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Bush Baby; the Producer, Performing Artist and DJ

East Africa radio’s “Iron man” Michael Owori a.k.a the Bush Baby was in town for the P.A.M awards. I caught up with him at his hotel room to find out what he was up to “knock knock” I did and like the Alibaba medieval the door opened.” Wassup  dawg!” He went and in a nutshell we did get down to business.

Apparently, Bush baby’s album is ready and due to drop after the Islamic fasting season. He’s also formed a group “JOBUCO”, Jo for Joan, Bu for Bush and Co for complex. His track “Maisha iko sawa” is currently on serious rotation in East Africa and the video is ready as well. The 24 songs off the album are “merry go”, emphasises Bush but worth mentioning is the fact that production was done at Complex Studios which is also the home of Afro records, U&I entertainment, power records and others.

"We also have a D.J academy in the making and perhaps could go East African, we wanna take the D.J thing to another level” he stresses. About the P.A.M awards, Bush says it’s a positive trend for the industry, save for the few mishaps in the nomination process.

Q. Who is Bush Baby?

BB: Bush Baby is Michael Owor Benjamin, 27yrs old, born in Entebbe, journalist 
and radio DJ, presenter by profession, currently residing in Dar es Salaam Tz.

Q. How did you get the name Bush Baby?

BB. It was given to me by lil' kid sis' Cherry while I was still working at 
Radio Uganda's Green channel some time back. it's now turned out to be a 
'miracle name'.

Q. Tell us about your educational background.

BB. Attended kindergarten in Entebbe, St. Theresa's Pri. Sch in Entebbe, Kiswaa Pri. Sch. in Kampala, Manjasi High Sch. Tororo, St. Peter's SSS Nsambya, Gombe High Sch. and City High Sch. Did a diploma in journalism at U.M.I, but due financial.......couldn't finish at time.

Q. Back to the present… How did you end up jamming at the 'Ear all Hits Radio"?

BB. Ended up at 'ear all hits' after being spotted by the Director, Rodney Mengi, by that time I was at kiss fm in Mwanza, Tz.

Q. You luv your job? (Silly qn!) So which part of your work do you love
most? Talkin' mad now, given the chance to go crazy in a music store, which artist's CD would you reach out for first?

BB. Damn...I love my puts food on my table guess I'd easily come by a Boyz II Men CD...they're hot.

Q. Any setbacks?

BB. Setbacks? I hate peeps who don't respect DJ's! It's a profession for crying out 

Q. Which is your most memorable moment?

BB. The day I landed a deal with ear all was a blessing.

Q. What do you think about politics? Do you ever think about coming home to run for office?

BB. I hate politics...but if people gave me their mandate, I'd represent, 'em in anything.

Q. Taking a cultural persepective, do you think Swahili should be Uganda's national language? Reason?

BB. Swahili?...yeahh, cool idea! It can be a national language, almost every one can grasp a bit of it, cant you see how chameleon is loved coz of da Swahili in his songs?

Q. This is the big one, are you married? (If so, how many small bush babies are there?)

BB. Married!*##?......naaahhhh, BUT I have  a finceeeeee. We live together, it's been four years now, of course plannin' 2 tie da knot...if god wills. No small bush babies at da moment.... but I'd love to have like 2.

Q. Being miles away from home, what do you really miss about Uganda

BB. I miss Ug, home, friends, family, tha' weather, every thing.....ooohhhhh plus da women, very popular all over da world.

Q. It's coming to 2pm, you're gonna be late! What’s your final message to
the people?

BB. It's 2pm...Gettin' late.... c' ya guys....holla.... Before I go, you gotta know that I do music too, was once part of an r'n'b quintet [with Walter-channel TV, Gabriel-Monitor fm, Solomon-*!^%&*.... and Paul-+_&^*&....] It was one of da hottest rn'b out fits back in da day.... Am currently doing a solo project called 'Bush Baby and da East Africa 
all-stars" [Ke, Ug, Tz] The album will be dropping soon....I bet ya'll gonna dig 

Q.Where did you record these tracks from?

BB.I did the recording in Dar, my first single 'Ijumaa' was recorded @ empty souls records by a friend of mine called Solomon Lamba, it featured Nai's K-South, Shaki of the group Jawabu from Nai as well, plus Jafarai of Wateule in Dar and Diddy [upcoming artist from dar]. Njoo Nikupe love was recorded @ Poa Records by Amit who's currently in UK, Ijumaa rmx was recorded @ the same studio but produced by Bizman of Inafrika band, it features chamber squad, jafarai, complex.......

Q.Are they part of an album?

BB.Yeaaaap an album is coming fact two, my own and the other one by a combination of me, complex, and Joan [new voice]...the group name is JOBUCO. We have a single out called Maisha yiko sawa...

Q.How have the masses received the project?

BB.Response from the masses is positive...with player haters along the way as usual...but it's great.......

Q.What was it like working with complex?

BB.Working with complex is sawa....,he's a creative dude...he knows sound, he's a perfectionist...and very talented.

 Q. Nice video you have! How much did it cost?

 BB.The video didn’t cost me that much since I almost had all the resources @ my disposal, besides I didn’t want to have it complicated, I wanted simple stuff .....u'know,.. homely....thanx 4 da props though..

 Q. Are you a producer? Who produced your music?

 BB.Yeeeeessss I am a producer, though currently specializing in radio promos and jingles .....,plus commercials.

 Q.Have you attempted to promote it in Uganda? Are you going to make 
a formal launch?

 BB.I have not done any promotion in ug, neither do I have a formal launch in da pipeline.....but I’ll keep droppin' jams.

.Have you thought of collaborating with any Ugandan artists like say Fred Ssebata?

 BB. I would love to have a few collabos from ug....I have contacted my favorite ones...and I’ll let u know when they confirm their participation. Apart from my favorite ones I’d also love to work with Small Axe, the entire Vocal Justice crew, Bobi Wine, Tikita, Weasle, Michael Ross, Sol Dre…

 Q. Who inspired you to write the music, especially the one about "akawala akaswaili?" is there something we should know?

 |BB. 'akawala akaswaili'...njoo nikupe luv.....definitely has an inspiration, it's just a question time, am not letting it out now, but u'll know.

Monday, 06th December, 2010

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XXL-Bold, Provocative, Authoritative with yours truly DJ Bush Baby

Monday, November 29, 2010

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Tuesday, June 07th, 2011

Back in the Day with DJ Bush Baby

Back in the day is a showcase of old school music videos from the 70's 80's 90's and early 2000's. It has no presenter, it’s a unique selling point is the cutting edge packaging, extremely neat graphics and music info. It's also interactive with a live text chat by viewers. Content is diverse with different music genres every week. Back in the day is truly the home of legendary music,ironically the brains behind the concept are young to execute such a brilliant idea but they seem to have done their home work so well. DJ Bush Baby's TV career has steadily been raising over the years, he was voted Teeniez Hottest TV personality in the recent Buzz Teeniez Awards 2011. He's also known for great shows like FRIDAY NITE LIVE[EATV],UGANDA CENTRAL[EATV],XXL[NTV]. Back in the day is a product of 'Raising the bar Ltd', a visual production outfit DJ Bush Baby jointly runs with respected videographer Josh Mwesigwa aka Josh The Fixer. Based on their past creative records these two young enterprising Ugandans are set to take local television content to another level,the grapevine has it that they have more mind blowing TV concepts yet to be released,they are indeed 'RAISING THE BAR'

It airs on NTV Sundays 6PM-7PM

Wednesday, July 10th, 2013

Bush Baby New Urban TV Manager

Probably after all these years of dedication, Michael Owori alias DJ Bush Baby knows the feeling of completeness. Just the other year, he was a common DJ mixing those UTAKE songs whenever an East African night was held. He later relocated to Uganda, where he tried his deck skills on Sanyu FM's All-Request Lunch Hour with Big Ben. He rolled out original TV concepts such as Uganda Central on East Africa TV, XXL on NTV and of late, The Jump Off on Urban TV. Seems his creative TV shows paid off after all; word reaching Star Trail is that the former DJ has been appointed station manager at Urban TV. This makes Bush Baby, the head of the freshest youth urban TV station in Kampala. It is said he has got a lot of plans for the station. All the best, buddy. Nince Henry has been in the news for some weeks now. He recently hit the headlines when he sued a huge retail store for illegally selling his music and, as a result, the store has stopped selling any music.

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