1 on 1 with Betty Mpologoma

It is not unlike Betty Mpologoma, but the Ugandan love music diva has been making more headlines lately than we are actually used to. The adorable songstress who has maintained such a positive image in Ugandan music spoke to Abbey Boris Mugerwa about where she thinks her music career is headed to.

Tell us about your music career at the moment?

I think I am now making it to the peak of my career right now. I am working very hard to see that I widen my fanbase. I am trying so many new things that I had never done before; I am working with so many different influential people in the business. Until now, everything about my career was predictable. I am now working on an album that is going to be so diverse with a lot of variety. It is a new journey that I am making right now.

What has prompted you to suddenly make such decisions?

Like I said, my career was kind of predictable. I have decided to be more adventurous. I am working with a management company. ECO Media, Inc. who are helping me to make sure I make the right decisions so that my career can go in the right direction.

You said you are working with different people, who are you working with?

I am working with different producers, writers and singers. For example Silver Kyagulanyi wrote my new single, Ka Neerage, which was produced by Washington, Joseph Mulinde has also written two songs for me one of which have been produced at Steve Jean’s Fenon Records. Dr Tee has also produced a song for me. If all goes to plan, I will also be doing a collaboration with Jose Chameleon.

How successful have you been with your latest single Ka Neerage?

It has been very exciting! It was the product of hard work and a new way of doing things for me especially after huge success with Teri Police. It was my first time to release a single. A lot of people have invited me to perform at their weddings and introductions because that is what the song is about; showing off your loved one. The response on radio has also been great and on the Internet where I have got a large number of loyal fans especially on Facebook who are always sending me messages of encouragement and support.

When is your next album coming out?
We are still working on the dates and targets with my management but most of the music is ready. We now have to shoot some videos so you will be hearing from me very soon.

What challenges do you face as female artist?

I think being a woman does not make much difference. I have the same problems that male artists are bound to have. There is stiff competition and coming up with a hit song is more of a puzzle because it’s hard to work out what would suit your fans. Besides, we have got so many new names coming up every day. The copyright law is in effect on paper but not practical and this leaves our music with no value. The music promoters exploit musicians by underpaying us and using our names without our consent on banners and other adverts to make their end meet and this affects our images to our fans when we don’t turn up and they think we have eaten the money and taken them for a ride.

Any advice you would give upcoming female artists?

They should work hard and believe in themselves, everyone is capable of making it to the top if morals and discipline are put into consideration as well as working hand in hand with those willing to help. They have to accept their mistakes and most importantly respect their fans. Women should not accept to be used just because they want fame. It is a gift from God and any one can have it.

Betty Mpologoma unveils “Football” by Abbey Boris Mugerwa

She remains arguably a true love songbird in her own right. Betty Mpologoma verifies it that she is a no-novice when it comes to demonstrating her music potential. With her remarkable hits like Teri police, kaneerage and Londa enumber   yo. She is fully a certified musician who doesn’t crave for fans but only listening to her music will drive one to her camp. To her installed fans she remains loyal to their hearts.
She has unveiled her latest single “Football” rocking the airwaves and has run for weeks on CBS and Ssuubi FM charts thrilling the ears of listeners who request for it repeatedly.