1 on 1 with Clever J

He's style is as aggressive as his video features, He has gone through the storms of tasks creating an identity after many fans and tabloids referred to his sound as similar to an artist that had used it for over  decade. But I guess at the end of the day what matters are whether the fans are digging it. He's not so synonymous with Uganda’s party scene so bumping into him on an average night but can be compared to passing through a needles eye. Is it family or studio that keeps him out of his fans eyes. Is he a workaholic or is he chasing some musical sounds that we are yet to hear?

Music Uganda caught up with the rumbustious clever J who once called Leone Island (home to Jose Chameleone) home. He talks about how he makes his music and his upcoming new album.

Music Uganda: So Clever J, have you been doing music for while?
Clever J:  Yes man I first started out in 1994.I did my first three songs in Leone Island. They were ‘Yewuwo, Sirina mulala’ and ‘Obusungu’. In 2006 I released an eight track album titled Manzi Wanani on which I did my own production. I then followed it up with a third album titled ‘Ensi Yaleeta’. I now have a new album called ‘kyolina Muwe’. It has seven tracks though I feel like releasing six. They include ‘Kamutendereze, Kyolina Muwe, Leka Leka, Mwenziyo, Nsula Nkuloota and simulula.’ They are recorded in my usual afro-beat style. Proline Promotions will later to my album marketing because they've been doing so right from the album ‘Manzi wanani’.

MU: You recently returned from a UK tour. Tell us about it?
CJ: Well the crowd was very receptive because they liked the music. It was my second tour to the UK. I particularly remember the elderly persons that joined me on stage during my performance. The tour was organized by Tony Sengo under S.I.P (Sengo international promotions).

MU: The way you see it what challenges have you been facing in the recent past regarding your musical career?
CJ: Right now I must say the competition in the industry is high and those that have artistic creativity will remain relevant in the industry.

You seem to always be in the studio .Do you get some free time to unwind?
CJ: I truly live a busy life as a studio producer, composer and performer. However I also spend some time with my wife, son and daughter.

MU: Do you write you own songs?
CJ: Yes I do, I also direct my own videos.

MU: Do you watch any sports.
CJ: Yes, in my free time is watch soccer, I support Arsenal.

What expectations do you have of your new album?
CJ: I think it’s hotter than my past albums. I inserted more creativity into it and the beats are as hard as my past beats. It is a people's album.

MU: What inspires you to write your music?
CJ: The real life situations I go through.

MU: What do you usually do before any stage performance?
CJ: I do rehearsals because I like perfection.

MU: What cd have you been lately listening to?
CJ: I've been listening to the likes of Justin Timberlake and Buju Banton internationally and lots of Ugandan music.

MU: So where can one access Clever J music?
CJ: My music can be got at city music suppliers. They supply my music or even give me a call on;