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Here comes Gagamel’s Chizzo.

Many fans that might not know him too well will easily mistake him as a new face on the Ugandan music industry scene. However, wait a minute! He’s been at it for the past 15 years only that his stint for many a year in London wiped him off the Ugandan music industry scene for a while even though he continued doing music back in the UK. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and Girls meet Chizzo. With a visibly laid back lifestyle and a sense of music industry in-depth understanding, this is because of the way he breaks down ways through which he thinks the industry would work got me thinking that the soft spoken suave Chizzo knew where he was coming from and definitely where he’s headed. His is a story which almost saw him leave for Nairobi in the early nineties with close ally Bebe cool in search of a much needed industry break through at a time when finding an effective recording studio in Uganda was tedious.

This interview was meant to have taken place earlier on but because of his busy schedules that seldom include promoting his music and doing tours, we always had to reschedule till it finally happened. The day we were meant to meet he and Gagamel president Bebe Cool with whom they are always rolling invited me to the firebase studios in Kamwokya were they were doing final touches on a new track.
Chizzo’s career dates back 15 years ago when he started out as a karaoke artist as a pioneer of Sabrina’s pub where they used to perform with the likes of Terry Devos, Luther Martin, Simon Base Kalema, Shanx VVD (Now Shanx Gumaras) in the early ninetees. Back then he later formed a group Called All in One together with Kuklee, Kenwonder, Shanks Junior and together they mostly performed at school shows.

In 1998, Chizzo got signed up by a club in Bujumbura where he used to  perform with the Havana band a thing he did for two years till the year 2000 when he got approached by a promoter then left for the UK. While in the UK, Chizzo released an album but did not promote it that much because of the dynamics involved especially with the UK music industry. While in London, Chizzo continued doing gigs on the UK scene and later formed a duo with Kuklee while in London. Only last year an experience he went through when he was invited by close buddy Bebe Cool to perform at the famous Mandela Birthday celebrations opened his eyes more because he got to meet world famous personalities such as Will Smith, Leona Lewis, The Sugars Babes and others.” Man when this happened I was thinking yeah anything can happen” he explains. Its during this time that Bebe convinced Chizzo to return home and push his music career together with him seriously. And indeed the duo have released the famous Maria Maria that’s been receiving ample airplay on radio today.

Chizzo & Bebe Cool

Today Chizzo is riding high with his chart buster Tabaza which is currently ranked number one in East Africa. Tabaza was produced by producer Washington at Black hole studios. He and Bebe cool also recently attended the MTV Africa music awards where they were invited to present an award and experience he  says got him to meet more industry professionals and also exchange contacts for possible future international collaborations and distribution deals. His upcoming album still has five more tracks to go and will be blessed with the works of producers such as Washington, Legend P, Steve Jean and others. The fashionably flamboyant artist has currently been listening to John Legend’s new CD and also hope to work with Cindy and Kidfox on his new album.

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

Myco Chris and Chizzo release new Collabo

It’s just like yesterday that Myco Chris and Chizzo were a big hit at Sabrina's pub a famous bar in the 90's on Bombo road. Well they are back collaborating on a brand new single entitled “Gwe Wange” which was released on Friday 17th internationally and soon to be released officially in Uganda. The song itself was written and arranged by both Myco Chris and Chizzo, produced and recorded at Myco Chris records in London. It talks about a happy relationship that gets even rosier by promises made by the man to the woman that they will never be another despite the hardships, problems and even tears that might be involved...!It's a true R&B dance tune which will have revellers straight to the dance floor.

Friday, June 22nd, 2012

Chizzo into Karaoke

Remember Chizzo, the Ugandan artiste who spent most of his fruitful years trying to carve out a niche in the UK? Well, ever since he returned to Kampala a few years ago, he anticipated that he was just going to hit the studio and deals would come his way. He hit the studio, but the deals were hard to come by. From what we gather, that dream came to an end recently. Our moles have reliable established that Chizzo has now turned to business; albeit of a musical nature.
Chizzo is now hiring out karaoke machines to bars near his home in Naalya. We have reliable learnt that bars like Pa Lui Kudos and Daytona in Ntinda, Planet Sports in Naalya all host Chizzo Karaoke nights. Chizzo's girlfriend, Flavia Oketcho (Flirsh), is always seen supervising the "money" on such nights.