Meet D.M.B

Charles Omony, the 21-years-old Ugandan-American hip hop singer/producer known by the name D.M.B. (DOLLAR MONEY BROTHER).In Acholi northern Uganda tribe, Omony means a soldier and for real he deserves to be. Jinja, Uganda where he grew and came up from, D.M.B was born and grew up from Jinja. He spent most of his time in Gadaffi barracks, he had only soldiers as his friends,, He began holding big amount of money when 6years old from his primary school in Jinja, Uganda and that’s were his name, It was his love and passion for (music) hip hop that made him to gain fame, He formed up a Uganda hip hop foundation were he involved young talented children to draw and sing.

Before he formed the foundation, he had a lot of problems with his life both from School and home. His being the first and last born in the family made him notorious at school which made him to live bad images and records being remembered up to date. After graduating from Jinja secondary school, He then focused himself to hip hop and Once hip hop captured his life, D.M.B ’s music emerged and developed world wide. Meanwhile his first song Lutino a rap in his native language Acholi made him famous in his country Uganda before he crossed to U.S.A. He still went ahead saying people should be ready for his time; his best is yet to come.

Early life

D.M.B began raping and playing basket ball as his career, He gained fame when he attended a hip hop summit in National Theater Kampala organized by Uganda hip hop foundation. In 2005 D.M.B approached A2ZEE for his first album Lutino Hip hop in his native language Acholi. He then made collaboration in Lutino with DALLAS an Acholi rapper which came to hit in Jinja district and Gulu.