Here is a new Gospel group titled “Crossover”. They are Tom and Dennis and experienced many forms of world music when they were still in the secular realm and when they got saved, they ‘crossed over’ to Christ.

They were both initially part of a group called ‘DNV’ formed 1997 but later left it after two members of the quartet got busy leaving the other two in the field by themselves.

Dennis later joined Nubian Squad, a celebrated Ugandan Dancehall group but left this outfit after he got saved. Tom and Dennis together formed this new entity that is based at Kansanga Miracle Center.

This is their first single off the new album they are recording and they also have plans to shoot a video for it as well. Their debut single ‘Touch’ was made at the Gaatzzero studios by a producer called Ismail and is RnB. All the instruments were done by Sekandi from Kansanga Miracle Center. The way they project their voices on this one reveals the previous experience they have had in the industry. ‘Touch’ is currently being rotated on many radio stations in Kampala.

The name Crossover, they say, is meant to signify their getting saved and crossing over to Christ. Now all the music they make is dedicated to Jesus. They are going to have Dancehall, more RnB. Reggae and contemporary Ugandan genres on their upcoming album.

They are looking for promoters and sponsors for their projects so listen to their track and if you like it, don’t hesitate to contact at Email

or on Mobile: +256 77 963321

May God bless you as you listen