The Blue Cranes Band

The Blue Cranes Band Story is one which Started like a Joke and became a real success!!!
Bbaale Tegutangirwa Aloysius who was born in Uganda in 1959 left Uganda for Germany in 1991.
Don´t ask me why, because when I asked him about it, he called it a sad story, which he doesn’t want to talk about again, even if its hard for him to forget. He started a new life in Germany together with his family.
He is known to be the founder of the “The Blue Cranes Band” which to date has released 34 Tracks in 4 Albums. The first Album “Europe Ennemye” was first released in 1995.

Bbaale himself who was making music part time and working as a carrier driver in Munich, used this chance to meet more than 40 different people a day, in different companies and different cities and was able to sell his own CD to his customers.

Using a polite language with his customers, he was able to ask them to support his band by paying $10 for each CD. 85% of the people he asked, where interested in buying and they bought. He did this for almost 2 years, until he became known to many Germans. In Munich City alone, “The Blue Cranes Band” sold thousands of copies between 1995-98. The money he collected continued to build the band, and the band has been releasing 1 album almost every 2 years! Now the band is dealing with big companies to sell its music worldwide.

At the moment, the band has 8 permanent members including Bbaale’s daughter Teddy Nakyajja Bbaale, who recently changed to “Teddy Götz” after she got married to a German.
She still helps her father by backing him up with her female vocals and she is still a permanent member of the band.
Charles Nsambya Bbaale, also Bbaale´s son is also a member of the band, but not very active because of his studies.

Omuana Isaacs from Munich is doing a wonderful job with the Band. Julie Najjumba, Olivia Nantongo, Sophie Nancy, Babra Bogere, John Bosco Mugabi, Rosemary Wambui from Kenya, Nowela Angwella, all have to be appreciated!

Special thanks go to advisers like Kaz Kasozi of Susak Media in London. The band is about to release its new album Volume 5 “Lwaaki gwa Mini?” soon.

The band can’t forget to thank Mr. Robert Kageme of London who invited them to participate in “Ekibbiitu Kya Kabaka” 2004 in London where the Nabagereka was the guest of honour. The Blue Cranes shall perform in Berlin on Independence day 09 0ctober 2004, together with Pastor George Okudi from Uganda.
Even if most of its tracks are in Luganda, its amazing that even radio stations as far as the one in Buenos Aires in Argentina (Radio Pablo) asked for a copy of one album, and it is played there. Although it has been along journey full of disappointments and successes, the band is becoming stronger, and more popular!
One of their plans is to make several tours, mostly in African countries, but before that the band has a “North American Tour” next year.