante Primary School, Makerere College School, Mengo Senior School for her education and is currently pursing a degree in Secretarial Studies at Makerere University.

Thanks to her latest effort titled "Fassi" (meaning give way, Bella seems to be representing the ladies with thunderous dance hall rythm that's tearing nightclub dance floors apart. The impressive dancehall bass is baptised by bella's efoortless lyrical delivery giving the listener an ear friendly display all the way through.

It's been sampled at Club Silk ,Angenoir and Volts discotheques so far and if the manner in which the crowd is receiving it is to be used as a yardstick then you can as well call it a hit soon to storm radio countdown charts. That' s if programmers are searching for the songs anyway.

Hundreds of revellers last Friday stopped referring to bella Ndagire as the former Shadows' Angel and begun considering her as the new kid on the local pop music block. That was at the G-Power concert at Steak Out, where bella launched her maiden album, Bwooba Oli Nange. Her dance strokes and vocal prowess sent the audience wild.

Performing Faasi, the hottest dancehall track off the album, bella pranced and leaped across the stage, while belting out to the hard-hitting beats! Faasi definitely has the hooks that all party animals seek. That said, the true allure of Faasi is the singer herself. Her voice, tacked high on top of the percussive beats, sounds impressive. More so her rapid-fire delivery.

Bella is not new in the music business. She has hit it big time on the radio charts before. Her Annekutte, a duet with Yvette Seguya had everyone all over town buzzing in 2003. She has frequented late-night jams all over the city and awed crowds at several street bashes. But last Friday, was definitely a highpoint of her music career.

Unlike the extremely popular Faasi, the title track to Bella's new album flows along a much softer pulse. Bwoba Oli Nange is so smooth it almost slips away! In the song, Bella layers an earthy seductive voice and immediately hummable tunes to produce an R'n'B hit.

But while Faasi is raging in all discotheques, Bwoba Oli Nange is doing the same on the radio charts. Bella's new nine-track album is guaranteed to absorb any listener from start to finish. It brings a variety of music traditions in the mix. Come on Galz, featuring Trishla, is typical Afro-Caribbean dancehall that could easily be mistaken for a hit by Patra.

My Lover, featuring Bobi Wine is a feel-good blend of Afro beat and reggae. It is such a spontaneous record that will have listeners nodding their heads and tapping their feet.

The beats for Don't Leave seem as if they just came out of South Africa, by way of the Dream Studios. The man's tones give the song more gusto. Again, the song will leave one wondering at Bella's musical versatility.

She grew up with Juliana Kanyomozi, who is an established entertainer, and together they used to sing songs of famous musicians like Madonna and Black Box as children.

“Bella” is currently a member of the Dreams Come True (DCT) Productions together with Cyrus the Virus and Viboyo, which she joined earlier this year, 3rd January. She met the members of the DCT Productions during a “No Nedda” project which was sponsored by former “Shadow” now Roger Mugisha. At that time, DCT was looking for a female member and she was the perfect candidate. This marked the beginning of her singing career.

Before the beginning of her singing career, she used to be a dancer with the former Shadow’s Angels, which she quit and joined the DCT.

“Bella” has has participated in many projects. She has featured in songs like Bobby Wine’s “Lady’s wine”, DCT’s latest track “Owino”, Yvette’s “Anekutte” and she is currently doing another one with Trishla, who is also former “Shadow’s Angel”. Those who attended the Park Yard Bash at The pot After in Ntinda must have seen her on stage with Viboyo and Cyrus who are her mentors. She is planning on releasing a new album with DCT later this year.

The multi-skilled “Bella” is was signed up as a Paparazzi model which makes her one of Uganda’s most promising females in show business.

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Bella for US

Girl Power 2009

Three fantastic artistes, united by a common love for singing and dancing. Cindy. Bella. Kalibala.  Make a connection. Have fun. Dance all night long. Girl Power!

Girl Power is back! After spending the last three years focusing on their solo careers , Priscillar Kalibala and Bella have once again joined forces to resurrect their popular Girl Power theme for a series of concerts across Uganda, but this time around they have raised the bar by adding Cindy Sanyu to the mix. The three solo artistes have been performing together in towns such as Gulu, Jinja, Mbarara, Masaka, Mbale, Soroti and Entebbe on their current Club Beer sponsored Girl Power tour. And to cement their unity behind this all-female concept, they have recorded a new smash hit entitled, what else, Girl Power. At the end of each evening’s show, all three girls hit the stage together to belt out a satisfying blend of their three musical styles to the sheer delight of the audience. Could there possibly be more? Do the words Infinity Dancers tickle your fancy? Yes, it seems that Girl Power is definitely back in vogue.

Bella: Queen of Dance Hall

You are just a different version of Patra... It's your uniqueness. Its your own thing here... So how would you describe it? Where does it come from?

It's about time we interview Barbara Ndagire aka Bella right here on Apart from being a dominant force in Ugandan music, Bella also happens to be my cousin... our mothers are sisters. So not having her on this site has always been a regret until now.

Thursday, September 16th, 2010

Dancehall Queen Bella and Working on I Love the Way

Bella talks about her work with Nick Nola on I Love the Way and her re-emergence on Uganda's music scene. By Ultimate Media Consult

Bella, Uganda’s Dancehall Queen, recently had a collabo with Nick Nola and the pair just completed shooting their video for I Love the Way. Ultimate Media caught up with Bella a few days after shooting the video and chatted with her about the kind of experience she has had working with Nick Nola, how she managed to make it to where she is the in the music industry, what her opinion is about Uganda’s music industry and her life outside her music.

Wednesday, July 03rd, 2013

He Prefers Me Skimpy - Bella Ndagire

Bella Ndagire, better known as just Bella or Bella the Dancehall Queen, has rocked Ugandans with her aggressive ragga. She toldGlorias Musiime how she loves it hot

When were you born?

Um... OK, I was born 28 years ago.

Are you dating leading to marriage?

I am traditionally married.


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