Cyrus the Virus


The rare name strikes people as odd and they tend to wonder who this guy is. Born Cyrus Kawalya on the 11th September '81 to a quite well of family at the time, Cyrus' struggles were yet to begin.

Later raised in a Kenyan neighbour hood by relatives while his parents journeyed to Europe to struggle and make ends meet, Cyrus grew up with so much love for music or what we could call entertainment. Doing music and still not being able to step into the limelight, he decided to divert to modelling after suggestions from 'The Shadow' and other friends.

Two weeks after joining Ziper Models owned by the famed Sylvie Awori, he won a contract with MTN the local mobile phone network to appear on Soccer World Cup promotion posters. Since that day, Cyrus still struggles as a model and artist as well. He has managed to feature in a number of music videos with different artists like Red Banton (new WBS song) and recently with Klear Kut.

Entertainment has been part of the family with his youngest sister currently writing scripts for BBC and also has a line up of novels she has done like 'Emu' and 'Greek Island'. He has also collaborated with local artists like Tempra Omona, in Party Time, Viboyo's Menace 2 Society among others.

Currently, he is signed under Paparazzi, the best photographic company in the country owned by Andre, a Norwegian national. Watch out for Tumefika, the new single coming out soon by Cyrus the Virus. Hope you catch it. There will be a free download of his debut track on this site when it is ready.