Da Twins

Who are the twins?' is the question every one asked them selves earlier this year when Junior Kazoora unleashed a video that threatened to redefine contemporary popular Ugandan music. Kazoora himself was quick to mention on the Saturday edition of Jam Agenda - WBS TV that the video was a bit 'Kimansulistic'.

According to Kazoora, who had the first opportunity to play the video on Ugandan airwaves, The Twins are born and raised here in Uganda and have always performed at DV8, which is a popular bar for karaoke sessions for especially upcoming artistes.

The Twins hadn't been in the UK for more than a year when they came back with this new twist. It is a typical American-style video with scantily-dressed table dancers and expensive cars. Many of the scenes were shot at pierone nightspot, which is the most popular hangout for Ugandans living in the UK and surrounding areas.

The Video titled 'Ndeku'is basically about drinking and having fun. The twins are seen carrying around a pair of guards (Ndekus) which are traditionally used to serve local beer in native Uganda. They are also seen with a stack of 1,000 Uganda shilling notes in some of the scenes, which is testimony that they did adequate preparation for the shoot before they left the country cause neither of these items are readily available in Europe.

The 'Ugandan artistes from overseas' effect seems work like a charm. Many get the feeling that since you are a Ugandan musician from 'outside countries' then you must be at the same level or competing with the likes of R. Kelly. This effect has worked for many like Hope Mukasa, Philly Lutaaya, Peter Sematimba, Charlie King Todwong and of recent Maddoxx Semanda (who has a show in Kampala on Valentines day) and even Ziggy D who came in from 'neighboring countries' in Tanzania. Many are excited just by seeing you in cars which are not available in Kampala on TV and that alone can instantly make one a celebrity. If that's what it takes to be a star locally, so be it! It should however be noted that this 'outside countries' effect didn't work for the Shammay girls. There was something they did wrong.

The video hasn't been on rotation for more than two months so we now wait to see how the general public is going to receive it. It is possible that upcoming Ugandan artistes are going to attempt to copy the same style depending of whether or not the video is accepted by the conservative section of Uganda's older generation.

Mid last month (February 2003), one of your favorite songs 'Eno Mic' by Ziggy D, which has been downloaded over 2000 times form this website this month was banned by Central Broadcasting Services (CBS) which is an FM station owned by the Buganda Kingdom because the Kingdom elders thought it was too explicit in the way it refers to the female anatomy in indirect ways. The song however brought out Ziggy D's poetic side. Shall the 'Ndeku' video follow the same path?

Nevertheless, the lighting, editing and the sets on this video were certainly above average and the quality stakes for Ugandan videos have been raised yet again by this project. Maybe this means we shall have even more nominations in the forthcoming Kora Awards slated for later this year. We also wait to see how the PAM awards are going to respond to the barrage of new artists and how they are going to categorize them this time.

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Da Twinz & Eddie

Da Twinz in Glasgow.

Edmund Sematimba, an advertsing agent in Scotland and John Paul Kizito of Divine village, Rubaga Road host Da Twinz.

An all night bash which was hosted by Edmund Sematimba and John Paul, an all exclusive expense paid for bash that hosted over 800 guests was fully enjoyed with the presence of London duo DA TWINZ.

Da Twinz live on BBC 2 today 02-02-09 at 9PM (GMT London time)

Da twinz star as part of a band "the mutilators" in the BBC two drama MOSES JONES. Their discovery was a perfect to coinside with the production and the writers main issues about a their community. Moses Jones was written by Joe Penhall whom captured a riveting and atmospheric thriller. "First appearances suggest a witchcraft killing. But the dark reality is more complicated – and even more frightening.  Assigned to the case is young, hopeful DS Dan Twentyman (Matt Smith) and his senior partner DI Moses Jones (Shaun Parkes), seconded from Scotland Yard due to cultural links with the local community.  But, confronted by a wall of silence, Jones and Twentyman become increasingly confused as they grapple with the various complexities.  All roads lead to the Afrigo Club, where kingpin band leader Solomon (Eamonn Walker) plays with his band."

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Friday, November 25th, 2011

UK based singers fundraise for cancer patients

By Vision Reporter

The United Kingdom-based Ugandan musicians known as Da Twinz, who later changed to Ganda Foundation, basically to do charity related works, will be performing live in Stroud Wiltshere in South West England Friday, November 25 and Saturday November 26, 2011.  Da Twinz as they are always referred to will perform at two fund raising shows to raise money for the Katalemwa Children’ Home and the Ganda Foundation both in Uganda. One of these singers, Denis Mugagga revealed how the Mukono district-born musicians have registered a successful story after they helped Denis Arinaitwe to get treatment for Lymphoma Cancer.Mugagga said that they found Arinaitwe at his death bed with a big swelling on the side of his chin, but through many peoples’ help, they managed to raise money for his treatment. He said that after the treatment Arinaitwe resumed his studies.

Monday, December 03rd, 2012

Katumwa and Ganda Boyz vow to find Uganda’s music identity By Vision reporter

The London –based Ugandan singers commonly known as Ganda Boyz have joined up with the Ugandan Jazz maestro, Isaiah Katumwa to sing a song titled Mountains of the moon.

Denis Mugagga one of the Ganda Boyz said they are moving away from robotic music to collaborating with real musicians in the bid to create a sound that is Ugandan and meets the global standards. He also said that working with a musician like Isaiah is fun. 

He is such a brilliant musician, humble, no drugs required for enhancing performance. Ganda Boyz and Katumwa have been playing live in London, playing in major venue like Alexandra Palace, a well-known venue for prestigious shows.