Chain Thought Reaxion

Here they are! The Hip-hoppers with the longest name in the land (as yet). What does it mean? The say they are out to spark an action all over the nation. How? Their Music relates to people and situations in Uganda. That's how they penetrated the market.

How did it all start?

We are responsible for setting up this website and many have been asking why we don't give much information about our selves. Well, here is how it all happened.

The Crew hooked up 4 years ago. MMC and P-tech (R.I.P) had known each other for over 10 years. When they were still in Primary School, they were part of a group called '2 Black 2 Strong'. Back then; it was just a thing of beat-boxing and writing lyrics. There was no serious recording made then. We still have those cassettes on which we used to do our demos. We would get an ordinary stereo and shout, "Yo yo yo, we in da house y'all.." and then take them home for our folks to listen to and even when no one else listened to our stuff, we didn't quit.

MMC and P-tech (R.I.P) were in different High Schools. It was in High School that MMC met Buuba. Buuba had some rare and unique skill. He could make the sound of a trumpet with his mouth and his lyric writing was top class. We all had our PHAT lyrics books where we have been writing our lyrics since day one (THEY ARE SO OLD NOW). Together, we have written lyrics for over 150 songs. Everyone had his or her verses ready but it was hard to get a record deal, and y'all know it's hard to market Hip-hop in Uganda.

We thought that the best thing was to set up our own studio so that we can do our thing the way we want without any interruption. MMC and his sister Rita Sabiiti with the help of P-tech (R.I.P) then set up the initial makeshift Vokal Justice Studio. We used a set of Minidisk recorders to do the tracking and used a Deejay mixer (from P-tech (R.I.P) who is also a Deejay) for the mix-downs. MMC acquired a Dr. Groove 202 drum machine and Rita (who is one of the best guitarists in Uganda) had her acoustic guitar in check.

The results of the initial Vokal Justice studio were over whelming! We made close to 20 tracks and all that was left was the marketing strategy. To get a clue of what the market would think of them, we took them to the best Ugandan producers we knew. We let Dawu of D'n'D listen to the stuff and he was impressed. He confessed that some of our tracks were even better than his first ones.

Steve Jean also listened to our stuff and all he said was that he wanted to see our studio. All we would say is "we are kinda busy right now but…we'll call you" The studio wasn't ready for anyone to see. With this simple set up, we managed to record the track "Super Lyrical" for the Urban Thugz which earned them half a million shillings at the Sanyu FM Music Carnival in Munyonyo.

The catching thing about our music is that we do hip-hop based on Ugandan situations. We don't make rhymes about New Orleans and South Central LA because that's not where we are from. We rhyme about Ugandan situations, places Cultures and people. Why should I make rhymes about George Bush when I can Rhyme about Baale Francis Simon Kasyate and Café Wagadugu?

The last time we got onto stage to perform, all the stage monitor-speakers went quiet and we couldn't hear what we were doing. Radio stations needed a phone call to remind them to play our music each time and the music wasn't good enough to compete with Timbaland and Puff Daddy in the Dance Halls because ours was in mono and very raw.

We decided to reorganize our selves to solve all the problems that face artists like us. One time as I was listening to Seanice on Sanyu FM, I realized that there was something special about her voice. She is down-to-earth too and very natural, in other words, she had all the qualities of a member of the Chain Thought Crew. She came over to see our studio one time and had some good concepts to put forth. I gave MMC a call and told him that all that was missing from our crew was a girl with some attitude and self-respect, and there you are… Seanice is the fourth member of Chain Thought Reaxion.

We are now planning to redo most of our music with Seanice's voice and touch and are thus preparing for public appearances in future but for now, WE ARE IN THE KITCHEN!

We have also taken some time off to construct this website ( for you. Seanice is a weekly columnist, Buuba is a reporter and Editor and Ptech (R.I.P) does the web designing (which he is still learning) and feature reports. MMC is responsible for promoting producing and managing the most talented artists we come across on the Vokal Justice Label. He has done a great job with the studio and I believe one day, he shall be the best producer in Uganda. There are many other people behind the scenes who are responsible for various aspects of this web project. Only wish they could all make music

We are in the process of wholly 'professionalising' the entire website but one thing we always keep in mind is that 'it is the information that matters'. We have tried to include as many aspects of Ugandan music as we can and all services for Ugandan artists are free! We know how hard it is to start out in our infant music industry and our aim is to get Ugandan music "out of the cupboard"

"And when you can no longer dwell in the solitude of your heart, sound is a diversion and a pass-time for thought is a bird of space that in a cage of words may indeed unfold it's wings but cannot fly"

We would like to thank you all for the support you have given us and may God bless you.

Yours Truly,

P-tech (R.I.P)