By Puzzle

Prepare your mind, body and soul for Uganda’s latest dancehall sensations. KINGNAD and BRAZMAN exclude enough confidence especially through their latest effort “Inchin ya Africa” produced by Uncle Deno at NO-END Entertainment, “Tafuta Pesa” another of their two records so far has also received slight airplay on the radio stations such as; Super FM and Radio Simba.

New member in the group is SISTERNAD also set to feature on their forthcoming project, a song titled “Gwe wange”. Mariah Careh’s album “Glitter” yes flopped but Sisternad says Mariah as always been her inspiration.

King and Braz are looking at AV-I Studio with Steve Jean as their next producer. The video for “Inchin ya Africa” previewed on African Rhythms a show on W.B.S. TV. “The song is basically about life, especially how friends can at times turn into foes when one is broke.” Explains Brazman. “We have sent a copy of the video to East Africa Television as well” Nad asserts. Speaking of videos Nad and Braz shall immediately shoot a video for “Gwe wange” after the studio vocal work.

Buju Bunton (R.I.P) has always inspired Kingnad whereas Tupac Shakur (R.I.P) and R.Kelly have without doubt been Brazman’s idols. When I asked about what they always have for breakfast Braz shouted, “Milk and doughnuts!” “Its milk tea and bread for me” whispers Nad, Sisternad always goes for cold milk and crisps

Opening a studio and promoting young talent is the group’s long-term plan. Did I hear you ask about shoe size? Well its 9 for Braz, 7 for Nad and 39 for Sisternad.

Listen to the nearest stereo and you will catch their lyrical stories.

It’s true that they’re young, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re focused. Kalunda Michael a.k.a King Nad and Oniba John aka Braz make up the Dancehall ragga group “THA’ BRAZNADS.” Braz is the more laid back one while Nad is the outspoken character of he group. They hooked up in the year 2001; Nad had previously been in the game from round about the year 2000 and recorded three songs as a solo artist. These, he recorded at B.K studios in Najjanankumbi, a Kampala surburb.

“Buju Banton’s lyrics and charisma inspired me into the music industry”, says Nad who does most of the hardcore ragga verses on their two songs that they’re apparently promoting.

“DMX and Tupac Shakur (rip) have always been my men”, King Nad shouts as he throws his hands in the air. The group’s name “Braznads” came from a combination of both their stage names, which to Nad is a manifestation of where they come from.

“That’s a long story… sshhhh… don’t tell the public they whisper to me as I sternly look at them.

'TAFUTA PESA' and 'INCHI YA AFRICA' are the two songs to their credit. Cardinal of the Firebase crew lased the beat on Tafuta pesa at Eddie Yawe’s Dream studio (same studio from which Ziggy D and Bobi wine’s ‘Sunda’ came). It’s a Dance hall tune that has a fusion of reggae and traditional African verses. I actually hereby declare it a club beat for ya’ll nightclub djs.

'INCHI YA’AFRICA' has a deep African message and on this particular one, they totally strangle the beat. UNCLE DENO from No-End studios blessed this with his soundfunkadellic wisdom. Speaking of No-End studios, it’s during their promotional escapades that they (The Braznads) stumbled upon Hemdee Kiwanuka (President No-End entertainment) who took them on as sons and has in the recent past assisted them produce a Video for the song INCHI YA’AFRICA

Man, at first we thought he’d throw us out but we appreciate that he shared our vision with us” says Nad with a look 7 times older that he is.

They’ve performed at major events in Uganda including; The Kim’s African competition that happened at Namboole stadium (2003) and Ziggy D’s new year’s show at the Sheraton hotel gardens.

Right now they’re looking at realizing 2 more songs as a follow up their past projects and this time round with the magic touch of AV 1’s I.S.O certified producer Mr. Steve Jean.

“With Steve, we really hope sky’s the limit”, hints Braz. “We also urge programmers not to disrespect our efforts but encourage us by giving us rotation on their stations” King Nad says with an evident frustrated look on his face.

“Ohh Puzz by the way, nuff Lov to our parents who’ve been supportive through the race…” braz hollas.

And with these words we walk down the road get som’ to drink…. as they promise to holla @ me anytime. This is the next generation of dance hall maestros! Even stars like Chameleon and Bebe Cool has humble beginnings like these dudes and don’t say I didn’t tell you! Peace….