Blackman Uncle Rich

I've & will always let what I do speak on my behalf & not the other way round. To all of you who want to know more about who really Blackman Uncle Rich, just listen to what I do n' you'll know who I am.

Determined to serving the people all over the world with the Reggae, Dancehall, Rap and African Rhythms, some times with a mixture of Pop & Hip hop styles not forgetting my nearby future dream surprise which is Soul & RnB.
My Band is multicultural, that's to say. All my musicians, singers & rappers have different origins to mention but a few; Congo "former Zaire, France, Italy, Germany, Thailand etc.
I‘ve performed several times on functions like Independence Day Celebrations and the International Music Day, featured, been featured recorded & released a number of songs n' albums with several different Luxembourg Artists, groups, musicians & Bands. These are some of them; Younited Soulz, D'juju, The Gentles, Midi crash, Kalo de 78 etc.


The songs listed below have played a big role in the success of my music career
Tchiga um pouco masperto (Come a little bite closer) released in 2000 on the maxi album Tchiga masperto with YOUNITED SOULZ. Sound truck used in the film Club des Chômeurs.

Truth in life on the Album Song for life released in 2003, stayed in the RTL TV Luxembourg planet hits chat for one months until place number 3

Nygabanyiya (I'll satisfy you) Involving 5 different languages, released in 2002 on the maxi album All for love "woman of today" still  aired on 100.1 Radio Cultural in Luxembourg.

Be free "together with Younited Soulz" released in 2004 on the album MORE SONGS FOR LIFE n' featured in the film House of Boys soon to come on screens.

Previous Interview

Blackman Uncle Rich a.k.a Sebulilba Simbwa B. Richard is a Ugandan musician based in Luxemburg.
He had his first music experience at the age of 17 yrs. By that time, he was sustaining his primary education at St. Francis Primary School. He later joined Kololo High School. During this time, he mates Toolman with whom they grew-up and sang together in dancehall style.

n 1995, he relinquishes singing to deliberate his studies. With God grace, he attained his IATA/UFTAA Certificate and Diploma, grading him as a travel consultant by profession.

He went to Luxemburg in 1998 from where he decided to consider music as his carrier in 1999. He devoted him self to serving the people all over the world with the music and rhythms that nourish their souls.

He records and mixes his music with the Criola Studio, and mastering at Skywalk GMBH in Germany.

He has performed with several musicians, to mention but a few, Younited Soulz with which he released a song entitled “Tchiga um pouco masperto” in December 2000, on the album TCHIGA MAS PERTO. This song was admired by the producer of the film known as CLUB DES CHOMEURS, Mr Andy Bausch, who ended up using its sound truck in one of his latest films.

Bm Uncle Rich also performed on functions like Independence Day Celebrations and the International Music Day with Younited Soulz in the year 2000, and with another group known as D’ juju on the same occasions in 2002. He released 2 songs “You belong to me and Kyintu mupezi” in January 2002 on D’ juju’s latest album Well come to QUOKKA ISLANDS:

BM Uncle Rich’s latest release was in January 2003. The name of his maxi CD is Bm Uncle Rich “All for love” with 4 songs taken from his up coming album woman of today. Below are the song tittles,

1. Set me up on fire
2. Woman of today “Radio version”
3. Ngyabanyiya
4. Woman of today “Album version”

His up coming album will be containing 12 to 13 different songs among which he has mixed several styles like Reggae, Dance hall, Hip hop, Zouck etc, with Jazz, Blouse, Classical and African melodies not forgetting the different languages as well e.g.

1. English
2. French
3. Luganda of course my mother tongue from Uganda
4. Portuguese and Brazilian
5. Swahili which is spoken almost all over Africa
6. Zulu from South Africa.
Blackman uncle Rich

Background of the competition

The Red Cross Aids Prevention, together with Stop Aids Now ASBL decided to change course in their prevention work and developed a new campaign called Song4Life upon an initiative of Tom Leick. In September, out of 40 applicants, 11 bands (including Black Man's band) were selected to write or cover a song that could be used for a safe sex campaign called Song4Life. These 11 songs were then recorded at the Jean Linster Studios.

But that's wasn't all! The public was given the opportunity to vote for the Song4Life. Together with a jury, the public decided which one of the 11 songs would head the campaign and Blackman's came out victorious! The public therefore had a vote too! The voting was done on these web sites: and

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