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Bobi Wine

"The world is looking for somebody to do something, not explain why he did not."

These words, uttered by none other than Mr. Bobi Wine reveal one who has gone through it all. By that, I mean all the constant hardships and hopelessness third world musicians go through without any breakthrough to success. But Mr. Bobi Wine is one of the few exceptions to the rule. His story has been the most inspiring one we have heard at

Born on the 12th of February in 1982 in Mpigi District south west of Kampala capital, Bobi Wine was christened Robert Kyagulanyi and joined nine other siblings into the harsh life of ghetto living in Kamwokya, one of the worst slums of Kampala.

His childhood life was characterized by moving from one school to another that he lost count.
"I could only study for a term before getting expelled for fees. So the only option was to move to another."

In secondary school he experienced set backs as his problems became more complicated.
"I used to have no money for uniforms and my mother was doing her best to cater for my fees and the family. So I had to go around doing odd jobs like collecting water for money and things like that."

If his problems taught him anything, definitely innovation was one of them."Underground shows with a Walkman, a borrowed amplifier and a speaker was how I used to make ends meet. I would spread the word and after school charge students fifty shillings (less than half dollar) per head and we would jam! I got into trouble with the school administration but that was the way I made my pocket money."

By the end of his 'O' levels he had composed many songs but had no money to record. It was one of the most disheartening things in his pursuit of his musical dream."We would listen to the local songs on radio and know we could do better, but the expensive rates would just keep us from recording our numbers. I know of many good artists, some better than I who gave up because it wasn't worth it. It was so frustrating………So frustrating."

In '98 after his 'A' levels, he finally saved some money over the years to record and managed to make four tracks; Kalyonso, Doreen, Namulembe but they were of very low quality. They therefore did not receive any credit or attention. That didn't faze him. He increased his intensity of odd jobs like collecting edible grasshoppers for sale in his vacation.

Then he tried his luck again in 2000, and recorded Abakyala, this didn't do well either. By then he was in his first year in Makerere University and made mud bricks during his free time. He also did painting, while he was a porter at a building site.

I wasn't afraid of my friends disrespecting me because they understood my situation. Besides I am not after giving a false impression of myself so I could go work and perform at occasions like Karaoke in nightspots around the city."

Then finally, late last year the chance to record again came and Bobi managed to record his song "Akagoma" meaning 'the drum'." I had to do it within thirty minutes because I was in through backdoor connections. And when thirty minutes was up I was kicked out. I thank those guys." This song later became a hit and is now the latest radio and nightclub craze. Finally Mr. Bobi Wine has room to breathe.

With an album spanning six tracks like Angel featuring his long time musical friend, Parrot, the album is definitely a must hear. This album is the characteristic of Ugandan talent and definitely Mr. Bobi Wine is destined for greater heights.

" I love the reggae/dancehall style because I feel that's the best way I can express myself. And also it is the best medium to communicate content and message. It is because I have something to say and that's the best medium for it. It is music for my people, the poor where I come from.

Artists like Shabba and Bounty Killer are the major inspirations for my music. I chose music because I never had real happiness in life, it's the only thing that consoles me."
So here's musicuganda's favorite question; what has been his best and worst moment in his music career?

"My best moment is yet to come. I haven't yet reached my goals yet. Until then I won't have peace.
" My worst moment has been The Millennium Show at Lugogo show grounds. We were totally disrespected and booed down by the crowd. It was really bad. And the Sanyu Carnival last year. It was awful.

What about his best person?

" My mother and any one who loves me. Anybody who hates me is my worst person. My role models are my Mom and Dad." So are there any new songs coming up soon?

"Yes, I have a busy work schedule coming up since I have completed my course. This time, it's really going to be the bomb." All right we'll wait for that and until then watch this space.

Bobi Wine's Introduction - By Julie Erusa

Photos By Kayiwa Ahmed, Tel: +256-712-834507,

It's now official!!!

Last Weekend Bobi Wine was introduced (Kuhingira) by his longtime girlfriend Barbara Itungoin a colorful function in Ntungamo. Music Uganda was there to cover the function. Now we wait for the big day.

Bobi Wine is Living His Dream By Ultimate Media Consult

Bobi Wine - I am a rich man. But let me put this straight. Fame and fortune are aspects of life but life is bigger than both are. You cannot compare life to money. Ask anyone in Uganda who the most successful music artist in Uganda is and the answer will most likely be Bobi Wine. Despite coming from the Ghetto, Bobi Wine is arguably the most successful artist in Uganda today. He was born as Kyagulanyi Sentamu Robert to Mr. and Mrs. J.W Sentamu Bulaya of Gomba, Kanoni in Mpigi district. He is from the Mbogo clan. Like most successful people, Bobi Wine had a difficult childhood. His father was poor and had many children.

Bobi Knocks out  Bebe by Isaac Ssejjombwe

Dominance in the music business is by far what anyone would strive for in the music business because self proclaimed Uganja and Ghetto president Bobi Wine last Sunday knocked out mentor and former ally Bebe Cool during ekitoobero concert at nakivubo stadium because of a statement he made on stage. The outburst was sparked off when Bebe made said during his performance to hundreds of thousands that there are two big guns in the music industry him and Chameleon which made Bobi Wine so infuriated.

On descending the stairs from the stage, Bebe found a rather angry Bobi waiting for him and both started exchanging hot words before Bobi punched him hard on the face saying that no one can intimidate him like that in front of his fans. The bafuude singer then pushed Bobi but other firebase crew members especially Kabaya pounced on him causing various injuries all over his body before Meddie Nsereko and other bouncers could separate the two parties. After the incident, Bebe proceeded to old Kampala police station to open up a case and after headed to mayo clinic to receive further treatment. Bebe has now canselled all his upcoming trips to bushenyi, Mbarara, among other places to nurse his wounds.

Many thought the beef between these musicians especially the top guys was a narration but it seems otherwise and what hurts is that many upcoming artists look up to these guys as mentors, guiders and role models but hearing them fight frequently devastates the trust from not only their fellow artists but also their diehard fans.

Uganda Entertainment News: Bobi Wine wants to be a Michael Jackson - By Ultimate Media

Uganda’s music star, Bobi Wine has said he is working hard to become an international singer who moves crowds of people the way the king of Pop, Michael Jackson has been. Michael Jackson died on Thursday last week. Bobi Wine says he is greatly inspired by musicians like Michael Jackson who come from humble backgrounds and end up influencing the global scene.

He also says music is his passion and life and hopes he will become a big hit on the international scene. Bobi Wine who has performed in East Africa, America and in Europe says he dreams to exploit all his talents in music before he dies. Bobi, who is also known as the President of the Ghetto says he is soon releasing an album that will move lives of music fans in Uganda and the world at large. He declines to reveal the name of his new album and the songs it contains.

Juliana, Bobi, Chameleon to accompany Mayinja by Ultimate Media

The Eagles Production’s star singer, Ronald Mayinja is set to stage three album launches in Kampala and Mukono districts. Mayinja will launch his Land Lord album on Friday July 10th at Hotel Africana in Kampala. On Saturday July 11th Mayinja will stage another launch at Collin’s Hotel in Mukono. The last launch will take place on Sunday at Gaba Beach in Kampala.

At Hotel Africana, the revealers will pay 50,000 shillings for high table seats and the ordinary fans will pay 20,000 shillings. The fans, who will wish to attend the launch from Gaba and in Mukono will each pay 5,000 shillings. The Eagles Production star will be accompanied by musicians Bobi Wine, Jose Chameleon, Juliana Kanyomozi, The Obsessions, Amalula Family and Dr. Tee among others.

Mayinja’s Land Lord album has six songs. In the song landlord Mayinja exposes some of the problems caused to people by land grabbers. The album also has two love songs called Kweka (hide) and Londa enumbayo (pick your love number).

Mayinja is known for composing love and controversial political songs. Some of the controversial songs Mayinja has composed include Tulikubunkenke feena (people on political tension), Africa teli ayamba (no one available to help Africa) and Tube kyakulabirako (let us be role models).

Bobi licensed to carry a gun by Isaac Ssejjombwe.

it’s hard to believe but info reaching us is that uganja president has been given a green light to carry a gun by police chief Maj Gen kale kaihura.

Due to the increasing number of crime rates caused by drug use, Bobi has been appointed head of a new task force that will be fighting drug usage especially in ghetto areas and a gun was given to him to make his work more appropriate.

Different people have mixed feelings about this because they believe the ghetto president being the number one culprit to smoke the forbidden drug, should have been the last option to be fighting it yet others believe it’s for the best because it will not only help Bobi Wine stop smoking weed but also other ghetto children since he acts as an example to many living in slum areas through his musical success.

Two Launches on the same date!!! By Isaac Ssejjombwe

For the first time in history, Uganda will witness the battle of the greatest as two of its finest will be tussling for supremacy in the music world. Bebe Cool and Bobi Wine are slated to launch their albums on the same day, same time but in different places.

Bebe Cool, famously known as ‘big is big, will be launching his Bamugambe album at Kyadondo Rugby Club while his counterpart Bobi Wine and self proclaimed mazzi mawanvu” (deep waters) will be launching his Carolina album at Hotel Africana peoples space.

Apparently, this is to find out who the better gun is; concerning the local music fraternity and who ever will attract a bigger crowd will be deemed the best Entertainer. Both artists have singles on their respective albums which have turned out to be the public’s favorites and have enormously received good radio air play. Wesotinge, Carolina, Promise are some of the songs that have made Bobi Wine a respected artist in Uganda, while hits like Agenze, Bamugambe, Sweet Loving, Lwaki Seyagala, Why Africa are responsible for making Bebe Cool a force to reckon in the Music Industry.

Fascinatingly, both artists who were one time allies against Chameleon, another big name in Ugandan music industry, have a long list of similar artists to curtain raise at their launches but a better offer will certainly lure some to decide which to perform on. Expectantly, this will help solve the fracas that has been going on between these two artists, but it is entirely up to the fans to support their favorite artist come October this year.

Bebe, Bobi set records by Isaac Ssejjombwe.

In one corner was Bebe Cool at kyadondo rugby club with his Agenze album launch organized by Balaam and Silk events and in the opposite corner was Bobi Wine at Africana people’s space with Carolina launch organized by Kibo and Events ware house. The judges were the fans and the fight was all about supremacy in the music industry. What started as a musical battle ended up with both artists making tremendous records that will take a music genius to break.

Bobi Wine’s dream by Isaac Ssejjombwe

Self proclaimed Ghetto and Uganja President Bobi Wine is losing it and losing it pretty fast going by his new track Dream (Ekiroto). With his Edutainment thing still going on, Bobi remains intact with his message in the new song but slips when he starts preaching to his followers about hope and encouragement in a more typical Pentecostal spirited preaching style just like Pastors do to their subjects.

In some verses, he talks of how he dreamt having Tea with Chameleon and of how he saw President Museveni and FDC leader Col Kizza Besigye talking peacefully about the future of the country. He even sings about seeing sheik Kayongo and Mufti Mubaje reconciling about their Islamic issues in his dream.

In a more commanding tone, backed by his backup singers, the Kiwaani artist tells his followers to be blessed in the chorus of this particular song. And to make things even more complicated for his die hard fans, Bobi is struggling with his own verses. He even sounds off key and off rhythm in some of the verses while competing with the beat so that the words could easily fit in the song.

For sure your Excellency this is would be a wonderful dream if it was to become reality.

“Ina de dance” by Isaac Ssejjombwe.

The combination of Bobi Wine, Sizzaman, Mega Dee and Butcherman is quite an odd one. One proclaims himself to be the Ghetto President, the other his vice president.
Yet another refers to himself as the Busoga ambassador while the last one is engaged to TV personality Straka.

They all rose up to their standards in their respective verses and reached the expectations of their fans in this respective song.

Being a dance hall track and produced at Afande records (Mega Dee’s) studios, the hit has no clear message just a get-to-the-dance-floor and throw-your-hands-in-the-air kind of track related to Mr Dj by the all stars. The huge base in this track makes it more agile thus a bonus on the production. Ina De dance is a good song by the right choice of artists.

Bobi - Bebe at it again by Isaac ssejjombwe.

Hardly two years after their battle for supremacy while launching Carolina and Agenze respectively, Bobi Wine and Bebe Cool are it again but this time round in concerts.

Soon after clearing his debt of 50million shillings and acquiring the land housing Busabala beach, Bobi is set to hold a concert dubbed Ekyapa Nkilina at Busabala beach on Easter Monday. Self proclaimed King of the Jungle Bebe Cool will also be holding his East African carnival at Kiwatule Recreation centre on the same date and time.

The East African carnival is held annually and is one of Bebe’s most successful shows ever.
Being the first concert he’s organizing after the shooting incidence alongside his aides a few months back, the carnival will as well act as Bebe’s welcome back party to the music industry.

Entrance fee for both concerts is 5000shs and both artists have the same musicians to curtain raise at their concerts respectively.

Bobi wine’s Mr. Katala by Isaac Ssejjombwe.

We just don’t know wats happening with our musicians lately because soon after GNL released Nyo Nyo Nyo and dices music lovers, Now Bobi Wine is the recent artist to out yet another tune of the same nature. The self proclaimed Uganja president has released a new track called Mr Katala but all indications are directed to his rival Bebe Cool.

In the introduction he says that Frenemies fear what they don’t know en hate what they fear that’s why they hate me mother…… you guessed right. Bobi dedicates this song to his fans and whoever hates him and goes ahead to claim that some people don’t have any gratitude towards him even after lecturing them on how to treat their wives.

The song is full of praises and self consciousness but lacks the message he always delivers in most of his tracks. He also uses vulgar words in some of the lines. Not realizing his pessimism about this track, Bobi ends with a line that says it’s all about Lyrical maturity!

Another sibling for Bobi Wine by Isaac Ssejjombwe.

Bobi wine’s home increased by a new member last week when wife and mother too his two kids Barbie gave birth to a bouncing baby boy at Kololo.

The 3kg baby was born by caesarean section and is named Shilling Shaka Kyagulanyi.

According to Bobi, the boy was named Shilling because he (Bobi) has lots of money on his account. Shaka was from a former South African ruler named Shaka Zulu and because of his supremacy; the Ghetto artist has him as one of his role models.
The new born kid becomes Bobi’s third in three years and comes with those awkward names just like his first two kids with names Solomon Kampala Kyagulanyi and Nairobi Shalom.

Bobi wine blacks out by Isaac Ssejjombwe.

Local singer Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine was rushed to mulago hospital after fainting last evening.

The cause of the fainting is attributed to malaria the Ghetto President is suffering from lately according to his wife Barbie.

He’s still under medication having been on drips with six bottles last evening.
“It’s the first time this is happening and we got worried at the beginning but when doctors examined him, they told us we have nothing to be worried of” was Barbie’s reply after a brief phone interview.

By press time, Bobi had been discharged and was resting at his home in Gayaza.Well we wish his excellence a quick recovery for the music industry can’t do without his Edutainment.


Bobi defies doctors orders by Isaac Ssejjombwe.

“Doctors say rest, but the President says no more rest. They also say stop smoking, but I say more smoking.” were the words said by Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine during his performance at Grace’s concert at KCC grounds.

Hardly had he said the same words at the Gudlyf Ngenda Maso launch at Africana people’s space, Bobi became shaky and completed his final performance with the help of Moze Radio and Weasel indicating that he was still not doing fine. 

The artist was last week rushed to mulago hospital after blacking out with indications of fatigue, stress and malaria.
He received over twelve drips before getting discharged on Tuesday evening, with strict warnings of taking a musical break of about three months.

Four days after getting discharged, the self proclaimed Ghetto president defied the Doctors orders of getting sufficient rest by performing at both album launches.

Click here to read more about Bobi Wine

Bobi’s hits back at Bebe by 1544c Ssejjombwe. (+256-078-2-233273)

A few weeks back, Bebe made some statements about Bobi Wine which didn’t go well with the self proclaimed Ghetto president thus sparking off arguments of who the best artist is between the two. Well this time round, we bring you Bobi’s reply to Bebe’s statements earlier on.

Bobi said that with Bebe’s attitude and luck of respect for other artists, he neither has beef no business with him. “I personally visited Bebe in hospital to show my full support to a brother but what does he do when I was admitted? Publicly saying that the reason for my admission was too much drugs.” Were Bobi’s other comments on that issue.

“Mr Katala is a dedication to two kinds of people. My Friends who enjoy my music and my enemies so Bebe should sort himself out and clarify if he’s my fan or my enemy because I defeat him lyrically, physically, financially, musically and academically.” Bobi Wine added.

“At just 30, I own a beach, a mansion and several state of the art rides basically accomplishing everything in the music industry only left with purchasing a plane and owning a five star hotel a few years from now.” He also bragged.
Concerning his “Mr Katala song, he said that anyone who pretends to know everything yet he doesn’t is a “Katala” and because he (Bebe) has a perverted mind, he thinks the video is about him.
“A day to the video shoot, I gave one of my boys 10k to buy a pair of shoes and I was so astonished when he returned with a pair of shinny sneakers  plus 3000shs as the remaining balance.” Bobi concluded.

Bobi to be sued over plagiarism by 1544c Ssejjombwe. (+256-078-2-233273)

Soon after settling the land tenants who were claiming to own his one luv beach premises, singer Bobi Wine is yet again in trouble for “Plagiarism” charges.

It is said Robinah Bisiilikilwa, wife to fallen star Paul Job Kafero of the Kadongo kamu fame is willing to take the self proclaimed Uganja President to the courts of law for  re-doing “ Dipo Nazigala” to “Ghetto Nazigala”.
“The song is said to be one of Paul’s best going by requests and airplay it received on most media houses but for an artist such as Bobi Wine to re-do the song shows lack of respect because he never got consent from the family.” according to an insider.

The song is almost the same except for the few lines and fast beats Bobi changed to make captivating for his fans.

Now Bisiliikilwa is willing to take the matter as far as the courts of law unless the “Mr Money” singer pays an amount she’s yet to disclose as a lesson to others for not repeating the same act.

Paul Kafeero dated Robina Bisiliikilwa who by then was still in Kulabako guitar singer as a buck up artist and was among his many wives.

Sunday, September 05th, 2010

Bobi slated to wed Barbie by 1544c ssejjombwe. (+256-078-2-233273)

Their introduction a few years back was perhaps the best in the Northern region going by the gifts, expensive rides and of course the high status visitors in Bobi Wine, Afrigo's Eddie Yawe, and the firebase crew members.

With ups and downs characterising their relationship, Bobi and Barbie have stuck with each other for more than five years with three kids as a blessing.

To expose their seriousness, Bobi Wine real namesKyagulanyi Sentamu is set to walk Barbras Itungo also known as Barbie down the aisle next year in September. 

With determination Bobi said he’s going to wed Barbie regardless the constant rumors and negative articles.
“Many people feel envious about my relationship and want to tarnish my name by running to the media with negative stories about me but to prove them wrong, I’m going to Wed Barbie next year with our wedding going down memory lane as the best in the country.” Bobi said.

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

 Bobi admits to plagiarism by 1544c Ssejjombwe. (+256-078-2-233273)

After info emerged that Bobi Wine real names Kyagulanyi Robert had plagiarized Paul Kafero’s (RIP) “Dipo Nazigala” to Ghetto Nazigala”, without the deceased family’s consent, the self proclaimed “Mr Money admitted to have redone the song but with good intentions.

Bobi said in an interview that he redid the song with to help the fallen star’s kids because they approached him for financial help. “My main reason was to ensure that the kids are beneficiaries from the sales of the song after they came to me for financial help. I don’t own the song because their father was the original composer behind it.” Bobi added.  

Bobi also said that one of the widows’ claims full rights to the song yet she doesn’t bare even a single child from the fallen artist but she’s just looking for ways of getting into the media.

Meanwhile the “Carolyna” singer branded Maddox, Juliana and Moses Matovu as complete musicians, Chameleon and the Goodlyf belonging in the “showbiz” category while some are just talkers like “Mr. Katala”.

Bobi to launch Mr. Money this weekend by 1544c Ssejjombwe. (+256-782-233273).

Having encountered problems in deciding the lead track of his album, Bobi Wine real names Kyagulanyi Ssentamu is slated to launch next Friday the 1st of October at Africana people’s space before proceeding to Satellite beach mukono on the 2nd and Ggaba beach on the 3rd respectively.

With Mr. Katala and Ghetto Nazigala being controversial songs, the self proclaimed Ghetto President settled on Mr. Money as his lead single on this particular album that has over eight tracks.

The “Kiwani singer however won’t be performing alone as artists like Juliana, Eddie Kenzo, Rabadaba, Mega Dee, Empress, Dj Michael, Aziz Azion, fire base crew, Jose Chameleon will curtain raise for him among other upcoming artists.

Attendance at the main concert will be 20k and 50k VIP while the rest of the shows will cost 5k as entrance.

Monday, February 28th, 2011

Bobi Wine’s son to study in the us by 1544c Ssejjombwe. (+256-782233273).

Even though they are musical rivals, their ambitions seem not to differ especially towards their children because Bobi Wine clearly stated it that his son Kampala Solomon Kyagulanyi will be undertaking a musical course in the US anytime soon just like Bebe’s plans of taking his son Alpha to the Arsenal academy for a football career last year.

Bobi Wine has always wanted his boy to be an artist and in him, he sees a greater artist so that’s possibly the reason he’s willing to take him to the US for a musical course.

Bobi Wine claims the local education system doesn’t empower students with survival skills considering the number of school graduates who hit the streets with no knowledge of what they’ve learnt.

“In my son, I see a better artist so I’ve finally decided to make his musical dreams come true and US is the final destination for him to achieve what Ugandan artists haven't. It’ll be wastage of time and resources for him to study music in Uganda because we are not yet there but with US, his future is certainly in good hands.” Bobi said.

Friday, June 17th, 2011.

Bobi Wine shoots video in Dubai by 1544c Ssejjombwe. (+256 82233273).

We’ve always known Bobi Wine to be the baddest of them all, but what we could hardly believe is that he could fly a video production house to Dubai for just a video shoot. We haven’t established the whole truth behind this info but the little we heard is that the self proclaimed Uganja president decided to change his video aspect by flying the whole of Firebase together with all members of Kim Xp to Asia for a video shoot of his “Butyampa” song. We learnt that Bobi Wine upgraded to this after learning that his main rival Bebe Cool had acquired the latest camera (7D) sometime back from one of his tours abroard.“Butyampa” in which Bobi disses both Chameleon and Bebe is  one of his latest songs off his 2011 album. More info has it that the video cost a whooping 20 million shs minus editing, venue, transportation, refreshments and others. If the buzz about the video is true, “Butyampa” is going to be the most expensive ever by a local artist.

Monday, August 29th, 2011

Artiste Bobi Wine marries Barbie Itungo

SINGER Robert Kyagulanyi, alias Bobi Wine, on Saturday wed Barbara Itungo at Rubaga Cathedral Kampala in a ceremony presided over by Archbishop Cyprian Kizito Lwanga. The wedding mass started at 10:00am and ended at about 1:00pm. 

Lwanga commended the couple for setting a good example to the youth. 

“What you have done; to come and get married in church, shows that you understand your religion and love it because many people knew you as bayaga(weed smokers). I appeal to the youth and all those who have not yet got married in church to follow suit,” he said. 

Monday, August 29th, 2011

Photogallery Bobi Wine Wedding

Photo by Ahmed Kayiwa of Satelite Studios +256-782-043464

Friday, September 02nd, 2011

Bebe - Chameleon beef  by 1544c Ssejjombwe. (+256 782233273).

It has come to a point when I have to say that these artists are just playing on our minds. One minute they are friends and throwing praises over each other, the next minute they are fighting in public. Info doing rounds is that Jose Chameleon attacked self proclaimed “Big Size” Bebe Cool at club Rouge last Wednesday.
It is said that the scuffle started when Bebe accused Chameleon of being a hypocrite due to the fact that he was going to attend Bobi’s wedding. The “Vumilia” artist in the process punched Bebe on the jaw and moved out of the club. An angry Bebe started saying all sorts of things about Chameleon before he moved out to go after him.
“I cannot believe Jose Chameleon entered rouge & started fighting me his maker after all I have done for this chap now I accept a lost chap is a lost chap, I will never protect Chameleon again. He’s looking for the front page more than advice to you Chameleon is sing music coz I’ve got a lot in stock watch your skin.” Bebe posted on his wall.
On the other hand, Chameleon said on face book that “You are not even ashamed to declare me an enemy because I am going for Bobi’s wedding? Bebe style up. We are not as young as yesterday. Shame  on your Mouth and jealousy deeds.” Replying  to Bebe’s comments.

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

Bobi renews beef with Bebe ahead of battle by 1544c Ssejjombwe. (+256 782233273)

Awaiting the highly anticipated battle of champions, Bebe Cool and Bobi Wine have started verbally exchanging words towards each other. Bobi Wine Says since he’s the main reason the showdown has been organized, he should get a bigger percentage unlike Bebe who is just making an appearance. “Basing on the fact that the battle of champions rotates around me, I should get 85% while my friend Bebe should look at getting around 15% of the remaining balance since he has nothing to offer on that particular day.” Bebe on the other hand says all he’ll do is show Bobi why he’s called big size and why he’s considered the best artist in East Africa. “I’m the one who taught that boy music, I mentored him and after getting a few shillings in his pocket he thinks he’s in our league. So come the 4th of April, I’m going to show him what experience has to offer in the music industry.” Besides the fight for supremacy, the battle will as well determine who has more dimes, who has a posh house, who’s ride is expensive, who has more awards, who commands the biggest crowd and above all who the best is in the music industry. Unlike the first encounter between Bobi and Chameleon where both artists shared the same stage, this year’s battle will have two separate stages and security will be added to prevent chaos from both artists and their fans.

Monday. 21st May, 2012

Bebe wins battle of champions by 1544c ssejjombwe. (+256 782233273)

They were once good friends and allies, attended the same school (Kitante high school), formed a crew (Firebase), released a collabo “Funtula” and ounce formed an alliance against Chameleon. But ever since he away from Firebase and formed his own Gagamel crew, Bebe Cool and Bobi Wine have been at loggerheads and Friday the 4th of May, battle lines were drawn in a concert dubbed “Battle of Champions”. 
With the same stage only separated by a metallic barricade, Silk events behind the stage, two different bands and two different emcees, the concert had two things in common. KT as the main organizer and both artists fighting for one goal. “Supremacy”. According to polls and analysts, Bebe Cool was victorious over Bobi Wine because for every five songs he performed; Bobi Wine sang two songs and used the rest of his minutes to abuse his nemesis. Being a battle for supremacy, both artists dressed to impress with Bebe Cool changing four times while Bobi changed three times during the evening.
Bebe was the first on stage and “Wingo mercy”, Okunsuna ssuna” alongside (Sylvia Kyansuti) , “Fire”, “Jjajange”  alongside (Nandujja), “chemical reaction”, “gaetano” , “praise God” with (Tickitah) and “Prison” are some of the songs he performed on CD playback in his first two sessions. Bobi on his turn opened up with the National anthem, followed by the Buganda anthem before proceeding with songs like “Buyonjo”, “abalungi balumya”, “adam ne kawa” before proceeding with other songs like “ayagala mulasi”, “badman from kamwokya”, “badda”, “aneganye” among others in his sessions.
“Police please get off my stage. I don’t want you to say I incited my fans to cause chaos. People are going to die here if you stop the concert. If the show is stopped, I won’t perform at Resort on Sunday. Silk Events, if you disrupt my performance, don’t blame anyone if your machines are vandalized and I won’t ever perform at your concerts. Bebe Cool has bribed the police to come and cancel the concert. He has to announce that I’m the winner.” Those are some of the words Bobi Wine said when police moved in to stop the concert at 3:30am.
Bebe in response, came on stage to a thunderous applause of his fans and performed Kasepeki briefly before he marched off stage without even performing the crowd’s favorites like “Minzani”, Cease and Seakle”, and the latest “Ndisa Buti”. Bebe Cool also used this platform to fundraise money for Katalemwa Cheshire home for the disabled and donated 1 million shs before inviting Butcherman, Bobi’s former vice president and drawing pity for him for the way he was treated while he was still in firebase. Pastor Bugembe sang on both sides while Eddie Yawe made an appearance on both stages.

The warm weather has begun as we prepare for the first big performance of summer 2013 Ghetto president " Bobi Wine" live in Maryland
May 25th Location: TBA Stay tuned!!!!!
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Friday, July 19th, 2013

Bobi Wine Lands Mr.G Collabo

In a bid to catch up with other local singers who have taken a step further by going international, Ghetto president and Firebase crew boss Bobi Wine has landed a possible collabo with Jamaican dancehall star Mr.G famed for hi shit ‘Swaggeriffic’. The song is titled ‘Clean & Our Remix’. Bobi Wine has described the yet to be recorded song as a ‘murder tune’. He also hit at haters claiming that it came as a shocker to them. “Now after H.E Bobi Wine releasing murder Tune…. with Mr.Goofy this came as a shock to the haters… now ka bajegera bulikasaslo…” posted Bobi. Mr.G aka goofy is a jamaican deejay, songwriter and singer. He is a member of the jamaican Young Blood records, which has produced songs by Jah Cure and Beenie Man among othes. However, in Uganda,Mr.G is popular for ‘Swaggeriffic’, a song that made an appearance on top europena and New York music charts.

Wednesday, July 24th, 2013

Bobi Wine off to shoot Clean & Out Video

Others will hold the Ugandan flag up high by running and others will do it by singing. This time round we have Bobi Wine is holding the flag up and high in Jamaica. He sets off for Jamaica today to shoot the video for the song. The song has featured on the Stampede Street Chart‘s countdown as a hot combination and has been voted as the hottest new single. Stampede is one of the biggest entertainment magazines in Jamaica. Bobi Wine is also scheduled to perform at the Stampede show this Saturday in Jamaica

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Wednesday, September 17th, 2013

Bobi Wine Shocks Fans with Album Launch

Wonders never cease to end....We have shockingly learnt that ghetto president Bobi Wine has announced the dates for his album launch for 2013. However, music critics are wondering which songs are on the album considering that the Firebase boss has not had a good year as far as releasing songs goes. Compared to his fellow singers like Radio & Weasel, Bebe Cool, the 'By far' singer has had a rather quiet year. According to Bobi Wine, 1st, 2nd and 3rd November are the dates for his concerts. Critics believe that the singer does want to accept defeat to his arch rival Bebe Cool because the latter recently had a successful Kokodiosis album launch. “Sometimes I think these singers take us fans for granted. How can you announce a launch when you have no songs. What will he sing for his fans? “Wondered an angry local music fanatic.

Sunday, October 20th, 2013

Bobi Wine Declares Akalimu Concert for Charity

The self proclaimed Ghetto president Bobi Wine has come out today to announce that he has dedicated his Akalimu Album launch to the disadvantaged people in Uganda.  Bobi wine’s show that is slated for 8th November is going to be free for every one to enter as a sign of giving back to his people and his funs will only be required to come with something to help the disadvantaged people in areas of Bududa and Kasese among others.Bobi Wine in his ace book post earlier today stressed it that:




Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013

Just received 500 chemically treated mosquito nets from MALARIA INITIATIVE UGANDA and 5000 sanitary pads from CARING HEARTS UGANDA. These will all be donated to the people of Bududa n Kasese. Please donate whatever you can and don't forget to attend the AKALIMU CONCERT ON 8th November at the Lugogo cricket oval featuring MR. G and VERSHON from Jamaica.

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Monday, October 28th, 2013

Akalimu launch

Normally when we hear of Charity concerts, it’s a charge at the entrance and always followed by the phrase”ALL PROCEEDS TO CHARITY”. None of us really verifies this. On November 08th, 2013 Bobi Wine will host the first free of charge album launch. He originally wanted to have a gate collection but changed it to free entrance because he will get more satisfaction that everybody who will have attended would have been in a way.  He urges everyone to come with clothes or something to give away.  VIP will be by invitation only. The show will also feature Mr. G “Swaggerific” and Vershon the Magician from Jamaica. The Show is sponsored by Uganda Police, WBS, Silk Events, Uganda Telecom.

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