De-PPI: Ugandan Hip-hop Group

By Paul 'Ptech (R.I.P)' Mwandha

De-PPI have done it again! After giving us the revolutionary 'Ekiro Mbaga' hit, this Hip-hop trio which is also commonly referred to as 'Bonsatule' (the three of them) has teamed up with Bella of  the 'Ladies' Wine' fame to make 'Mbulira Kyewetaga'. This is as genuine as Hip-hop gets, no commercialized sugar-coated stuff; it would actually fit into Dr. Dre's production repertoire except that it's hardcore Luganda, like we have know Bonsatule to deliver.

After trying her hands at Bobi Wine's 'Ladies' wine', which is ragga/dancehall and the 'Anekutte' colabo with Yvette, which is contemporary Ugandan, we can safely say that Bella has tried all the leading Ugandan genres and is now on a Hip-hop track with a bunch of dudes who look steady and confident with their art. The first time 'Mbulira Kyewetaga' was performed at the weekly Hip-hop nites at Sabrina's Pub about a month ago, the seasoned crowd of Hip-hop artists, lovers and fanatics went absolutely bananas! Bonsatule, who has spent a while without gracing the most lyrical stage in the land had come through with an explanation for their absence with this fresh presentation.

History of the group

The above hip-hop group was started in early 1995. It consists of three guys; ‘Mr. Kkana’, ‘Avian Paul’ and ‘Ssavu’. Their real names are Haruna Sebowa 24, Paul Kyabaggu 25 and Hassan Nyombi Hussein 26 respectively. They were all born and grew up in the same neighborhood, Makindye a suburb of Kampala, Uganda.

Individually, each of them started music at different points in life and got together as a group in 1994. They actually started off as a group of four rappers but A. Nsereko a.k.a Darlen Cop left the group and went solo. They began by doing rap just for fun and by then, they were just free-styling other rappers’ songs. They have performed at several occasions like weddings, graduations, Busikis, school bashes, at places like Lido Beach, Little Flowers, Hotel International Muyenga, Club Silk etcetera.

How they got their name; they were performing at Taibah High School in Kawempe and the Head Girl who was impressed by their act asked the guy on the mic what the name of the group was but the group had no name yet so he replied “we are just pals”. Since then, they called themselves “De-P.P.I meaning The Pals Performing Inside”. They carried on and composed their own songs in English but they were never recorded because of financial reasons.

After the group had attained some financially stability, they decided to return to the game after being influenced by fellow musicians with whom they used to sing and hang around with in the same hood like Michael Ross, Simon Base Kalema, Red Bunton just to mention a few.

They recorded their first single in luganda in November 2003 at AV1 Studios and Andrew Kiwanuka produced it. They decided to do it in Luganda because they wanted the locals to understand their style and appreciate it.

Their biggest achievement is the music video for their single “Ekiro Mbaga” meaning ‘it’s a party tonight’. The video is out to all local T.V. Stations like E.A.T.V and WBS. It was produced and edited by Ali, Musta and Hosea of Twisted images and Mega Vision Productions

Apart from doing music, the members of the group are also barbers. Mr. Khana is religiously and legally married. Mr. Khanna and Ssavu are from staunch Muslims families and Arian Paul is a Christian. They all enjoy going out at night to clubs, listening to Hip-hop and Ragga music, swimming and hanging out at the during their leisure lime.

You can contact them through

Hassan Nyombi Hussein a.k.a Ssavu
Group Patron
P.O. Box 2857
Tel: 077 447362