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Cleopatra back to singing by Isaac ssejjombwe.

Cleopatra Koheirwe is perhaps the only Diva to engage herself in all three media related issues as she is able to entertain the readers through writing with African Woman magazine, entertain the audience through acting, and listeners through songs.
I caught up with the ever Jolly Cleo at her work place and we both discussed a few things transpiring in her life.

When did you join Obsessions?
I officially joined the group in 2001 after my guardian granted me permission.

When did you leave Obsessions and what were your reasons for leaving?
I left Obsessions in March 2007, they threw me a farewell party which made me feel so touched. The management had been aware of my plans to leave for a year so it was not a sudden decision; I had made up my mind to continue on my growth and journey in life. I wanted to concentrate more on my own ventures like the magazine, and W.B.S TV where I was a presenter by then, acting in film, and to basically continue with music as a solo artist though it has taken me some time to do so. I don’t like being too predictable, I felt like stepping back a bit from the music scene that time in order to gain my ground as an individual, and now I have.

So what’s Cleo up to?
Apart from the magazine, I’ve been busy acting in the film “Yogera”, which will be coming out any time.
I’ll also be travelling to Nairobi soon for the second season of the Mnet TV series called Changes.
I’m now working on my solo album that has three songs done so far.  

Why did you come back into Music?
It is mostly because of my fans and friends who kept on asking when I was going to sing again, whether I was going to come back to music, perform on stage and so on. The questions and requests were endless and they were clearly telling me they did not want me to give up music so it gave me more courage to sing. Right now, most of them are happy to know I am singing again and they can’t wait to hear all my songs. It’s humbling.

We understand one of your latest singles is out. What’s it called?
My latest single is called Ngamba (Tell me) and the video will be coming out in about three weeks. The song is now playing on Sanyu FM, Hot 100 and Capital FM. It is spreading out and being received well so far which is great for a start.

What is it all about?
It’s about relationships especially the doubts and mistrust between couples due to miscommunication. Anyone can relate to this song because it’s what happens now and then in life.  

Now that you are back in music, what style is your music?
My style is a fusion of Reggae and Rock because I find these two genres very expressive and with a lot of conscience. It’s all about the passion and strong connection I have for the two styles. People should be able to perceive me through them.

What languages are your songs?
My songs are in English, Luganda, Swahili and my native language Runyankole; an element that East Africans will understand. Music speaks to anyone though, no matter where they come from or what language they speak. It’s that strong.

Apparently, you are a Journalist, artist and Actress. How do you juggle all the three professions?
I’ve always wanted to be a writer and having engaged myself in competitions and Drama while in High School at Bugema Adventist Secondary School (O-Level) and Namasagali College (A-Level) back then, I think that’s what I was meant to be.
How I allocate them is simple because I’m at African woman Monday to Friday then hit studio over the weekend.
Since acting roles come once in a while, I take part when the opportunity arises.

Clear the air on the rumor that has been doing rounds that you and Juliana are not Seeing Eye to eye because of Peter Miles?
Juliana is a friend of mine and we talk. In fact our friendship goes way back to Bugema Adventist secondary school, where she as well as Peter studied for a while. Peter Miles is a true friend I can count on. Juliana and I were also in Namasagali together for a while. The tabloids write what they feel will make a hot story but we are all cool/calm people.

What studios are responsible for the production of your songs?
So far, it is Goldstreet Records and Peter Miles’ Roadblock Production.

So should we expect an album launch from Cleopatra anytime soon?
Personally, I think launching is overrated and this causes panic to musicians thus pressure and stress.
What I would do though, is just put up a small concert and entertain the people.

Who inspired you to do music?
My late mother! For some reason she always saw a star in me and she told me I would be one someday. Hope I have not let her down. I used to sing, dance and act for her. Besides the late Paul Mwandha of Music Uganda who would probably have been the first to record a song for me, my family, friends and fans also inspire me. They all believe I can do it.

Last words to your fans?
I thank all music lovers for their constant support and pray they welcome my music.
I would also encourage them to always keep on checking out and thank the site for a job well done in the entertainment world and promoting talent. To keep in touch with me, feel free to join my fanpage on facebook and my website, Love you all!

Cleopatra releases Ngamba

Looks like dance is taking over, the former Obsessions member; Cleopatra has hit the studios and released her maiden track “Ngamba” written by her and produced at Gold Street Studios by Musisi Vince. The song was inspired by a cousin who at that time was going through a lot. The song is a love song referring to the doubt people can have in relationships, wondering whether to be there and wait or leave. Many people including her can relate to this song.

Saturday June 25th, 2011

Meet Cleo

Real Names: Cleopatra Koheirwe.

After leaving Obsessions in March 2007, Cleo opens up to HEAT Magazine about her life after Obsessions. She put music on hold and decided to concentrate on the things that she was already doing like Radio, Television and writing with Africa Woman

Thursday, June 14th, 2012

Cleo releases new song

The song titled “Party on My Mind” was written by Gaza, a Kenyan artiste, and produced by The Beatmekah at Cypher Studios. The song is in the Afro House genre. The video was shot by DEDDAC and iVISUALZ. Both the song and the video have hit the air-waves.
She is currently signed to a Kenya based label called Cypher Studios.

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