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Boyz in September

By Julie Erusa

Consists of two members “Baby Snake” a.k.a Katumba Ayub and “Cascas” a.k.a Sendegeya Innocent.

“Cascas” Sendegeya Innocent 

Aged 20 years and best describes himself as simple man and says he started singing since his childhood. He started singing in Church and School choirs. (Whats up with people who begin in church and where do they end up)

He had his education at St. Henry Primary School , Africana Whiteland College , Buloba High School and finally Kampala Citizen College .

He is one of the original founders of the group Boyz in September and he says the group was started in 1998.

“Baby Snake” Katumba Ayub

Aged 20 years and describes himself as someone who likes keeping busy. He began singing way back with Shanks Vividee and after joined up with Innocent and formed the Boyz in September. (That was in 1998). He had his education background at St. Henry's Senior Secondary School , City High and Kitante Hill schools.

Boyz in September

As we all know by the now that the group was started in 1998 and it currently consists of two members who happen to be the original founders of the group.

The group basically deals in Afro-Beat and dancehall. They also own a band and they write their own music but it is produced in Kenya .

The two: “Cascas” and “Baby Snakes” are both members of the Shaba Camp Base which includes other artists like Marble who is based in Sweden , Viny Bunton, who is a former member of the Ogopa Djs, Wendy who is their queen dancer, Kate and Comedian “Populiye”. The Shaba Base Crew is headed by Dj Bone.

The problem the group faces is audio production, so they have to record their videos from Kenya . The songs are recorded by Nicky Style a Kenyan producer and the videos are done by Njeru Kaggwa of Spear TNC.

The future plans of the group include a launch in September. It will be more like their birthday and they are looking for sponsors. They are also planning on releasing a VCD comprising of all their videos.

Lastly they would like to thank their promoter Dj Bone and producers both audio and video and not to forget their fans for supporting them

About “Kankwagale” featuring Viny Bunton

It is a love song, advising the lovers that they should trust each other and share their love every time.

Contact: +256-782-637747