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Big mo, the Lugaflow poet by Isaac Ssejjombwe.

Based in Boston USA, Big Mo real names Moses Ssemanda, is a Luga Flow poet who’s steadily making a name in the Entertainment industry with his Ntoli (Snap) hit climbing charts in the region.
Big Mo which stands for Big Money traveled to the US in 2006 for his education and is a 3rd year student at New England Institute of art pursuing a Digital Filming and editing course.

Having recorded Ntoli at D-records last December while on holiday in Kampala, the 27 year old made his debut in music three years ago.

“There are so many Luganda words used in a wrong context but since I’m here, the initiative is entirely on me to explain what the words mean and how to pronounce them through music.” He said after being asked why he released this awesome track.

Cindy, Rabadaba and Juliana are among the top artists Big Mo is eyeing to do collaborations with but with Red Man, Snoop and the Cash Money duo of Lil Wyne and Bird Man as his inspiration, he projects to top charts sooner than later.

Being based in the US and having a huge fan base in Uganda, his main challenge is marketing as he has to ensure that his music reaches the media in one way or another.
Bituli Bingi and Sisemba with Catherine Kusasira are Big Money’s next project aside from owning a record label three years ahead.

Thursday, 09th September, 2010.

Bigg Mo bounces back with “Bituli Bingi” by 1544c ssejjombwe. (256-078-2-233273)

“Ntoli” was one of his first projects and the massive success it received was a clear indication that Bigg Mo is among the new breed of talents in the entertainment industry.
The UK based artist is back with yet another top of the charts track called “Bituli Bingi” featuring Yvvone Kushe.

Produced by so Fresh Entertainment alongside Rinex, “Bituli Bingi” is currently rocking the airwaves both in the Diaspora and in Uganda respectively.

With Jah Live behind the video, it's a worth a watch going by the camera angles, the color, different locations, atire and the story board that relates to the song.

Talking to the artist, the Luga Poet said his next project is “Superstar” and his fans should expect the video next month.
“I’m busy working on my next project which is Superstar and all I can promise my fans that  it’s going to be exhilarating but besides that more stuff is still coming from Bigg Mo. just watch the space.” He said.

He also added that he’ll be coming back to Kampala in December to work on his album and rumor is that he has a song with “Uga Ragga” king Rabadaba. We can't wait.