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Benon & Vamposs

About Benon Mugumbya.

As a child, I listened to a lot of music during my free time. This inspired me to become a musician as time went on. Luckily, I joined Namasagali College, which is a reknown school for developing talent. That’s where I met Elvis Kirya a.k.a Vampos and our friendship picked up from there though we were two different kinds of people and did different kinds of music. He did his Ragga thing and I did my R’n’B vocals and once in a while we would combine and do small gigs.

After our senior six (vacation), in 2000 we decided to record something and with the help of Tempra Omona, we hooked up with Arthur KD (producer) at the BK Studios and recorded an inspirational song called “Keep on Dreaming”. The song was about not giving up on your dreams and taking that long bumpy road or journey to your destination or where you want to be. Unfortunately it being an ‘English song’, it got no airplay as it was so hard getting an English song played on radio for an upcoming artist. Still that did not stop us from doing our thing, a year after that, we did two songs with Steve Jean, i.e. “The gal” and “lwali Luli” these did so well especially of East Africa Radio and Radio Simba.

Earlier on this year I decided to come up with Luganda song but with that R’n’B touch. So I wrote “Nsazewo” and Steve Jean liked it, made one of the illest beats and Vampros dropped a hot Ragga verse in it and “bang” Nsazewo was born and before we knew it, DJs were banging it in clubs and on the radio.

This song has opened doors for me plus bigger challenges. My best moment in my music career was when I heard I was nominated for the best R’n’B song of the year in the PAM Awards. This has been one of the best achievements for Vampos and I. It all reminds me of what Vampos told me at the New Year’s Eve of 2002, he said “Benon 2003 should be our year of making our mark” and well I think we are getting there.

Vampos has a new Swahili song out called “Watu Wote” (Everybody) which is banging on radio and clubs.

I have worked on a number of projects with different like Klear Kut, Lyrical G, Jenkins and so many others. Plus the “Nsazewo” video by Earl Imagez is coming out soon.

I hope to work on more projects especially with Steve Jean. It is fun and very challenge working with Steve Jean. Am planning on doing on album Early next year.

Keep those ears open.

About Vamposs

Many got to know him from the popular ‘Nsazewo' hit with his partner Benon, (known as Benon and Vamposs) with a voice that hit the Ugandan music industry by storm, it could even break rocks. Born in a musical family with brothers also hitting in various kinds of music; Maurice Kirya the r'n'b sensation and Krayzie Native a.k.a. Sabasaba (what does Sabasaba mean that is only known to him)

Vamposs whose real name is Elvis Kirya picked up the name ‘Vamposs” from school so he decided to keep it through life. Had his education in schools like Christ the King, Shimon demonstration school, Namasagali Senior Secondary School and finished from Uptech (He did his time)

While at Namasagali he performed in various talent shows and mimed artists like Shabba Ranks, Indian Apachi and Beanie Man. He then hooked up with Benon and formed a duo that was going to take over Kampala . They karaoke and free styling at DV8. When asked why of all music he chose dancehall, he replied that it was different and he also likes Caribbean Music.

After all this they released their first single ‘Keep on dreaming'. This was basically a Gospel song and it contained some reality. It focused on where they were leading or going hoping that some time in future their dreams would come true and act as a source of encouragement. After this they released ‘The girl' and ‘Lwaali Luli' (meaning it was yesterday). Later on they released the song that took Kampala by storm ‘Nsazewo'. It hit in basically only in East Africa . The Nsazewo hit basically opened up doors for both of these two artists.

Vamposs writes and produces his own music based on personal experiences. His biggest inspiration is life.

The major problems he has faced as an artist is that the people take time to notice and understand the music. He also faces problems like madness which gives him no room to concentrate (that is a problem that can be solved in one hospital you know what I mean) and the recording studio bills.

If given the chance Vamposs would change the following in the Music Industry; he would love to the people what the trend latest is and not keep behind the curtains. (I wonder what the latest trend is… anyway Vamposs tell us) he would also love fellow artists to stop calling themselves king of ……. Before they even know what they are singing.

All I can tell you is that Vamposs came to stay not even an earthquake can remove him, just keep your ears open and wait for what this brother has in stock for you.

Benon & Vamposs coming to America – By Julie Erusa

After their Scandinavian tour (Denmark, Sweden), Benon & Vamposs are going places.  This time round they will be heading to the United States of America, the land of opportunities.

Benon & Vamposs hit International charts.

I always considered Art the biggest export from any country. Well from Uganda Benon & Vamposs are representing. They have been signed to Ntice Mediaworks,a record label registered in Minneapolis, USA. Benon & Vamposs’ music can now be bought and ordered for from anywhere online in the world and in some stores in the USA. Benon & Vamposs’ latest single “I Know” hit no.6 on Kaos FM’s Top World/Reggae/Native releases.(

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Benon & Vamposs - Ntice MediaWorks

Benon & Vamposs taking over

After signing with Ntice Media Works, a record label registered in Minneapolis, USA, Benon & Vamposs are taking over slowly but surely. The journey began with “I Know” hit no.6 on Kaos FM. Now, it has crossed over to Ottawa, Canada where it had hit No. 10 on CHUO FM 89.1’s top international album.

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Vamposs rocks US

Who said specialization would not apply in entertainment. While the other half of Benon and Vamposs concentrates on making hit after hit, the other half is busy promoting their music and is doing a pretty good job. After a successful show in Texas, Vamposs is heading for Seattle on the 13th June, Afriq-12629 Renton Ave. The show kicks off at 12:15 AM and entrance is 15 USD. He will then head to San Fransisco on the 26th. Vamposs has also shot the video for their club banger “Selector” a song which he did with Dizzo.

Keep reading Vamposs could be in your town next.

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Benon releases song

He took off couple of years without singing and was concentrating on basically production. Benon Mugumbya a.k.a Benon of Benon & Vamposs (By the still a member of Benon & Vamposs) has managed to create a mark on the production scene. Benon has released a single entitled “Hope”.  It was produced in none other than Swangz Ave. I have listen to this song over and over and I have failed to find the best way I can describe it, I just simply taken up. This song basically talks about Life; you will listen to it and remember each of these incidences in your life and all you had is hope. It’s rich, deep and real.

Guess it should not be too long to hear something from Benon & Vamposs.


Chameleon beats Vamposs by 1544c Ssejjombwe.

He either wants to be in news or something is tormenting him going by his involvements in fights with other artists, dj’s , promoters, fans and not forgetting barbers.

Straight from rwanda were he had had a successful concert, singer jose chameleon along with his aides last tuesday during club silk’s campus night punched fellow musician vampos of the kwekunyakunya fame for allegedly refusing to “worship” him.

“chameleon after punching me twice left his crew members pouncing on me for refusing to bow for him at around 4am when i was leaving club.” Vampos said in an interview.

Straight from the hospital were he was admitted for two days, vampos filed a case against chameleon at jinja road police station and promised vengeance if the law doesn’t take action against the “bayuda” singer.

The “nsazewo” artist further claims that leone island crew members also stole his precious jewelry, phone and money.

Vampos’s case is chameleon’s 14 violence case at the police station with others having been filed back then like the goodlyf, dj michael and bebe cool assault cases which have been pending.
If he’s found guilty, chameleon is to spend some good time behind the coolers.

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

Vampino releases Kwekunyakunya remix

Vampino released the remix for his club banger “Kwekunyakunya”. The song features some of this industry’s most talented women Keko, Cindy and Juliana KanyomoziThe combination of the three different styles of music adds something new to the song. In addition to that Vampino has released a another single called “Ndongo”. The song is tells of Vampino’s music when he started music and it is his time to release music.  The song was produced by Jose at Swangs Ave.

Wednesday, 24th November, 2010

Kwekunyakunya the rmx by 1544c Ssejjombwe. (+256-782233273)

“Kwekunyakunya” is Vampino’s biggest hit and perhaps that’s the reason he decided to make a remix of the same song with various established artists.
The only difference about the track is Keko, Juliana and Cindy’s verses but the rest are the same even Vampino’s lines.

Keko has revamped hip hop to something exceptional that is why I was awestruck on first listening to her rhymes. No wonder her verse is the first in the song after Vampos’s catchy intro.  You can check her out in Angella Katatumba’s “Let’s go green”, All stars “Fallen heroes”, and her single “Alwo” then you be able to realize what this songstress is made of. Juliana adds a dancehall style to herself proving her versatility in the music industry in the second verse of Kwekunyakunya. Dancehall sensation Cindy of the “One and Only” fame throws in the last verse that is shortly ended by Vampino.

The track was recorded at Swangz Avenue by producer Jasse Jose the same guy behind the whistle song. Kwekunykunya remix is a fine piece of work by both the producer and the artists involved. We just can’t wait for the video.

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

Benon’s “A New Day” (Olunaku Olupya) album by 1544c Ssejjombwe. (+256-782233273)

Award winning producer Benon Mugumbya released his album to hundreds of his fans and the media last Thursday at the garden city rooftop based bar “Boda Boda”.

Titled “A new Day” (Olunaku Olupya), the album has 16 tracks with most of the songs written and produced by Benon himself.

The album has tracks like “Hope, Olunaku Olupya( Lead Single), Omwana lwaki Akaaba, Rise up ft Keko, Show me, and Mpezi we among others.  Blended with Soul, R&B and hip hop, Benon has some collaborations with artists like Keko, Navio and Vampos on the album.

The lead producer at the Muyenga based Swangz Avenue, Benon’s listeners party saw him perform five songs to the audience who included mostly city tycoons, business personalities, fellow artist, media practitioners and friends.

The album was outed last Friday on the 10th and can be found in leading shopping outlets like Uchumi Garden city, Nakummat shopping mall, National Theatre and at Swangz Avenue.

For more details, one can just call +256-782233273 or +256-782555470.

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

Benon and Keko rock Ethiopia by 1544c Ssejjombwe. (+256-782233273)

Swangz Avenue’s Benon and Hip hop artist Keko had several musical gigs in Ethiopia courtesy of the Swedish Government last week. We can exclusively report.

The artists flew out of the country last Wednesday for a two day workshop before concentrating on their performance over the weekend.

Info from the Emperor’s (Haille Sellasie) land has it that Benon left an impact on Ethiopia especially with his tracks like “Hope, Osobola, Rise up” with Keko while the lady rapper showcased her talent with “Alwoo, This is how we do it” among others.

Guitar specialist Michael Ouma and other band members couldn’t miss the trip and we learnt that they to had a nice time in Ethiopia.

Benon who’s apparently the hottest Producer in the country is receiving several deals especially from the Electoral commission after tracks like “Osobola, Hope, anew day, Omwana Lwaki Akaba” among others off his “Olunaku Olupya” (A new Day) album sold country wide.

Being chosen among several other artists to represent the country on the project, Benon and Keko are surely rising to international stardom.

Friday, March 04th, 2011

“Luv to dance” by Vampos by 1544c Ssejjombwe. (+256-782233273)

Still ridding on “Kwekunyakunya remix and Whistle song”, Vampos has yet again outed another chartbuster “Luv to dance”.

Being a get-to-the-dance-floor, put-your-hands-up and scream (especially the ladies ) while shaking, “Luv to dance” just like his previous hits was produced at Swangz Avenue by Just Jose.

One interesting factor about the tune is the chorus which emphasizes to shake all body parts if one loves to dance. The video too is off the hook as crazy dance moves are portrayed by a group of dancers alongside Vampino disguising themselves as insane (Bazolo) patients.

With tracks like “Luv to dance”, Vampos has surely been listed among the top guns in the dancehall fraternity.

Thursday, March 17th, 2011

Benon launches worldwide with Island Def Jam

After he released his Olunaku olupya in Uganda last December, Benon Mugumbya has digitally released his album to the world through Def Jam distribution the same platform used by mega supers star Kanye West, Rihanna and Neyo.

Olunaku Olupya (A new day) was last week released on Itunes, Amazon, Napster, spotify, Shock Hound, Nokia Ovi and 7 of the world’s biggest online music stores. The 16 track album was released under Swangz Avenue before America’s Island Def Jam picked it up for international distribution. Itunes the world’s biggest music store and Amazon are both selling Benon’s album at $9.99 dollars and $0.99 for a single. Locally the album can still be bought from Uchumi and Nakumati among other places for 20,000/=

The album features guest like Micheal Ouma, Tshaka Mayanja, Pragmo, Navio among others. It includes the single “Hope” and “Osobola” a song that was widely adopted to mobilize citizens to exercise their voting right.

Thursday, April 07th, 2011

Benon’s ‘ani yali amanyi’ by 1544c ssejjombwe. (+256782233273)

After “Hope and Osobola” received enormous airplay on most media houses around the East African region, Benon Mugumbya released the third video off his “Olunaku Olupya” album.
“Ani yali Amanyi” is the latest to come out of Swangz Avenue and looking at the concept, it fits the description of a wonderful but simple video.
Written by Edwin Kasolo and produced by Benon himself alongside Michael Ouma, ‘Ani yali Amanyi’ was shot by Swangz Avenue at a residential in Luzira.
The video is rich in colour especially the shot that has a blue background. The editing was also splendid going by the fact that it was shot in one location with only two characters involved.  
One thing I like about “Ani yali amanyi” is that the video can be simple and captivating even if captured in one location.

Vampos/Michael Ross against Aziz showdown by 1544c Ssejjombwe.(+256 782233273)

Looks like artists are starting off from where they left off last year with holding concerts on the same date.

Forget the Bebe vs Bobi Wine saga and the Goodlyf/ Grace Showdown now the latest is the battle between Vampos alongside Michael Ross against Aziz Azion.
Vampos who has never held any concert in his 10 year music career will be teaming up with Michael Ross in a duo concert dubbed “Fire concert” at Kyadondo rugby club while Aziz Azion will be holding his second concert “Oxygen” at Kat kati restaurant the same venue he launched “Wampisa” last year.

Aziz Azion has been riding high on tracks like “Oxygen and Baliwa” while Vampino has topped charts with songs like “Kwekunyakunya rmx, Luv to dance, Onzita and Ndongo”.
Come the 24th of June, the battle lines will be drawn to find out who will be able to pull it off.

Thursday, April 28th, 2011

Vampino’s “Luv to dance remix” by 1544c Ssejjombwe. (+256 782233273).

Vampino, previously known as Vampos has established himself to be the best Dancehall artist to grace the Ugandan music industry, no wonder the dynamic duo of P-square branded him East Africa’s Beenie man on their first visit to the pearl of Africa three years back.
Well 2011 sure looks ripe for the artist because apparently two of his tracks  kwekunyakunya rmx and Luv to dance” are already in the top five in each of the countdowns across the region.
After the success of both songs, Elvis Kirya (real names) along with his longtime friend and partner Benon, decided to reinstate Lingala but this time the Ugandan vesrion thus the remix of “Luv to dance”

Recorded at Swangz Ave by Benon himself who also happens to be featured on the track, the remix is a blend of Ragga, dancehall and Lingala with the verses and chorus still similar to the original version.
The track is friendly to the ears and and brings back the feel of the back-then- Lingala played by the likes of Pepe Kale, wenge Musica among others. With the video also released last week, Vampino and Benon have become the first artistes to bring back Lingala in the Ugandan version.

Monday, May 23rd, 2011

Aziz steps aside for Vampos and Michael Ross by 1544c Ssejjombwe. (+256 782233273).

Should we say brotherhood has finally come back to the entertainment industry? For the info we received a couple of days back trully showed us that the music industry is growing to the right direction. Barelly three weeks back, we came across info that Vampino together with Michael Ross were slated to hold a joint concert on the same day Aziz will be launching his “nkimanyi Okimanyi” album. But just last week, we learnt that Aziz had decided to push his concert to a later date which he’ll be communicating. Aziz confirmed this info during the Radio and Weasel concert at Africana last Friday saying “ I have decided to push my album launch from the 24th of next month to a date I’ll be communicating soon.” Now that the mystification is over, Vampino promises all his fans the best come the 24th of June at lugogo show grounds. “We are in the final Preparations of the concert so come and witness the craziest show ever by two Ugandan artists on the same stage.” Vampino said about his upcoming “On fire” concert with Michael Ross.

1 on 1with Michael Ross & Vamposs

Real Names: Kirya Elvis & Michael Ross Kakooza
Vamposs is born in a musical family; Saba Saba and Maurice Kirya.
Michael Ross and Vamposs have always been musical since 2000. This friendship has let to the production of  hits like “One Fire” and their latest “Push Push’

About Vampino

About Benon & Vamposs
Vampino began singing professionally in 2000. In 2001 formed the music group commonly known as Benon and Vamposs which went commercial in 2004 with their first hit “Nsazewo” which put them on the map. Benon and Vamposs is still a duet doing both Dancehall and R’n”B.

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