Daniel Mutyaba to launch album


Daniel Mutyaba, a Ugandan reggae artist based in Sweden is scheduled to launch his 'Uganda - Pearl of Africa' CD on Thursday 13th May. This album features tracks like Solome Wadawa, Sverige Farval. Bob Marley - the one and only, Omukwano Muzibu, No mother of mine and the title track, Uganda - the pearl of Africa.

His video for Solome Wadawa has already made it's way to Channel 5 (EATV) and has been aired a couple of times. It was from there that many Ugandans that didn't know about Daniel and his music first got to know about him. This is, in his words a 'tremendous love song about a love lost and a tiring lonesome feeling of the hide and seek love game'.

Uganda - Pearl of Africa was recorded Triangle Studios, Stockholm, Sweden by fellow Ugandan Andrew Luyima, the same crew that gave you Solome Wadawa. Daniel further explains that his main purpose of making this his Pearl of Africa song is to encourage spirit of reconciliation, brotherhood, peace and love amongst all Ugandans and to further celebrate the independence of Uganda as a country.

In his bid to promote The Pearl of Africa, Daniel is planning a video shoot in the motherland that will show the true picture of the country to the rest of the world. He doesn't want to miss out on anything; the 'nfuufu', the trees, the sunset...

There are so many people in the world, each with their responsibilities and Daniel feels that his role is to tell people about a little spot on earth called 'The Pearl'. Daniel is so patriotic that his CD cover has the words 'DANIEL FROM UGANDA' is big bold yellow letters and he wears clothes with the Uganda national colors

He plans to launch yet another album in July which will feature tracks like Ojjadi - Empewo enfuwa, Boda boda - Bnsi Bwetyo and others


Brief background about himself


I was born Daniel Mutyaba on the 16 th february 1969 and music became part of my life at an early age. I started of on home grounds singing with my family; My Grand father was a preacher and church music was always on the menu; here I started practicing my vocal abilities in both sunday school and the church choir.

Grew up in the most beautiful place on earth, KASIIKOMBE. Here  I went to a school which was run by Kezironi SSemakula. Then between Primary four and six, I went on to Nampewo and later on transferred to Mityana Primary and Kiyiinda Catholic Primary where I graduated for secondary, which I started off at Busuubizi Senior Secondary School.

I left Uganda at the age of 15, on to Kenya for one year and then on to Sweden where I have been staying for all these years......................  Sweden is a nice place to stay and its given me lots in life opportunities and lots of experiences and the most important thing in my life, KEVIN, who is now twelve.

But still Uganda seems to be the place where I live though I stay in Sweden. My music career has been on and off for a couple of years. I Started COFFEE and CREAM and here I worked on my abilities as a composer. KALLE BAAH is the best Reggae group in Sweden to me and I got a chance of collaborating with them on many songs such as: BOB MARLEY THE ONE and ONLY NO MOTHER OF MINE TRIPPLE O. And with Kalle Baah, I found the roots and importance of Reggae music. Reggae is international, if you see where Bob came from (Nine Miles), Kalle baah (Skärblacka) Daniel (Kasiikombe), you gonna know why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm now 36yrs and working as a CHEF which I have done for the past years, and music as a hobby. Musical inspirations I get from Bob Marley most for the lyrics, Jjajja and from all people I come into contacts with on a day to day basis, one on one.................. SOLOME WADDAWA was my first Luganda song and on I started composing more in my language. And for this I give credit to my Swedish based friend MADOXX for the inspiration....... Fenna tumanyi NAMAGEMBE..................... TUKOLAGANE gave lots of foreign- based musicians the inspiration to create more music in our Mother tongue................

UGANDA is the pearl of Africa and that's the project we are working on as for the celebrations of Uganda's Independence day........... A tune about Brotherhood, love, togetherness........ abatakimanyi bakimanye. My music/lyrics are about facts, humanity and brother/sisterhood.............. nothing mo.

Yours truly

Daniel from Uganda.............................based in Sweden..............

You can reach Daniel at