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Chagga and his walk through music

His real names, he goes by the names Kyagambidwa Geoffrey.

He describes himself as an all rounder when it comes to music to me I think he might come near to the real definition of a musician. He continues to say he is a simple God fearing and friendly to all classes of people.

Chagga studied at Mengo Primary School , Light College Katikamu and Kawempe High.

Chagga started singing in Namirembe Cathedral Church Choir (what happened all these guys seem to have started with God), during this time he joined Secondary school where he decided to form an r`n`b group called Extra Grim members included Michael Chris now in UK doing Gospel, Martin Ruteta, quit music went to Campus, Isaac who is based in Germany doing secular music too and lastly Benon the other half of the famous duo Benon & Vamposs.

After all this he changed his style and started his journey in the hip-hop scene. He started The Bataka now the Bataka Underground. Now Chagga says before it become Bataka Underground, when it was still called Bataka, they basically rapped in Luganda. At this time the Underground was a separate team. These basically rapped in English. Bataka consisted of Chagga and Larat now in UK and Underground consisted of Momo, Krayzie Native. These two merged to form the Bataka Underground. They were later joined people like Babaluk, Lyrical G and Brian and many more. So at that time hip-hop was not selling or was not yet noticed so he started looking for another style.

Chagga started Afro Beat style. He started by backing up Chameleone. Later he and Chameleone formed the Leone Island Crew which consists of guy like Weasel, Mowzey, Mr X, Lizard and many more. During that time, he was releasing singles on Chameleone`s albums like “Yoono” on his “Dorotia album”. All this time he was trying to discover himself.

Other songs released include “Nkoye Omukwano” on Chameleone`s “Beyi Khali” album. In this process Chagga says he was discovering himself. These were nice singles and hit and he released a single album titled “Jangu eno mama” last year and the title track was nominated for the PAM Awards last year twice. Chagga has an album coming out called “Sikilaba” album and it will be in studios soon. It includes songs like “Ninze, Waligwa, Sikilaba” and many more.

Chagga describes his music as love music and therefore he will keep giving people the best of love. Chagga plans to start up his own studio and will be helping young talent and working hand in hand with Leone Island . He is also likely to form another group who can sing, write and produce and help them sell their music to the benefit of both. Next year, he is planning on starting to write songs. He is already doing it for people like Priscilla Kalibala and Mr. X.

The major problem faced by Chagga is basically hatred. He goes on to explain “people hate you because they want to be like you, they think they can be like you yet they don't know where or what you have gone through to reach the stage or point you at.

Chagga rises again

Feels like years without listening to anything from this artist. I guess many must have thought this artist has He is probably one on of the most vocally talented artists.  He has moved from one musical camp to another and finally found comfort in Goodlyfe.  The song titled “Kankole Ebyange” meaning “Let me do my own things”.   After listening to the song… anyone who has wronged Chagga will probably think that song is directed to him or her.  Once you listen to the song, you will definitely know that the song was produced by Washington.  Enjoy!!!!