Da Boot (Warriors of Righteousness)

Da Boot is having a show this Sunday 22nd September at Cine Afrique. They shall have a main event at Kampala Pentecostal Church (KPC) on the 29th of September, 2002 where many scouts like Isaac Jazzin Matovu and MMC are expected to attend. Please come and support them.

More about them below...

Christian rap in Uganda is yet to gain a considerable audience, however there are groups already emerging on the scene.

One such group is known as Da Boot formerly known as Da Boot Camp Clique when they were a secular group. Da Boot is made up of young boys known as Dove, Mo-Dee and Magma. One may wonder why they have a name such as that, especially for a Christian group! However no need to worry; it is simply symbolic of the readiness to spread the gospel to all mankind according to the Bible. It also symbolises their strong foundation in the Christian faith.

This is a group that has been surprisingly around the hip-hop scene for quite a while both in the secular and non secular arenas. Their secular performances date way back to the karaoke beginnings of Sabrina's Pub.
The gospel mission began with Christian Youth with a Voice. Though the original members left, Dove and his friends decided to stay. However the going has not been smooth as there was lack of funds, poor recordings and most of all lack of management as they were still in secondary school. This group did not last.

Warriors of Righteousness was the subsequent group they formed, however Dove, Mo-Dee and Magma decided to embark on song writing projects as Da Boot.

Though hip-hop was not popular in Uganda, the group discovered way back in their secular days that it was relatively more popular in the Christian, most especially Born Again circles. So they decided to join the Christian Youth Voice and surprisingly got born again along the way.
Says Dove, "We never had the plan of getting born again. All we wanted was to become famous and leave. But God had other plans…."

So first it was Mo-Dee to commit his life to Jesus Christ, then Dove, and lastly Magma. "That was when we understood what our mission was all about so we seriously embarked on spreading the gospel the best way we could: through hip-hop

The name 'Da Boot' then spread like a forest fire in Pentecostal Churches around Kampala. Their approach to the conservative Christian congregation was also a wise move. Discarding their usual baggy jeans t-shirt and bandana attire, they instead donned the very diplomatic Sunday suits and with God's blessing, their shows were well received.
"At first it was at Kaazi camping grounds, then a Church at Kibuli, followed by
K.P.C., Abundant Life and then the list began to stretch, all by the grace of God."

However, they recently survived a break up a few weeks ago due to more problems like academic pressure, finances, and the like.
"What hit us most was when we checked out guys like Klear Kut, their success and all because we began at the same time with them but it was like we were the ones stagnating. When we perform, we don't have our own tracks, videos or sponsors. But a friend of ours called Dickson who is also a hip-hop artist gave us a mighty counselling session that has kept us together."

Although they don't have any albums as yet, the crew is hopeful that by next year God will do something for them.
"That's how life is; you have to keep on striving. One should never give up because God has a plan for all of us, no matter our background. Have faith in God and be confident in whatever you are doing."