City Limit Crew - The New Revolution

Many have been hearing their music others we got to know them through the Vitaras that paraded the Streets of Kampala with the City Limit Crew members’ pictures on them.  This left many wondering “Who are these guys, How does their music Sound?”  Now the Vitaras are no longer on the street (sources say they are in the garage), many thought they were no more, well these guys are and still around stronger that before and definitely not about to go anywhere.

Dr Proppa

About City Limit Crew

The group consists of two members; Ronnie Bunton a.k.a Tomsange Ronald and Dr. Proppa a.k.a Arinaitwe John Hann.

The group was formed and launched in 2005.  New members joined the group these included Bella and Bizz Nuts with Ronnie Bunton and Dr. Proppa as the pioneers of the group.  Dr Proppa met Robert Kasule their current manager in Kigali at the Sky Hotel.  At that time Robert Kasule was his personal manager and he came up with an idea to form a crew.  With the help of “Cardinal” a.k.a Junju a brother to Dennis Mawanda who is also a producer at Keenote Records they got Ronnie Bunton, Bella and Dizz Nuts.

They released their first album “Live in Boston” on which they featured other artists like Kid Fox and they are yet to release another album called “Na-ro”.  The album will consist of songs like Na-ro, Kawuna, Muveko, True Love and many more 

Ronnie Bunton

Keenote Records is currently has two offices; one is in Boston and another is right here at home.  Its main aim here is to promote music worldwide and it is owned by Robert Kasule.

This year we expect the best from City Limit Crew in dancehall, Afro Beat and Lingala.