Here comes Gagamel’s Chizzo.

Many fans that might not know him too well will easily mistake him as a new face on the Ugandan music industry scene. However, wait a minute! He’s been at it for the past 15 years only that his stint for many a year in London wiped him off the Ugandan music industry scene for a while even though he continued doing music back in the UK. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and Girls meet Chizzo. With a visibly laid back lifestyle and a sense of music industry in-depth understanding, this is because of the way he breaks down ways through which he thinks the industry would work got me thinking that the soft spoken suave Chizzo knew where he was coming from and definitely where he’s headed. His is a story which almost saw him leave for Nairobi in the early nineties with close ally Bebe cool in search of a much needed industry break through at a time when finding an effective recording studio in Uganda was tedious.

Eyajja ft Kuklee & Kidfox
Gwe Weeka
Empisa Zo
Ngumidde ku Gwe