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Thursday, October 28th, 2010

1 on 1 DJ Aludah

Real names: James Aludah Mugume.

Spin Master winner and the newly signed talent to Talent 256. Aludah started Deejaying alongside his brother John Kizza a.k.a John Smart at Najjanakumbi based Sax Hotel. He started playing for the Home Boyz in Kenya for about 5 months and in June 2009 he moved back to Uganda. Aludah started professional DJ in 2009.

When he moved back, DJing in Uganda was still very low/weak. It was actually interesting DJs could actually sabotage themselves, messing with the sound. He actually remembers of a time when he was playing in a club and the other DJ pulled out the sound cables. Djs here fear for the jobs because they have to develop talent. Now we have the influence on International DJs i.e. Dj Benny D, DJ Pinye from Kenya who have come in with the talent and changed the game, now DJ have a following, people can go to a club because of a DJ and the DJs are starting to step up.

Aludah got his break-through at a Dj showcase at Kyoto. This showcase went on for 3 consecutive weeks. This showcase was basically for Djs showing their talent not competing. When he won Pilsner’s Spin Master, it was a good experience got him publicity and earned him recognition.

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Tuesday, May 03rd, 2011

Dr Jose Chameleone, Jackie Chandiru, AK 47 & DJ Aludah set for Eritrea

The sky is the limit for these artists. Jose Chameleone, Jackie Chandiru, DJ ALudah and AK 47are going to represent Uganda in Eritrea for the 20th Independence Anniversary Musical Extravaganza in Eritrea. The Anniversary will take place from 14th May 2011 to the 24th May 2011. There will groups such as Planet Awards winner Africa Umoja from South Africa, Fulani from Germany, Ahmed Al Reyah from Sudan and others.

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The 20th Independence Anniversary Musical Extravaganza in Eritrea

Eritrea, the youngest African Nation achieved Independence 20 years ago in 1991, after a bitter 30-year long armed struggle. Eritrea fought and won the liberation struggle without any external help. Eritrea’s population of nine ethnic groups divided equally between the two religions of Christianity and Islam live in exemplary harmony and respect. Eritrea’s mountainous landscape and its modern art deco capital are a tourist’s delight.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

DJ Aludah & Mr Hypeman release single

Hypeman like the name goes is known for being the loudest man, DJ Aludah on the other hand is known for having the illest scratches and one of the best Djs Uganda has to offer. These two have come together and released a single called “Cranes Song” The song also features a gentleman called who prefers to call himself Alex. The song has been produced at the Talent Africa studios and consists of languages like Luganda, English and Runyankole. In the song we hear the duo praising the Uganda Cranes and giving them morale for their games and assuring them that it’s our time (which indeed is our time). We also hear them calling on different places and people to go support the cranes. We have these two doing something that we are occasionally not used to; guess what the end product is good. Hope you enjoy.

Friday, June 22nd, 2012

Ugandans to party at Dar beaches

Ugandans living, working and studying in Tanzania are set for a big this Saturday.  The Uganda Beach Bash is scheduled to take place at Mbalamwezi Beach Club along the white sand beaches of Dar es Salaam. Organised by House of Talent together with Air Uganda, Uganda’s scratch master DJ Aludah, will go head to head with Mbalamwezi’s finest DJs.
“The theme is all about promoting Ugandan culture in Tanzania and having corporate workers interact with their Ugandan counterparts in a relaxed environment. It’s also a chance for many Ugandans in Tanzania to come together and have fun, eat Ugandan food while listening and dancing to Ugandan music being played by one of the best DJs in their home country,” explains House of Talent’s Eddie Okila. Since we are a fun-loving people, many Ugandans have travelled to Dar es Salam to unwind as they enjoy beach volleyball, football, swimming and performances by Tanzanian and Ugandan artistes.

Thursday, 18th October, 2012

Meet DJ Aludah

In August this year, Channel O Africa revealed the new deejay line-up for Bassment Africa. Channel O Africa now boasts eight of Africa’s leading deejays NeptuneXclusive, Black, Mister Deejay, Creme De La Creme, Joe and Caise. We caught up with Uganda’s DJ Aludah, born James A Mugume, to get to know the self-described ambitious young man who plans to take his country to the world. He’s worked with Ugandan hip-hop group Klear Kut (Navio, J.B., The Mith), as well as Baboon Forest and other well known artists.

How did your journey with turning tables start?

My big bro was a deejay so when I was a little boy, about 13yrs old, I would sneak out and go check him out while he does his thing. He would sometimes let me play one or two songs and that’s where the passion began. So after my high school, I went off to Nairobi and joined the HomeBoyz DJ Academy where I learnt the dj’ing basics, sound engineering and music technology plus a bit of music production. While there, I went to some cool parties where I also got to meet up with some of my favorite DJs and that was the beginning of the Journey!

Friday, March 15th, 2013

Interview: DJ Aludah nominee for Best East African DJ in the African Global DJ Awards

MUWADO: For those who may not know you yet, how about a brief introduction?
ALUDAH: DJ Aludah is a hardworking, fun loving young guy that loves to entertain which I do best on two turntables and a mixer.
MUWADO: If someone wanted to catch you in action, are there any places where you play on a regular basis?
ALUDAH: You can watch Channel O in the comfort of your home every day from 6-7 pm or tune in to 97FM Radio City every Friday 7-10am and Saturday 6-8pm. As for parties and events check out my twitter (@djaludah) and Facebook Page and you will know where to catch me live.