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Jaqee: Swedish based Ugandan musician

Ugandans are really making it big in Sweden. There has been something between Ugandan musicians and Sweden for some time now, straight from the days of the late Philly Bongole Lutaaya and Hope Mukasa in the late 80s to the modern times of Madoxx Semanda. A couple of other artists like Sammy Kasule of the 'Ekitobero' fame have also been doing there thing there for a while now. We have also heard of a Ugandan RnB artist known as Mesayah who lately released a 12-track album in Sweden. These are not the topic of discussion today

Split Personality: Swedish based Ugandan musician

Today, we are here to talk about an entertainment firm known as Blao Entertainment set up by Two Ugandans, a Tanzanian and a Nigerian. The two Ugandan members of the crew are Jaqee and Split Personality. Sublime PH is born in Lagos, Nigeria and Glaciuz the ICY originates from Daressalam, Tanzania. They have been working closely with DJ Kiboy who was instrumental in the initialization of their entertainment firm a couple of years ago.

"Nuff said!" I dont want to repeat what's already mentioned on their home page to ruin the excitement. Visit their website your self and read their biographies. Blao Entertainment have a couple of downloads in their too, so you can check it out and listen to some of their stuff.

Click here to visit the Blao Entertainment website