Cleopatra back to singing by Isaac ssejjombwe.

Cleopatra Koheirwe is perhaps the only Diva to engage herself in all three media related issues as she is able to entertain the readers through writing with African Woman magazine, entertain the audience through acting, and listeners through songs.
I caught up with the ever Jolly Cleo at her work place and we both discussed a few things transpiring in her life.

When did you join Obsessions?
I officially joined the group in 2001 after my guardian granted me permission.

When did you leave Obsessions and what were your reasons for leaving?
I left Obsessions in March 2007, they threw me a farewell party which made me feel so touched. The management had been aware of my plans to leave for a year so it was not a sudden decision; I had made up my mind to continue on my growth and journey in life. I wanted to concentrate more on my own ventures like the magazine, and W.B.S TV where I was a presenter by then, acting in film, and to basically continue with music as a solo artist though it has taken me some time to do so. I don’t like being too predictable, I felt like stepping back a bit from the music scene that time in order to gain my ground as an individual, and now I have.

Party on My Mind