1 on 1 with Dizzo

Dizzo another Ugandan artist leaving in the Diaspora. Dizzo a.k.a Feisel Issa lives in Fort Worth County in Dallas.  He works with the county health rehabilitation progamme there. He finally took a break from all this to come back home and promote his music and meet fellow artists. “I missed home too” says Dizzo. His music genres are R’n’B, hip-hop and reggae.

He started his musical journey while staying in Rwanda in 1997.  He started with band music. In 2000 he came back to Uganda and joined the Rubaga Cathedral band. During this time he was able to write some music but never recorded them.  After this he went back to school at St Stevens Bweyogerere where he was elected entertainment minister. He formed a dance group and mimed songs of many then popular artists.  In 2003, Dizzo left Uganda and went to US in order to pursue a degree in Network Engineering.

While in America, in his first year, he recorded his first song “Mpenzi”. He recorded this song himself under the perception that if he recorded it himself, he would record it the way he wanted. He recorded with various underground hip-hop artists and has also performed alongside many Ugandan artists like Chameleone, Bebe Cool and Mesach Semakula. On his first day in Uganda, he was taken to Club Silk and he was able to perform and he also planning on doing collaborations with household names like AY, Benon & Vamposs, Michael Ross and many more

Dizzo has always considered himself born lucky, his first fan base are his family. His dad is his main source of motivation and he is the one who helps him to distribute his music. A gentleman called Augustus is his acting manager.