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Cindy speaks out

I was watching late-show and Straka said that Cindy was back and has a hot jam with P-Square. The next day I moved the whole of Wilson Road (Everything is always somewhere on this street, you can never fail) looking for that song. But waaa….. It was no where. Till I had to look for this lady’s number and she said it is actually there but it’s not yet out. We have a followed this lady’s life right the Coca-Cola Popstars right to Blu 3. (Click here to read about her life with Blu 3.) She speaks out about her new music path and plans as a solo artist.

In all publications that were ever released, we were meant to understand that she left Blu 3 because she wanted to start a family as they put it. Well, she tells her side of the story “I did not leave Blu 3. I was given a time limit that I could not fulfill and she was replaced with Mya. I knew about the replacement 3 weeks into the holiday.” She returned into the country end of February. “I have no hard feelings” She continues to say.

Enough about the past, now Cindy tells us that she about her solo career. She has just released her new single “Mbikooye” meaning am tired. It was produced by Denis Kitooke. He wrote the song himself and it talks about domestic violence. “This is a very common problem today… people don’t seem to address the issue.

At the moment she is working on a 14-track album of which 10 tracks off the album have been done by Silver Kyagulanyi and Washington at Black Hall studios. On this album she has done collabos with people like P-Square, Bebe Cool, Navio and many more.

Music Uganda will keep you updated on Cindy’s music career, just keep reading.

Below is a past interview of Cindy

Cinderella Sanyu

 Question: Was singing part of your childhood pastime?
Answer: I have always loved singing. I was involved in school and church choirs in my childhood. However, I realised that I could seriously sing when I was 15 years and led the choir. I gained confidence and by the time I auditioned for the Coca-Cola Real Stars in 2003, I was already an artiste.

Who inspired you to start singing?
My mom has been my biggest inspiration. She used to listen to my songs when I was growing up and told me that I was like my dad. Unfortunately, my dad died when I was two years old.

Who was your favourite artiste when you were growing up?
Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston.

What good do you find in music?
The chance to tell people how I feel about something. I'm also privileged to have the chance of skipping the queue when I'm recognised at some occasions. I like it.

Do you have a committed boyfriend?
It is nothing serious. I'm too busy to handle a serious relationship now.

Does he get jealous about you being in the limelight and getting attention of several men?
Yes. He gets jealous that I get attention from men. However, I try not to go out very often in order to avoid arguments about men.

What do you consider your bad habits?
Biting my nails. I also scratch my face too much when I'm nervous.

What qualities do you like about yourself?
Being straightforward. When I want to say something I say it without fear or favour. I'm kind, I like the fact that I'm pretty that is why I get to many places. Finally, I thank God because I can sing.

Do you ever get crushes?
I last had a crush when I was 17 and it was on a black American preacher. I liked his eyes and the way he used his hands.

What do you do in your spare time ?
I train my voice. I dance in front of the mirror, watch movies and hang out with my friends. My favourite hang-out is the Rouge on Station Road.

Why do you like showing your navel?
That is what fans like to see. Watching other artistes show their navels on TV, I grew up thinking that showing a navel is sexy.

What do you hate about men?
Generally, men never get satisfied.

What is the worst habit that girls have?
Trading love for money. Those who do it de-value themselves.

What is your level of education?
I finished Senior Six. I intend to resume my studies next year at Makerere University. I hope to study music.

Who would be your dream date?
Somebody taller than me; above six feet and hardworking. I would also prefer somebody who doesn't regard me as a celebrity. I like people who listen and talk less because I talk a lot.

What is the most extravagant thing you have ever done for love?
I bought him a very expensive golden chain.

What type of man do you admire?
Honest people amaze me. It is a very rare quality with men and I admire honest men.

Where do you see Blu*3 in five years?
I see international divas with more albums to sell.

He has asked you out! But your mother wants to come with you. How do you go about it?
That would be drama because I have no idea how I would solve it. I think I would try to convince her to stay at home and if she insists to come with us, I would buy her a strong drink to confuse her.

Girl Power 2009

Three fantastic artistes, united by a common love for singing and dancing. Cindy. Bella. Kalibala.  Make a connection. Have fun. Dance all night long. Girl Power!

Girl Power is back! After spending the last three years focusing on their solo careers , Priscillar Kalibala and Bella have once again joined forces to resurrect their popular Girl Power theme for a series of concerts across Uganda, but this time around they have raised the bar by adding Cindy Sanyu to the mix. The three solo artistes have been performing together in towns such as Gulu, Jinja, Mbarara, Masaka, Mbale, Soroti and Entebbe on their current Club Beer sponsored Girl Power tour. And to cement their unity behind this all-female concept, they have recorded a new smash hit entitled, what else, Girl Power. At the end of each evening’s show, all three girls hit the stage together to belt out a satisfying blend of their three musical styles to the sheer delight of the audience. Could there possibly be more? Do the words Infinity Dancers tickle your fancy? Yes, it seems that Girl Power is definitely back in vogue.

Cindy smiles again  by Isaac Ssejjombwe.

One artist who has been unfortunate this year due to publicity especially the nude photos that appeared in one of the leading papers in Uganda is Cindy. After leaving Blu 3, the only group she was in for 2 years, Cindy embarked on a solo career but things didn’t go well at first as her debut single Mbikooye didn’t make it big to her expectation.

Surprisingly all hits that followed Mbikoye became hits and enjoyed rounds on most radio and TV stations around town and this was a sign to her that more interesting things are yet to come. Apparently, Cindy has all the reasons to smile as she has been appointed the new Trends presenter at the Serena based NTV station. Trends which is a programme that looks at styles, fashion is broadcasted at NTV every Friday from 8 to 9pm. The Ayokya yokya singer replaced Crystal Newman a co-host at Sanyu FM evening show and by the look of things; she has the capability to make her new show the most watched programme on Television.

Cinderella Sanyu: How Cindy left Blu 3 by Peter Allen Kigonya

When I left they didn't think I would be a force to reckon with...

The media loves her. In fact they loved her from the very beginning when they called her the "flamboyant" one back then when she was the youngest member of Uganda's top girl group Blu 3. Perhaps it was the fact that she was the tallest of the three girls, or the ever changing hairstyles, the seductive eyes, the smile... There was something about Cinderella Sanyu that made her stand out and become a favorite among her fans. But by then most of the attention was perhaps on Lillian Mbabazi and to Cindy's admission she was not very active in the group... at least when it came to the politics of the group. The appreciation and intrigue from the media and fans was subtle... almost quiet... and not something to dwell on. That was before "drama" entered the mix


Cindy in Red Pepper by Peter Allen Kigonya

Red Pepper gets photos of Cinderella Sanyu aka Cindy... Naked!

Continues from: Cinderella Sanyu: How Cindy Left Blu 3

Peter: Before we get into the music, there is one other scandal... Right?... The (nude) photos... (I'm quick to honestly add...) I personally haven't seen them...

Cindy: Hmnn... Thank God. (Clearly deeply relieved... We both laugh. I'm only laughing first because she seems to have taken this turn in the interview so well but also because she seems to be tickled by the fact that I had not seen her nude photos.)

Cinderella Sanyu: The Unfinished Duo with P Square

Cinderella Sanyu aka Cindy Sanyu talks about the making of her first hits as a solo artist including the unfinished duo with the well sought after Nigerian mega start- P Square.

Continues from: Cinderella Sanyu: Cindy in Red Pepper

Peter: W... w... what is your relationship now between you and Jackie... and you and Lillian?

Cindy: Kind of like Tupac and Notorious. (She laughs.)

Peter: Wha-a...? (Amused, I have this big grin on my face... almost laughing as she continues laughing out loud.) Tupac and Notorious... Really... Wow...

Cindy back with “One and Only” by Isaac Ssejjombwe.

After ayokya yokya made it big in the region, Cindy formerly of Blu 3 is yet again back with a massive song called “One and Only”.

The hit is  a blend of some bit of patois(Jamaican) with verses in English and Luganda. It’s this Get-to-the-dance-floor, Throw-your-hands-in-the-air-and-scream kind of hit that will get you on the dance floor to at least shake a bit.

As the title suggests, one and only is a song filled with praises to a man who she refers as to as her only lover. Interestingly, she compares her love to the guy as of Rasta’s to Ganja because the two are inseparable. In the Chorus, the mbikoye artist says her man is the only lover and no one else can do her any better and she goes ahead to explain that he is the only one who makes her blood flow and wants to be with him always.

She advices people to always stick to the ones they love and not mind about what others say so long as one means his/her love to the other. It’s now time for the industry to start appreciating this talent and for those who thought she wouldn’t make it big after leaving Blu 3, now this is what she’s made of.

Cindy Sanyu: A Cindy, Blu 3 Reunion? By Peter Allen Kigonya

In the final part of our June interview with Cindy, she talks about various things such as being beaten for performing late in a choir, encouragement from Juliana as she faced the media and a Blu 3 reunion?

Yes... I know... What happened to that final part of the Cindy interview? I know... Perhaps we felt that with already three parts to the Cindy interview we had over loaded you with Cindy over the summer. Perhaps we saw so much traffic going to the first three articles and decided to hold back on the final part to add to its value... hmnnn.... Who knows.

Side dish by Rabadaba and Cindy by Isaac Ssejjombwe.

Uganda has seen many artists coming together in duets but Cindy and Rabadaba’s Side Dish is perhaps the most interesting and greatest one of them all.

Two of Uganda’s best artists in their own category, the two united at what they do best in a song that captures one’s attention on their first hearing.

The get-To-The-Dance-Floor and giggle-Your-Waist kind of song was produced by Benon at Swangz Avenue, the best audio studio in the country lately.

The tune is somewhat related to Bebe’s Kasepeki especially the heavy beats and it’s basically advocating for trust and loyalty among couples.

The originality and assembling of words in this particular song is yet another thumbs up for these two great artists. Going by their great solo videos, let’s hope these two come up a video that is as tremendous as the audio.

Cindy separates with long time boyfriend by 1544C Ssejjombwe. (+256-078-2-233273)

Artist Cindy of the ayokya yokya fame has finally taken separate directions with her long time boyfriend Mario Brunet.

Of Italian origin, it’s believed Mario is the reason Cindy left Blu 3 three years previously.
Cindy left for a holiday in Italy to be with her boyfriend who by then was a Barber and extended her leave without the group’s consciousness.
Left with no choice, Blu 3 management dismissed her from the group she had belonged too since her debut in the music industry.

Cindy, together with Brunet returned to Uganda a few weeks after her dismissal to concentrate on her solo career which didn’t go well at first until last year when she released Ayokya yokya.

The two love birds used to storm album launches, parties and corporate functions hand in hand until recently when Cindy started going out alone.

“Both of us,” Cindy said, “are too busy for the other apparently” and that is the reason we had to separate.

So for those interested in the Diva, the door is open provided you match her qualities.

Tuesday, 15th February, 2011

Cindy pregnant by 1544c ssejjombwe. (+256-782233273)

Musicuganda has exclusively learnt that former Blu 3 member and now solo artist Cinderella Sanyu is expecting any month from now.

Cindy, one of the Blu 3 proprietors has for long been dating Mario who’s also believed to be responsible for the pregnancy though other possibilities should be considered as well.

Mario started dating Cindy since her Blu 3 days and he’s the reason she left the girl group because she had traveled to meet him in Italy when management decided to let her go.
This was her turning point because she has of late become one of the best female artists in the industry all thanks to her solo tracks like “Ayokya yokya, one and only and bwasalawo.”

Going by the info, Cindy is three to four months pregnant and becomes the third of the Blu 3 affiliated members to expect after Lillian and Mya both gave birth to baby boys.

Thursday, June 23rd, 2011

Cindy gives birth

It’s been a big year for former Blu*3 singer Cindrella Sanyu aka Cindy. A break up, reconciliation, an engagement and now a baby! The Ayokyayokya singer and longtime partner Mario Brunet have welcomed a daughter.  The couple is said to be ecstatic about their new bundle of joy and although they are yet to be discharged from the Buganda Road based Case clinic reports show that both mother and daughter are doing great.

Thursday, December 22nd, 2011

Africa on Stage signs Cindy by 1544c Ssejjombwe. (+256 782233273).

Africa on stage is the latest record label to grace the entertainment industry and signing Cindy has so far been their latest venture. Having started off on a good note, the company promises to give other record labels a run for their money because the owner, Simona Schiava has all the money to turn it into one of the best record labels in Africa, musicuganda understands.

Cindy has been pursuing a solo career after breaking away from Blu 3 in 2007 and has been able to top charts and become of the most craved after artists with “Ayokya yokya”, “One and Only” and “total satisfaction” among others. Real names Cinderella Sanyu, the talented artist was discovered in 2004 while auditioning in the coca cola pop stars where she emerged as one of the winners alongside Lillian Mbabazi and Jackie Chandilu who together formed the trio Blu 3. The girls under Blu 3, released a number of tracks including “Frisky”, and “Nsanyuka nawe”, are some of the songs that made them the best girl group until their break up a few years ago.

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

Cindy and Jackie set for Easter Tour

This Easter Cinderella Sanyu and Jackie Chandiru head out to Amsterdam. They will be joined by Haruna Mubiru, Knowless from Rwanda Chege from Tanzania and Big Town. Entrance is 20 Euros before 10:00 PM and 30 Euros after 10:00 PM. The shows will be head throughout Easter at the Desmet Studio in Amsterdam Plantage Middenlaan 4A 1018 DD.

Click here for more information

Friday, August 10th, 2012

2nd Annual Ekigunda in UK

It is brought to you by Exposed Uganda Entertainment and will feature Uganda’ cream Jackie Chandiru, Cindy and Jamal Waswa. The much anticipated event will take place on the  01st Sept, 2012 at the Coliseum Suite; 300-310 High Road Ilford Essex IG1 1Qw. The show will also feature artist like VJ OJ, Kuklee, Fiona Nsubuga, Ivan Seleckta and many more. The Ekiggunda sponsored also include by Lyca Mobile and Salabed. There will also be a welcome party on 30th August at Live and let Live 264-266 Romfors Road London, E7 9Hz. It will be hosted by DJ Mac.

Tuesday, August 28th, 2012

Cindy and Jackie Have Never Made Up

Former Blu3 member is still getting to terms with having missed an opportunity to share a  stage with the Jamaican duo Wayne Wonder and DeMarco as she was busy performing at the boarder town of Malaba. The Ayokya Yokya star did not have kind words to those who were comparing her to Jackie Chandiru. "How do you compare me to an artiste who started a solo career more than 2 years after I had become a successful and established artiste. Come on next time please pick someone with as much experience and level of success thanks." Those were the words Cindy told someone she did not want to disclose but the writing was on the wall on who the artiste was. Cindy fell out with Lillian and Jackie a few years back when they gave her hours to quit the group while on holiday in Spain.

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Wednesday, September 12th, 2012

Cindy & Jackie collaborate together and shoot video together in UK.

While tabloids are busy writing about the alleged bad blood between former Blu3 members - Jackie & Cindy - the girls had a blast in the UK! Unbeatable Musik, a production company based in Belgium, was able to convince one of the girls to feature on a collabo with their artist Viscous Hood lead singer of the Aboyz's group in a song "Boom Boom" - and as fate would have it - both of them said yes. After performing at a show in the UK , the girls shot a music video in the busy London streets.

Jackie Chandiru said, "A little oppressed coz of the first location..kinda hard to shoot in the middle of London but as soon got a secluded area n hit its always done baby...yyyyiiihhhhaaaaa...."

Cinderella Sanyu added, "It's great to work with Jackie again, thanks to Wizzy and of course Aboyz - Victor is such a talented artiste, I'm honored. I felt so comfortable with the filmin crew too maybe because I know and like Naava. Can't wait!" - Cinderella Sanyu 

The video that was scripted by Susan Naava, directed by a team from Maurice Gnahore photography & videographer and assisted by Adrien Bruyns, will be out before Independence.

Click here to listen to Boom Boom with Jackie Chandiru & Cindy ft Viscous Hood

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Thursday, September 27th, 2012

A-Boyz drops new video , “Boom Boom" featuring Cinderella Sanyu and Jackie Chandiru.

Nigerian/Belgian singer, A-Boyz has been professionally honing his music craft for the past two years to prepare for his Africa debut. The talented singer/songwriter is known for his bigger than life personality and energetic performances. He has been nominated for a TMF award and has opened for artists such as Akon, Ja Rule, Brick n Lace, Amerie and Lil Kim to name a few. A-boyz is currently finishing work on a solo album under production house, Unbeatable Musik. This Friday, Sept. 28th, he will release his new video, "Boom Boom"  featuring Jackie Chandiru and Cinderella Sanyu. The Zouk style single is the first off of his untitled debut album. Both the song & video were produced and filmed by a team contracted by Unbeatable Musik.

Contact Person: King Wizzy
Company Name: Unbeatable Musik
Email Address:

Click here to watch Boom Boom video preview with A Boyz ft Jackie Chandiru & Cindy

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Monday, January 21st, 2010

Cindy comes of Age

After a couple of years solo, Cindy feels it’s time to organize her  first maiden launch “Amateeka”. The show will take place on the 1st February at Kati Kati. It is sponsored by Tusker, Jomayi, Silk Events  and organized by Close Touch. She will feature artists like Jackie Chandiru, Lilian Mbabazi, Bobi Wine, Moses Radio and Weasel , Aziz Azion and many more

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Monday, February 24th, 2014

Cindy features on Slippery when wet remix

The song is originally done by Nyanda formerly with Brick and Lace and the remix features Ugandan dancehall queen Cindy Sanyu.

Nyanda and Cindy will both be performing at the Women's Day Concert on March 8th at the Garden City Rooftop. The event will also feature Lilian, Jacki Chandiru, Irene Ntale, Keko, Fille, Brenda Nambi and Sheeba Karungi. 

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