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She has been in the music industry since the age of ten and has released four albums during her career so far. These include some of her biggest hits like; “Guma Omwoyo, Bichipuli, Omwoyo Guluma” and many more. Her albums are recorded in Kasiwukira Studios and Lusin Enterprises.

She has done various tours in countries like South Africa, Kenya, United Kingdom, Botswana, Tanzania, and she is getting ready for a tour in United Kingdom due mid-March and in mid-July she will be off to United States of America e.t.c.and also done various performances in and out of Kampala, Uganda.

Among her achievements, she is also the Director of Goiba Band, which consists of various Ugandan artists like Brenda Namatovu, Nansubuga Hawa and many more. She has done collaborations like Ronald Mayanja and Semakula.

She’s 5.1ft tall, amiable and adored by hordes of message oriented band music fans in Uganda. Her songs such as Omusheshe receive maximum rotation on Local radio stations. I met Chance Nalubega at the Friday (Oct-24) at the Capital FM/Coca cola real star search and we scheduled an interview appointment.

Day? Monday 28th October, Time check? 13:00 hrs and I am at the Kasiwukira studios to meet the Lady who boasts of being one of the finest drama stars in Uganda: ‘I started out with the famous Bakayimbira Dramactors’, she asserts. Don’t smile yet! Life hasn’t been smooth for Chance who says she always tried to break through to the main stream music industry without much success till Her Ex-boyfriend funded her first album in 1999.

Chance plans to release more solo albums because she believes the sky’s the limit for her. “Some day, I want to perform on the same stage with superstars like South Africa’s PJ Powers who’s always played out the idol role in my life.”

Her music can be classified as afro-raggae/afro-zouk, otherwise commonly known in the hometown as ‘band music’. But don’t get surprised when you hear her exclaiming, ‘watch this!” as she gets excited during stage performances. ‘My music is all about fun and entertainment… I try to tell people that besides life’s trials and tribulations, it shouldn’t be forgotten that life’s precious and that’s my style’.

Indeed thousands have embraced her style so don’t get shocked if your kid returned from school only to mimic the Chance’s tunes in your ears. Chance also has her eyes set on setting up her own recording studios so she can produce budding talent that’s apparently being ignored by executives in the industry.

Don’t get idea just yet… she boasts of a stable relationship with her fiancée and also goes ahead to say thank you to her family for supporting her through thick and thin. She goes on to send much love to Mr. Kazibwe – the guy who produced her first solo album.

“If it wasn’t for his (Kazibwe’s) skills, I’d still be a struggling artist. Kasiwukira studios has also played a major role in my expansive career and that’s why I will always be loyal to them”, She adds

Omusheshe, Ani amulabyeko, Nuugu and Sempebwa are her favorite hits off her own collections. She however adds that Sempebwa was written with conviction from the bottom of her heart for a gentleman that owed her big bucks.

What’s does the trick? Chance takes a glass off water each morning before rushing to the studio forrehearsals. Finally her message to the world is “SUPPORT YOUR ARTISTS”.

You can reach her at


P.O box 34028 Kampala

Phone: 041 532487.

Peace be with ya’ll