Crean Ray


My name is Crean Ray aka Hussein Omar, a gospel Hip-hop artist. I have been singing ever since I was a kid of about 5 years old. I used to sing with my young brother Dickson who is now at Makerere University. Am also at Makerere studying development studies.

I became serious with music when I joined Abundant Life Faith Center at Seguku hill. I was inspired by a guy called Richard who happened to be my best gospel rapper of the time at Church. Some external artists like Gospel Gangsters, cross movement and many others, also inspired me.

I was once with ‘Pure Souls’ and did a song called John 3:16 with them. This is the group I first started with but due to some circumstances that came by, I had to leave the group, and embark on other things like school and filming as a part time job. When John 3:16 came into my mind, I had to come back and do what I believe God called me to do. I was also inspired by some local groups like Thug Squad, Gospel Rappers and Limit X.

I am a gospel rapper but I can also sing RnB, Techno, Ragga, Slow jams, Praise & Worship and many other styles of music. I also enjoy watching movies, reading magazines, outings and chilling out with friends. During my free time, I write songs, which I can even do for other people.

I record my music at Faith studios in Kabowa. My current producer is Job. He was also with me at St. Ann primary school in 1994 and 1995 so we know each other very well. I like his working style because he understands me and makes for me exactly what I want.

My first song was a combination of Hip-hop and RnB I featured Jackie who is at Kampala Secondary School in Senior 3. We pray at the same Church and is a member of the youth group there. She is a very talented young girl who can sing in many different voices.

I am trying to develop the talent in me and am also helping out some young talents around church by teaching them how to compile songs, how to sing/rap and a lot more. I was called by God in this music ministry, “I believe”. I would like to set up a camp of gospel artists called ‘True Creed Gangatas’ (T.C.G). I believe God will take us far.

At the moment, I don’t have any sponsor or manager for my music but I hope I will get one soon. I have plans of coming up with a big music and Video label in future and having international artists in it. I also hope to go to many countries including the US, UK and others. I would like to perform in these countries and link up with artists there.

If all goes well, I will release my first album next year (2005). At the moment, I am still working on promoting my first song which is ‘Do it now’, a song that is meant to strengthen the people who are going through tough times and think they cant make it through. The song also calls for those who were chosen to serve God in the ministry to come and serve him. They should not postpone because no one know what will happen in the days ahead. Am planning to shoot a video for it very soon.

My message to upcoming artists it that they should not give up but keep working hard to improve on their music. Aim for the best and pray to God for guidance and help.